Wolf Blitzer Is A F*cking Idiot

Now that it’s time to pick the news-meat off the bones of the Oklahoma tornado survivors, above is Wolf Blitzer not even entertaining the thought that maybe everybody in America isn’t a Christian – Or in light of recent events, might have rationally and logically thought, “Wait, if God is real, why did He just plow history’s largest tornado through an elementary school? Those were perfectly un-aborted kids!” – because he asked a woman not once, but twice if she “thanked the Lord” only to have her politely reply that she’s an atheist, and then show incredible poise and respect for anyone who did thank the Christian God. Granted, Wolf was in a red state that doesn’t want Big Government telling them to put safe rooms in their houses or schools, so the odds were with him, but that’s the kind of gross, overly-broad (and apparently wrong) generalization I’d make in heartbeat, so right away you can see how badly he fucked up here.