You Have To Be Kidding Me…

February 2nd, 2011 // 57 Comments

Because there’s not enough strife and cause for alarm in the world these days, the stars of Jersey Shore and Teen Mom were allowed to have a “girls’ night out” in New York City yesterday, effectively forming a three-headed hydra that can only be stopped by firing a morning after pill into its heart. There were no survivors save a self-proclaimed “juicehead” who described the experience as, “like my mama’s spaghetti but all fungool’d in here,” while pointing at his leg and saying he “thinks” that’s where babies come from, but his “brudda” was always the smart one.

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  1. Jersey Shore Teen Mom
    Pauly D
    Commented on this photo:

    aww sammi the insecure cunt and denna the ass licking pig. maci’s really slummin’ it these days…

  2. Wow, 3 sluts and not one worth fucking…

  3. YES!


  4. jumpin_j

    If there was such a thing as a clusterdumbfuck, I think this would be the definition of it.

  5. peanut

    look like future ‘jersey shore’ cast members…i’d serve the far left broad my hog.

  6. Hemingway

    I have to admit, I’d fuck the blonde….

  7. Chucky

    Maci is trailer park hot.

  8. jojo

    This event calls for a spiked ball mace.

  9. Where was Al Quaida LAST NIGHT FFS????? Ahhhlalalalalalalalalalalalala FATWAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! KABOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!

    “Top Story, Al Quaida blew up a nightclub where Jersey Shore and Teen Mom women were having a girls night out. As a result of this bombing, relations between the United States and the Terrorist organization have improved immensely and work is now planned on blowing up the rest of the cast of Jersey Shore, the rest of the Teen Mom cast, the Kardashians, the Lohans, and anyone associated with Twilight…”

  10. Steve

    Maci used to be a hot Ginger, now a hot blonde. Still unfortunate.

  11. Alex

    Why are the real fat ones always put in the middle and standing sideways? Also, why are they always wearing skirts? Unflatter yourself as much as humanly possible for the picture on top of your body just simply being unflattering. Is it something against cameras?

  12. Rough City, U.S.A.

    No wonder crime took a dive last night in NYC. The Enforcer was in town.

  13. JRS

    What’s with the blondes eyebrow? It goes all the way down to the center of her cheek.

  14. DM

    Could be worse, imagine if Snookie was a teen mom.

  15. That bitch in the middle looks like a clown with all that lipstick on. Makes me think twice about shoving my dick down her throat.

  16. it’s so nice that two women are walking around with their pet around.

  17. Cardinal Fang

    Instead of taxing the rich who help create jobs, can we tax the spoiled rich, bitchy rich, and the snobby rich who provide very little if nothing at all?

    • Instead of taxing the rich who help create jobs? Yes, those bush tax cuts and trickle down economics are really helping the economy. Me and the majority of americans are against the bush tax cuts. Republicans still can’t explain how they are going to pay for them. Its just adding on to the debt and repubs are always talking about cuting spending and the debt, except when it comes to there bed buddies that they lay in bed with ( big oil, wallstreet, banking).

  18. burton

    why dont most women look like this after having a kid, the blonde is the teen mom and she is still a skinny bitch…even 2years later…why do most women get so fat?

    • Jillia

      Well for one thing, when you have a kid at 16 your body snaps back like a rubberband. 36, not so much.

  19. Worst game of Eff, Marry, Kill ever.

  20. seth

    the dude in the middle looks like my pit bull!

  21. Mortimer Duke

    Rock, paper, scissors?

  22. Compound9

    So how many of them are pregnant now?

  23. Jersey Shore Teen Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    Maci Is Hot, I would do her even if her Vajajay is not tight after giving birth

  24. babooda

    Oh Look! It’s the “Three Witches” from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” !
    I am guessing whatever they were stirring in that cauldron wasn’t a beauty potion.

  25. kara

    that’s not even snookie, i swear. her nose, lips & skin color are completely different than usual (although the lips still look disgusting like hers do). look at another picture of her to compare

  26. Jessie

    even when it’s 20 degrees out, the middle one still finds a way to look like a whore.

  27. wim

    no kidding around: I CAN TAKE ALL THREE OF YOU!!
    (with love)

  28. Briantehpirate

    Why is Danny Devito hanging out with that Jersey Shore girl and Teen Mom?

  29. Stephanie

    There’s Maci teen mom. I’d know that forehead anywhere. I’d slap my cock on it if I had one. I think they’ve all had too many nights out…go home and take care of your kid you spoiled slut.

  30. Jersey Shore…Teen Mom…new spinoff…Jersey Mom?

  31. NVG

    MTV really has to either sign off, or go back to just airing music videos.

  32. 3 trannies

    Why we reviewing drag queen conventions now??:….

  33. Jersey Shore Teen Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    Considering she’s from teen mom, I’m super thrown off by how much she kind of looks forty. Do they do background checks for the show?

  34. Anya

    The ugly hooker in the middle makes snooki look like a beauty queen.

  35. Jersey Shore Teen Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    woah, she makes a terrible blonde. it ages her 20 years.

  36. Hemlock

    Yah know….with what a dumb hooker Snookie is….at least she hasn’t gotten pregnant…..makes you wonder how many brain cells the Teen Moms have amongst them if they can ake Snookie look like the smart one.

  37. Cheyenne

    please fucking explain to me why everyone feels the need to bash the Jersey Shore cast and teen mom’s. maci was an aswesome mom on the show and as for Sammi and Deena, they know how to have fun and got lucky enough to get paid for it because MTV has a weird sense of ‘reality’. Jesus christ people find something better to do with your lives than bash people you don’t know. Chances are you are just jealous that they get paid out the ass for doing pretty much nothing.

  38. Jersey Shore Teen Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    ewwww, that’s not a good look. she already looks dumb for getting knocked up at 16 now she’s hanging out with these retard.

  39. lisa

    oh my god thats maci i thought it was an older woman she aint looking good isnt she too young to be in a club well fame has changer her for sure fucking idiot when are they ending that programme teen mom seriously they are so stupid the whole lot of them

  40. Nicole

    wow. this probably the worst site i’ve came across so far. jealous that they have money? i’m sure you are hence the reason why you trash on them for literally everything. LOL.

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