Wyclef Serious About That Whole President Thing

August 4th, 2010 // 40 Comments

Wyclef Jean is apparently really going to run for president of Haiti despite controversies surrounding his Yéle Haiti charity which may or may not include paying his mistresses a salary. So in other words he’s ready for politics. TIME reports:

After days of helping ferry mangled Haitian corpses to morgues, Jean felt as if he’d “finished the journey from my basket in the bulrushes to standing in front of the burning bush,” he told me this week. “I knew I’d have to take the next step.”
That would be running for President of Haiti. Jean told TIME he is going to announce his candidacy for the Nov. 28 election just days before the Aug. 7 deadline. One plan that was discussed, loaded with as much Mosaic symbolism as a news cycle can hold, called for him to declare his candidacy on Aug. 5 upon arriving in Port-au-Prince from New York City, where he grew up after leaving Haiti with his family at age 9. “If not for the earthquake, I probably would have waited another 10 years before doing this,” Jean says.
“A lot of Haitians are excited about this,” says Marvel Dandin, a popular Port-au-Prince radio broadcaster. “Given the awful situation in Haiti right now,” he says, “most people don’t care if the President speaks fluent Creole.”

For the record, that was Wyclef Jean comparing himself to Moses up there which really doesn’t matter considering there’s literally five people left in Haiti to vote for him. He’s probably buying them Nikes and pools shaped like dollar signs as we speak.

CAMPAIGN MANAGER: And you won with a unanimous vote before the polls even opened.
WYCLEF: Cool. — So Bill Clinton told me there’d be blowjobs…
CAMPAIGN MANAGER: Right away, Mr. President.

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  1. Who is this douche bag?

  2. mosi

    “ready for politics” too true

  3. KIKI

    Who knows? It could be an improvement. The Haitian government is awful to its people and denies aid to them.

  4. dude!

    Guess if he figures a fool like obama can get elected by “intelligent” Americans, then he has a shot in Haiti. Just saying . . . .

    • Burt

      You clearly have many years of schooling ahead of you before you’re as educated as that “fool”.

  5. havoc

    He’s going to need a machete.



  6. Cock Dr

    He might win…..and then after he’s sworn in & the inauguration parties are over he’ll be so, so sorry.
    Comparing himself to Moses……no ego on this guy at all.
    Brad & Angie need to get down there & adopt a few thousand orphans.

  7. Antonio

    Each country get’s the president it deserves

  8. ROUGH standing in sushi

    I heard France is already fueling the getaway jet for baby Wyclef…

  9. Deacon Jones

    “If I get elected, grape soda will run from every water fountain in da country!!!”
    (loud cheering)

  10. Alex

    Meh. Haiti is not really a country. It’s more of a liability that politicians and celebrities patronize when the opportunity presents itself. Be honest. How forgettable is every Haitian tragedy? Think that is coincidence? Even the media exploits it in the same way.

    Having said that, Wyclef is perfect because he is, personally, what Haiti is as a location. “Wyclef is such a great musician and humanitarian! Man, this tropical smoothie is good. Who were we talking about?”

    • Xy

      You know NOTHING about Haiti other than what you’ve heard. Where do get off saying that it’s not a real country? So I guess Africa isn’t really a country since all of these celebrities are giving money and “patronizing” it’s “liability”. Really, stfu.

  11. lolwhat

    Does he even live in haiti? If he doesn’t, will he when he becomes president? There’s nothing like running a third-world country from Jersey

  12. Elle

    Don’t you have to live there to be the president? That would be a major down-grade no?

  13. Minny minny money

    Not a good decade to tempt irony, Wycleff. You remember that one song you did? If I was President? Go back and re-read the lyrics.

  14. Montana

    He would probably be Haiti’s greatest president. Of course, Tila Tequila would probably be Haiti’s greatest president…

  15. Papa Smurf

    He’s gonna get elected on Friday, assassinated on Saturday, and buried on Sunday.

  16. captain america


    ………..wake up!!

  17. truthout

    wyclef is not an improvement but will be worst to the people only that he will serve corruption and oppression with swagger and a song. his uncle worked at the dept. of foreign affairs and his family was supportive of the violent campaign that led to a coup and a brutal junta made up of thugs and criminals. wyclef was slient then and only until recently has turn political. he is in for the show and the money. this guy is a scam artist and his family is made up of a bunch of well off opportunist.

  18. Missy

    He has nothing to do with the Black Eye Peas Wyclef Jean is with the Fugees and who cares what he does

  19. Denise

    will.i.am is the front for the Black Eyes Peas not Wycled Jean.

  20. Denise

    Wyclef was the frontman for the Fugees not the Black Eyed Peas. Its called fact checking, idiots!!

  21. Lisa Malloju

    Seriously? Well just good luck then.. lol. ;)

    -Lisa Malloju

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