Zach Galifianakis Hates ‘The Hangover 2′

October 19th, 2010 // 49 Comments
Zach Galifianakis

Just before news that Mel Gibson would have a cameo in The Hangover 2 was screamed in your face like you’re some sort of Russian whore who dared to jacuzzi first, Zach Galifianakis appeared on a Comedy Death-Ray podcast and voiced his frustration with the film, according to Vulture:

After explaining to host Scott Aukerman that he’s turned down several projects on moral grounds, Galifianakis said, “But a movie you’re acting in, you don’t have a lot of control — you just show up and vomit your lines out. I’m not the boss. I’m in a deep protest right now with a movie I’m working on, up in arms about something. But I can’t get the guys to [listen] … I’m not making any leeway.” Galifianakis cut Aukerman off with an abrupt warning sound as the host began to mention the film’s title, but after Aukerman pressed, “I know you’re filming The Hhhhhhhh … ” Galifianakis admitted, “It has something to do with a movie I’m working on, yeah. I’ll tell you about it later. It’s very frustrating.”

Of course, Zach’s grievances could have absolutely nothing to do with the Mel Gibson cameo, and everything to do with the fact that this movie is nothing but a giant contractual cash-grab. Yes, The Hangover was funny, but do the story and characters really demand a seq– Wait. Why am I defending someone who’s bitching about getting paid millions of dollars just to pretend he’s half-autistic? SHUT UP AND SAY “REH-TARD” AGAIN, MONKEY! *fires pistols at Zach Galifianakis’ feet*

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  1. gogo

    pffff FIRSTTTTT :P

  2. Mike

    ehhhh this all seems like a marketing to me.

    • What she said

      Yeah guys, it’s just “a marketing”

      ps the hangover was the unfunniest “comedy” of all time. Galifianakis should bail

  3. Am I the only one who is hoping Galifianakis’s 15 minutes is about up? I don’t find him funny, and his half-retarded fat guy act is getting old.

    • Lady Blah Blah

      You’re not the only one.

    • Nah im already tired of seeing his mug everywhere. To think he became a typecast annoying ass even faster than jack black or will ferrhole. But… The Hangover *did* leave a *lot* of unanswered questions… Oh wait no it had one of those annoying where are they now endings…. So yeah, hes a fuckin whore.

    • Jay

      The spoiled titty baby, like Megan Fox, should be kissin ass just for the chance to make the kind of money he makes doing nothing but ‘vomiting’ lines. This is another movie I won’t be seeing any time soon.

    • John


    • jess

      honestly he was the best part of the hangover, so if you enjoyed the movie you should probably relax. Everything he said in that movie was improv/written by him. As evident if you watch any of his stand up comedy. Hes actually quite hilarious but has NEVER chosen good movies. Out Cold?? that movie was awful. This was the first movie where he actually got to do a character similar to himself and so finally became popular.

      i think he deserves it.

  4. Well fuck that all to hell I’m with you Zach I will not go see The Hangover 2. Fuck Mel Gibson and fuck bending over to get a paycheck.

    • Facbook me

      I read somewhere the sequel takes place on Thailand?

      Two things come to mind when I here Thailand – prostitution & opium.

      Go figure what this movies premise is.

  5. Giggles

    Haven’t these producers heard that people won’t go to see Mel Gibson movies anymore?

    Do they really think the audience is going to support a man who hits women?

    (And save the barf about her “extortion”. No one cares.)



    • Facbook me

      Oh I’m sure Mel is no longer worth the paycheck he was used to depositing these days…chances are his legal woes will out-weigh what they’re paying this bat shit crazy fuck.

    • Fishstix

      Who cares?

      Women aren’t people, anyways.

      • Mark Howell

        I LIKE Mel Gibson. As a nice guy who’s been royally screwed by an evil woman, I know what he’s going through (I’m sure that many of you guys can relate). I’ve never hit a woman in my life, and I truly don’t know what Mel really did, but I know that this mother of his child IS a damn gold-digger, and is only out to get as much as she can from Mel (just look at her past). Mel isn’t perfect, but what guy is? I still like him and feel sorry for him. I only wish him the best. Everyone knows that his ex WILL walk away with much more than she deserves. And, I (for one) WANT to see Mel back on the big screen. The producers of Hangover 2 are wrong in not keeping Mel in the movie! Good luck, Mel. Many of us guys know what you’re going through.

    • John

      I support Mel Gibson. Last I checked hitting women was awesome.

  6. No one is going to see a wife beater’s movies. No one.

    • Sonia

      Everyone saw the first one, which featured a convicted rapist.

      • You’re right. I forgot about that. But I didn’t know he was in it until I saw him in it. I would not have seen it if I had known.

      • Chris

        Get off your high-horse. Everyone makes mistakes, I’m sure you can dig up some really nasty stuff on just about any actor. In fact, I’m sure everyone you know has some demons in the closet that would radically alter how you think of them if you every found out. I’m sure you have a few of your own too.

        This Mel Gibson crap is just a bunch of media sharks circling for blood. I don’t hear TMZ making a report about the guy the cops shot in my building a few weeks ago. In fact two days later there wasn’t a mention of it anywhere in the news.

    • John

      I would. Looks like you don’t speak for everybody, d-bag.

  7. Rough skills and power tools

    These posts are not helping my transition into the afternoon…

  8. Plobes

    This picture is hilarious

  9. American Bandersnatch

    “I’m not making any leeway.” I think you may have your nautical terms mixed up.

    • you beat me to it, but I wasn’t aware it was a nautical term.

      I was gonna say that a person does (or doesn’t) make headway.

      They are given (or are not given) leeway.


  10. dinosaur-like neck

    is this guy supposed to be the hipster version of jack black?

  11. eatme

    The Hangover is waaaay overrated. Funnier than most movies of late ONLY because most movies of late suck ass. Galifianakis’ character was one of the only things about the movie and let’s be frank: fanny pack jokes are old as shit. I was surprised that they didn’t resort to have him sporting a mullet (“hahaha, a mullet, that’s hilarious”!). When I compare The Hangover to oft overlooked jems like Smoking Aces (which I found very similar but with a ton of violence thrown in) or shit, Bachelor Party, I just know that The Hangover was a crappy movie: it’s a shitty teen comedy in disguise. it’s a shitty female bonding movie in disguise. Basically a sequel is a go because the movie is/was super low budget with high returns.
    Oh, and PS.
    Hahahahahahahaha, he’s wearing a woman’s bathing suit. Hahahahahaha. He’s a MAN in a WOMAN’s bathing suit! He’s crazy! All he needs is a fanny pack and a mullet. Now THAT would be hilarious!

  12. Chris

    Rumor has it Zach is set to play the lead role in My Big Fat Greek Body.

  13. Rimba

    The new Hollywood-fad; make shitty movies, then make sequels even shittier.

  14. alex

    The only way I want to see Mel Gibson back on the big (or little) screen is if its a show about being kicked in the nads over and over and over again. That I would watch.

  15. josh

    The Hangover was everything but funny.

  16. cc

    hangover was great!!!!

  17. Ash Bones

    The first one had a few good scenes, but really overrated….

  18. captain america


  19. Joseph

    Well, Mike Tyson is on the movie and he is a convicted rapist.

  20. me who else

    I don’t like what he did to mel. I hope if his intregity is questioned one day some one doesn’t throw him under the bus. The fat pig

    • lb

      Oh fuck you, his integrity id far beyond just being “questioned.” Quit minimizing facts in order to fit your distorted views.

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