Whoopi Goldberg: ‘Mel Gibson Isn’t a Racist’

July 13th, 2010 // 77 Comments
Whoopi Goldberg

Presumably as part of her contract with The View, Whoopi Goldberg must always take the side of any celebrity accused of wrongdoing which gave the world this gem on Roman Polanski “It wasn’t rape-rape.” Now, like Jesse James before him, Whoopi is going to bat for Mel Gibson despite videotaped recordings of him using racial slurs like so many rosary beads around his penis during intercourse. Via Popeater:

“I know Mel, and I know he’s not a racist,” Whoopi said on ‘The View’ on Monday, seeming both earnest and cautious to weigh in. “I have had a long friendship with Mel. You can say he’s being a bonehead, but I can’t sit and say that he’s a racist having spent time with him in my house with my kids. I don’t like what he’s done, make no mistake.”
When Joy Behar asked if Goldberg considered Gibson anti-Semitic after his 2006 tirade against a Jewish police officer in LA , Goldberg began calling him “an ass” before stifling herself. Whoopi then pinpointed alcohol as the culprit. “Drunks say stupid stuff to people all the time — because they’re drunk, they’re out of control, they are not thinking, they are idiotic. I can’t say anything about people like that because I know what they’re like when they’re drunk. This rant? I don’t think he’s drunk on this rant.”
Whoopi concluded: “I’m not defending Mel. I’m simply saying I don’t see him as [a racist] because that’s not been my experience with him.”

So Whoopi Goldberg’s entire defense is that Mel Gibson never acted racist around her, a black person, so therefore he’s not a bigot. Jesus. Did she stop to think maybe he was afraid she’d call her pack? Sure, Mel Gibson never met a fight he couldn’t blame on the Jews, but the man knows when he’s outnumbered.

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  1. Rush

    next. isn’t it summer? aren’t there some bikini-clads about?

  2. derp

    She’s so hot

  3. David

    Didn’t Whoopi do this for Ted Danson too? Is she like the official decider of racism in the Black community? If so, bad choice, brothers and sisters, bad choice.

  4. JN

    Whoopi Goldberg takes playing devil’s advocate to astronomical levels and then gets caught up in it like a fly in a spider web. She hasn’t had anything worthwhile to say since before she took up for then BF Ted Danson in black face. Shut up, Whoopi!

    • she wasn’t playing devil’s advocate … she came right out and said “I know Mel personally, and he isn’t a racist”

      I know those yentas on the show think Whoopi is the wise voice of all blackdom, but she isn’t fooling anyone else.

    • Romeo Rodreguz

      Whoopie has her own opinions and isn’t afraid to say things as she sees them. I admire that.

      Also, I don’t believe that uttering a racial slur makes a person a racist. You need to say such things with hatred to qualify for that title, or to be really fitting, show actions of hatred.

      • Someone

        nicely put Romeo. I agree

      • Black Panther

        @Romeo Yeah! Like when I stand on the street and yell about how I HATE CRACKAHS and we need to KILL CRACKAH BABIES! And like when I stand in front of polling places on election day clapping my baton tellin’ crackahs they better just turn around cuz the black man is gonna rule the free world now!

  5. Mal Gusto

    Yeah, and Roman Polanski is not a rapist.

  6. Smaug

    she looks like a black muppet

  7. memem

    Whoopi is a racist.

  8. Mel G

    None of you know what the fuck you’re fucking talking about…all filled with foreign bodies and such. You all have no souls and my soul is screaming because you all have none.

    You forced out your souls with foreign bodies.

  9. Ted

    Hoopy Goldberg for the block.

  10. Pixie

    Drunk words are sober thoughts. You can make any excuse for a friend that you like, it still doesn’t hide the truth.

  11. Francis Bacon

    pretty much everybody their age is racist

  12. Deacon Jones

    Whoopi Goldberg hates black people

  13. to sir, with ROUGH!

    What a minute. I thought Sharpton was the only one who can give a nigga pass.

    Well, you got to admit he didn’t demand separated water fountains, on their movie set. Maybe she is right, who knows…

  14. Black Panther

    Hey Fish! He was afraid she would “call her pack?” Who’s the racist here??

    Besides, I wanna continue being able to scream about KILLIN’ CRACKAH BABIES on the street! We all in this togetha…bigots unite!!

  15. Han Solo

    That’s because she’s NOT black. She’s full-on primate.

  16. to sir, with ROUGH!

    Wait a minute! I thought Sharpton was the only one who can administer a nigga pass.

    Well, maybe she is right, after all it’s not like Mel demanded separate water fountains during their movie.

  17. to sir, with ROUGH!

    Too much editing/time outs on this damn site. I never saw the my first comment…

  18. Lady Blah Blah

    Gibson can act like a total jerk. His religious ideas seem wacky. He seems to have picked up anti-Jewish hatred from his father. But the only difference between Mel and countless other media figures, including politicians, is that he’s exposed the hateful, total jerk side of himself to the public. These kinds of things are always exploited by hypocrites who have agendas. Like most of us, Mel undoubtedly has inner conflicts. On the one hand, he may harbor reactive hateful attitudes toward blacks and Jews, and on the other hand, he may not feel any of that when hanging out with Goldi et al. I’m in no position to judge him, and neither are people who always are the first in line to speak out against the slightest hint of animosity about blacks or Jews, but who are never even in line when there are displays of public animosity toward Palestinians, poor white rural Americans (who it is still PC to refer to as “rednecks”), etc. I’m not defending Mel. He’s a jerk. But the only reason there’s focus on him and not on many other public figures is because he got caught. I’d love to see what would happen if a ton of public figures were outed for talking trash about blacks, Jews, “WASPS” (like “redneck,” another term of abuse), Christians, Muslims, Asians, people in lower socioeconomic circumstances, etc.

  19. Lady Blah Blah

    I didn’t mean “Goldi,” I meant “Whoopi.”

  20. Randal(l)

    Will her pack of ni…ce people rape him, or rape-rape him.


  21. Frog

    I don’t think he’s racist either. I think he was just spewing crazy talk because he was angry and in the privacy of his own home… it’s not the same as lynching. Shit man, you should hear the crap that my asian neighbors spew when they think no one can hear, you’d think they freaking hate EVERYONE, but just last week they bought me a pizza for my birthday.

    • Deacon Jones

      I dated a Philipino chick once and she called black people “lazy negroes”

    • justifiable

      What you call “crazy talk” is what exactly racists sound like – and that’s just what he sounded like when he was arrested for DUI a few years ago. He knew it, too, which is why he was so grovellingly apologetic and tried to get people to believe it was just the booze talking. And if racists like Mel are public figures, the only time you’ll hear them indulge in it is at home, or ranting on the phone, or while drunk. Don’t think that just because you don’t hear them say it out loud and proud- in public- that somehow mitigates the mindset. Anti-semites have long excused being civil to Jews of their acquaintance by rationalizing that “everyone knows at least one ‘good’ Jew.” If your Asian neighbors are spewing bigoted crap about people, then they’re cut from the same cloth. They may be willing to make some pizza considerations for you, but you should probably take them at their word(s). People generally mean EXACTLY what they say, no matter how much they waffle about it or deny it later when confronted.

  22. Evil

    What an idiot!

  23. absinthe

    I also kinda like Whoopi. Guess not..

  24. trousers

    ROFL at “call her pack”

  25. justifiable

    Knee-jerk Whoopi also claimed Michael Vick’s dogfighting scandal wasn’t a big deal, and that the horror those animals went through when they got “creative”about killing them also wasn’t so terrible. She shares a fucking panel with an idiot who 1) thinks there was no history before Jesus and 2) that the world might possibly be flat because the Bible isn’t giving her any guidance on the matter; a loudmouth who argues pro-choice by claiming the fetus could turn out to be a “racist pedophile”; and a whacked out fundie Barbie Doll who thinks Erin Andrews’ attire on Dancing With the Stars means she deserved to be stalked and harassed.

    She’s in good company – and has absolutely NO credibility on anything as far as I’m concerned.

    • Lenny

      You nailed it. She did say that about Michael Vick and his dogfighting scandal. It’s not about Mel Gibson to people like Whoopi, it’s about Mel Gibson the actor/producer and she might need a job in the future. Hollywood is crazy world.

  26. Glenda

    Oh…yeah……and I was born yesterday….and I suck my finger.

  27. La mamá de Mel Gibson

    Mel Gibson ( Melesio Gavito in Spanish)….hates Mexicans, but when he comes to México to film his movies he has to say that México is a wonderful country and Mexicans are very warm. At these moments: is he loosing his dignity?, is he trying to be nice?…..it is interesting….Mel Gibson….mi amigo, vete a chingar a tu blanca madre antes de que se la jodan otros. Te mando un beso.

  28. Goddess

    Bonjour Mel Gibson….est ce que tu aimes les francaises?…..mon chien voudrai faire l’amour avec toi et avec ta mère….et avec tes fils or filles…..mmmmmm….delicieux.

    Goddess LeDuc

  29. LaPetiteFrancoiseDuQuartier

    I guess that Whoopi is a bit racist…I know that she doesn’t like black men.

    • Aussie Mama

      she does like black men, she doesn’t like niggas.
      chris rock says the same, likes black people, doesn’t like niggas.
      not racist at all, just don’t like the thug like, drug dealing shitheads that call themselves nuggas, their women bitches n ho’s, themselves pimps etc.
      i like white people, but hate white trash, the mother of 7 kids, to 7 different fathers etc, etc.

  30. Aussie Mama

    Lady Blah Blah and Frog:
    good to see you aren’t totally programmed by the one sidedness the media reports, when mel gibson is the topic. they have been out to get him for ages and at all costs.
    racist mel?
    why because when he’s really pist he uses profanities and really spews. who doesn’t, it’s like people have never heard anybody lose their temper, or use foul language, i find that very hard to believe.
    he is really good mates with lesbian jodie foster, he has been pals for years with black whoopie, cast many native american friends in apocolypto, oksana russian, ex wife robin protestant, good friends with italian monica bellucci, good mates with rumored to be gay leo dicaprio (i personally think he is), worked hard on robert downey junior (who has had male and female relationships in his time) to get him off of hard drugs and really believed in him and his talent, many aboriginal friends.
    i mean really, like mickeyt rourke has had the balls to say, on’t believe what you are reading, mel is a really nice guy and oksana “screw the bitch!”.

    • Aussie Mama

      ok to all the ones harping on about the alleged abuse and her fearing for her life and having no where to go!
      answer me this, if this were fact, why stay in HIS home when you have your OWN home?
      David Foster songwriter/producer(another guy used for her career) ,the guy oksana was banging before mel, bought her a house in 2008. She was living in this home, up until moving into Mel’s home. So you see ,she has somewhere to go. this is what is not making sense to me. Anyone who was genuinely scared would get the hell out, especially if they were scared for their child too!
      Listen to her words, in her interview;“Beautiful Heartache”, due for release on November 2. Mel is attributed as helping with the lyrics to some tracks, co-producing the CD and shooting the promo videos.
      Generous huh!
      Gushing in an interview, Oksana said: “I think it is incredible that he helped me so much,
      “He is very prominent in my career – he has believed in me. Mel has been very supportive and he’s an amazing man.”
      “I will be playing a concert in a few days then I will have to slow down,” says the Ukrainian-born brunette.
      “This is my last burst of work before we get ready for the birth. I consider it a gift, so I am really blessed. I have got the album as well, so it is wonderful.
      “It’s been an extraordinary year. I was so excited when I found out I was pregnant. Mel is really happy about the baby. He is fantastic with children, he understands parenthood and you couldn’t get a better father.”
      Oksana and Mel Gibson first met when he heard her perform music in concert. He was so overwhelmed that he offered her a record deal through his firm, Icon Distribution to help her produce her first solo album.
      “Things are very good,” say’s Oksana.
      She also has a 12-year-old son Alexander by Timothy Dalton, the James Bond star, who lives with his father.
      This gal has used men like stepping stones in her career, social status and financial gain.
      Someone was bound to get angry one day. If she were in Russia nad did this to a Russian man, she would be dead, without a doubt.
      people keep saying karma, maybe it’s her karma!

  31. Non-Ethnic Oksana

    Bigot = religious prejudice
    Racism = Racial prejudice

    I HATE (a normal emotion) when people confuse religious prejudice for racial prejudice. They are not the same thing. Get it right.

    The Mayan film that Mel made proves he’s not a racist. Do his films ever portray his character as hating other races? No. But he could have chosen those roles that do portray a racist. He always choose to be the one who stands for justice.

    Does that guy who co-stared in “Lethal Weapon” think Mel is racist? The guy who was his equal in that film?

    When will the Jews stop acting racist toward Mel just because he’s white. Why do Jews want Mel to pay for the bogus inequities of his father? His father has a right to defend his own race against racist Bolshevik Jews who mass murdered the white race of Russia out of racist prejudice (against whites) and religious bigotry (a religiously cultivated hatred of non-Jews). Mel’s father has every right to defend himself against Jews who are raised to hate non-Jews and raised to target non-Jews as worthy of Jew vengeance.

    When will the Jews stop starting race wars and religious wars for the incestuous Jew banking families?

    What Mel says in his own home is his business. He has every right to say whatever he wants to in his own home. He can say ANYTHING in his home. If he killed Oksana then the tapes could be used as evidence, but he still has a right to say whatever he wants to in his own home.

    His agent is a Jew so he’s not a bigot.

    Oksana is neither pretty nor talented. That’s what the real problem is. Her best bet is to write songs about getting her teeth knocked out by a movie star.

    • justifiable

      YOU get it right. Sorry, douchebag, but “bigot” isn’t limited to religious prejudice any more as the modern usage for the word has evolved from the original to include intolerance of anyone outside one’s group, politics, race and religion. Aside from language being dynamic, Judaism isn’t a race – no matter what the Stormfront tells you – so calling him a bigot because he’s an anti-Semite is dead-on balls accurate as Judaism is a both a cultural and religious identity. Get a clue – and a fucking dictionary – before you attempt to school anyone else and embarass yourself further.

      Mel can say anything he wants in his home an outside of it, short of threats to harm or murder anyone, without anyone doing anything to him – just like you can here. Glad to see you have a firm grasp of the obvious, short bus. Here’s the kicker – see if you can process this: if you – or he- are asshole bigots and racists, there are reactions when people who don’t like what he – or you – say. There’s no “right” that makes everyone have to love and accept you when what you say is hateful and unacceptable. Get it?

      As for the Jews attacking Mel because he’s white and all the rest of it, you’re such a massive fucking moron that it’s a waste of time dignifying your online bowel movement with a response. Mel has a Jewish agent so that proves he’s not a bigot? Worst use of QED ever, you damp pile of used colostomy bags. You obviously don’t know the difference between a personal and a business decision, but that doesn’t surprise me – what does is that with what passes for your intellect you can manage to find the net and wipe your ass, but maybe you’re letting that last one slide so that you can accomplish the first. And Mel’s “Jew agent” has already kicked him to the curb, so I guess you’ll be filing that under “unreasonable Jew attack against a blameless white man” and weeping about the injustice of it all at the next Aryan Nation rally. If you can figure out how to get there, that is. Thank God for carpools, huh?


      Get it NOW?

    • Aussie Mama

      Non -Ethnic Oksana;
      good post matey, i agree 100%. you’d be surprised how many people outside the u.s have the exact same opinion.
      no one knocked this cows teeth out. she was pictured at an awards ceremony on mels arm, 4 days after that alleged attack. no black eyes, no fat lip and gorgeous as ever.
      she is not scared, nor fearful for her child.
      if she was she’d move back to her home and get out of his. abuse victims only stay when they have no where to go, she does, but i’ll bet his place is a whole lot prettier and expensive.
      she’s out for cash plain and simple.
      show me 1 person that has worked their ass off and would take bribery, and extorion laying down quietly, you’d be crazy ,angry and you’d want their guts!
      nothing comes easy these days, these types of whores should get off their backs and earn a living like most people do.
      what he has will go to his kids, not some serial celebrity shagger.
      the media and hollywood is jew run, that’s not a secret anywhere. the elite satanists have hated mel since passion of the christ. but the jews have been out to get him since his drunk rant. it’s like he’s the only person ever to say something stupid, whilst drunk, who doesn’t?
      the more shit that comes out, the more i consider HIM a victim of not only obvious extortion, which will be proven in a court of law and not here, but also harrassed relentlessly and mercilessly for years now, by the media.
      heather mills tried this shit with paul mccartney and leaked all sorts of shit, that he was abusive, that he made her crawl on her knees, without her pegleg attached, that he was a druggie with a hooch problem, she said it all!
      he said nothing. they got to court, the judge even berated her, she got 50 million man and 50% custody only, not the bigger part she wanted. also pauls a billionaire, big fish like too. now a couple of years later, she’s frickin’ broke, nothing!
      how the hell has she done that?
      paul is still respected, still doing what he was doing, and her, well she’s the toast.
      this will not affect mel, maybe in the u.s. but who gives a shit. michael jackson was smeared in the u.s by sony as a pedo, for getting out of his contract, he was still as big as ever everywhere else in the wolrd though.

      • justifiable

        Paul wasn’t taped ranting about – or trying to justify – any of the things Heather claimed. Funny how you missed that one, huh? Last time I looked, Jews weren’t holding a gun to olf Mel’s head forcing him to leave his wife to fuck and impregnate a Russian gold digger – - but I’m sure if you could, you’d find a way to try and spin that into a plausible scenario to give him yet another excuse. As it is, you fail in accuracy all down the line – except for the part about where you claim you constantly say something stupid while drunk. I’d say try sobering up, but why fight your natural condition? NIce try, thanks for playing.

      • Aussie Mama

        i didn’t say i say stuff when i am drunk, i said people say all sorts when they are drunk. it’s quite common, your jumping to conclusions. two of you on this site love attacking people, when it’s just a bloody talk. i am not emitionally involved. at the end of the day, thank god for the court system, they will nut it out. we will not, no matter what we say. mel s marriage was over when he got arrested. oksana only had a house bought for her in 2008 by the record producer she was with at the time, so there is no way she was the cause of mels marriage demise and there is also no way she was with mel for 3 years as she claimed in an interview. as hated and as bad as heather was, she didn’t stoop so low, you are right, but she non the less made a lot of things slip just like this. there was a period where paul was looked at just like this. don’t worry there were plenty of bad stories on him abusing the poor old one legged woman. in the end court sorted it all. just as it will in this case. they have already had one hearing for the child custody,. oksanas request has been rejected by the judge to have mel lose visitation rights. so if this was as clean cut as she claims and all him, then why would the judge risk the child. all i am saying is that there is a hell of a lot more to this than we know. as much of a pig he is, or isn’t at least he isn’t leaking shit on a daily basis, and airing his dirty laundry out in public. this is something that she has chosen to do. again if someone belt the shit out of me and knocked my teeth out, i ccan tell you, i would have been at the cops and there would be photographic evidence of this. we can go back and forth and that’s ok, we are all entitled to an opinion. it will be respolved and we may all get a surprise. everything done is allegedly at this stage.

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        God dammit fattie! Stop being so jealous. Hit the gym and find a rich man already. Hater

  32. Modwild

    So I guess being rape raped by a KKK/Nazi dude will be right up her alley. She’s a freak.

    • Aussie Mama

      again with the fatty, so weird?
      you have to be a bullimic, anorexic, cos the weight paranoia, is like every second sentence with you, strange. or are you sitting i front of your pc stuffing your face?
      find a rich man?
      this finding a rich man obsession, so russian of you?
      we don’t do that here, we also don’t have nor do taco belle, in n out burger n all that shit either. too sporty to wreck it all with crappy dog food meals.
      your a strange one.

  33. Robert Barto

    All those people in Hollywood are racist… they hide it by making “touchy – feely – we – are – the – world” films in order to make themselves look good and take more money from the public. They rarely give anything back to society or plan to solve our social problems. Hey Woopie & Mel, when are you phonies in Hollywood going to build some schools or a hospital? How about funding a cure…. for humanity.

  34. Carolyn

    Whoopi Douchebag.

  35. captain america

    SUUUUURE and water is wet!!

  36. don

    Leave whoopi alone. She is speaking her heart. She doesn’t have a right to her opinion ? How many of you writing here have hatred in your hearts at times ? Does that make you a racist ? No , it makes you human !!!!!

    • Aussie Mama

      bill ignore this doc chic. she clearly has a mental problem and gets some sort of pleasure from anyone that isn’t a fan of shameless, money grubbing, lying, whores who spread their dirty, thrashed gashes for anyone with the cash to fund their next plastic surgery. i hear ya mate, 23,000,000 aussies can’t be wrong.

  37. Bill O'Reilly

    Mail order russian bride breaks up long term marriage by falling pregnant to billionaire. They split up straight after the birth of the child.
    Allegations of abuse arise after russian spy bugs the house and then baits a drunken man into saying some outlandish shit, then only releases the responses, not the entire conversations.

    Hmmmm…. nothing suspicious here.

    • Doc Schweinstrudel

      Let me guess, You are ageing balding freak like Mel who has fantasies about Russian mail order brides. Sorry you are so bitter, they must have rejected you a LOT

      • Bill O'Reilly

        Haha… I’m a young Aussie with a healthy head of hair and a lovely Thai girlfriend.
        Bitter? Hardly, life is pretty sweet actually. But thanks for the concern. : )

    • Aussie Mama

      bill ignore this doc chic. she clearly gets off on anger against strangers, yet doesn’t get mel being angry over not being allowed access to his child?
      i hear you man, i too have no respect, nor faith in a dirty,lying, money grubbing whore, who spreads her, loose, thrashed gash for anyone with cash, to fund the next plastic surgery transformation.
      even the media is cottoning on, the daily leaks are like a cheap incontinence pad, but the shit is all coming from oksanas well reputed lying mouth.
      good post brother!

  38. Darrin

    I doubt he’s the least bit racist.

    I’m white and use the N-word in my home all the time. Flash: I wouldn’t dream of discriminating against a Black or any other race of people. Ever.

    They’re only words – they have no more power than you assign them.

    • justifiable

      If you truly believe that, then please explain to us that if it’s only a word you freely use, and one you assign no power to, since you “wouldn’t dream of discriminating”:
      1) why do you only use it ony at home, and
      2) why do you refer to it in your post in euphemistic “N-word” terms, instead of just matter of factly writing “nigger”?

      Nice logic. Moron.

    • Aussie Mama

      darrin i say dickhead. i literally don’t mean i can see a dick growing from someones head, it’s just a stupid word, expression, you let fly when you are in a mood.

  39. tc

    Why is anyone listening to this sambo ?

  40. Rob

    I can’t see Mel as being a racist, he’s simply using the term in a stereotype manor.

    For example:

    So being white, if I were to call someone a redneck piece of white trash does that make me a racist against my own race? Or is it being used simply as a way of referring to their way of life, actions and ethics which do not conform to what normal society considers right? It’s not simply a reference to the color of their skin.

    When a black person refers to another black person as a nigger it’s referencing the same, their way of life and culture.

    When I’m referred to as a cracker and a honky by a black person (being from the south that happened all the time when I was young and growing up), that comes across as more of a racist comment then if they were to call me white trash, which once again would be referencing a way of life and not simply the color of my skin.

    Simply put the term nigger is a reference to actions, way of life and culture, not just a person of color.

    What would have been racist is if he had said “a pack of black people”.

  41. Denise

    I agree with Woopie, I don’t know Mel personally but it seems to me that ever since he filmed The Passion of The Christ, evil has and is trying to bring him down. I believe in forgiveness. God is a forgiving God. Instead of beating him down in the media he needs help and prayer. Really!

  42. Gack69

    Yeah, Mel Gibson’s not a racist. And Whoopi Goldberg’s not a closeted lesbian. Whatever.

  43. Ketielynn

    The one thing I want to know is this….What is that yummy looking drink she is holding??

  44. Aussie Mama

    Denise Amen Sista!
    Good people do bad things, that’s life.

  45. Aussie Mama

    Rob, well said!

  46. Aussie Mama

    it seems justifiable and doc schweinstrudel will just attack for the sake of attacking. can’t seem to finish a sentece without calling someone, fat, bald, moron, ugly whatever. good to see people just having a good ole debate, we are all entitled to our opinion, nothing wrong with that. the hang em before you have any evidence, or the other person has had the chance to speak on their own behalf is like some bloody shariah law, that’s one eyed to say the least. i am not for violence at all, but i tell you what, if this at least gets these types of using women talked about and people actually hear how despised they are by the general community, maybe they’ll think twice. i am certain if mel were any old mid 50′s guy, on a normal wage, oksana would have never touched him with a ten foot barge pole. not with her looks. money is the game, it always was.
    if someone deceived me n thought they had the right to my hard earned cash, i’d wanna remove every tooth from their head slowly with pliers. using anyone for anything is a no, no. it’s dispicable and only the lowest form of human being resorts to this. i am a woman, but i am anything but a womens liber, i’m happy for my man to have the balls and me be the feminine woman, mother, wife of the home, i take a huge amount of pride in. this woman has no morals, no conscience and no shame.

    • justifiable

      Funny how you see misogeny as a positive manly attribute and want your man to have a big set of balls- yet you don’t credit your hero and victim Mel with having any of that power and attitude at all. According to you, he was targeted, tasered, trussed up, deceived, daddied up and finally set up by an evil Russian “user” harpy – whom anyone with half a brain (i.e. you) could tell was a gold digger? WTF, now? You can’t have it both ways – if Mel’s an admirable man who you esteem for being in charge of his women, his destiny and his choices, then he also has to own what’s going on here.

      You have every chance to speak your piece and post your opinion, as does everyone else – this site doesn’t allow anyone to censor or remove posts. What you won’t get, however, is genuflection and kudos for your idiocy, your narrow-mindedness and your ridiculous, smug and self-satisfied assumptions about how everyone else thinks. If you don’t want what passes for your intellect to be ridiculed and insulted, don’t post ridiculous and insulting garbage. If you’re not a “womens liber” [sic] then don’t play the pity or gender card and attempt to get special consideration and praise for being a traditional female while you post Semitic conspiracy drivel. I don’t resort to comments on your appearance – that’s Mel’s schtick. It’s also irrelevant; I comment on your opinions. You want to post vicious bigoted drivel and then dare to cry that you’re being “attacked” when you get back in spades what you put out there? Eat it, cupcake – you asked for it. If that shocks you, tough shit. Time to grow up. You obviously don’t like to take any criticism for your ideas – which isn’t too surprising because, according to you, all Australia shares your experiences and your values and thinks just as you do. Either grow a thicker skin or wake up, because not everyone’s gonna applaud, coddle or indulge you when you post crap.

      • Aussie Mama

        One woman with a dodgey past, at best, cannot ruin 30 years of a good reputation for someone. It won’t happen, yes he screwed up. Should he be hung for it, no.
        Again an opinion. If you and your girlfriend stopped the name calling, it’d just be a debate.

  47. Mike Nike

    Shut the fuck up Whoopie. The view sucks and so does your warped mind. By the way, loved you in Ghost. But still, shut the fuck up.

  48. Mel Gibson

    You ALL are a bunch of idiots!
    I say what I say because I mean every single word of it.
    I’m not a racist. I hate everyone equally.
    That’s what happens when you get old and bitter.
    The booze just makes it easier to say.
    I made great movies because I got great money from Jews. They are indeed good for something. Even for “The Passion Of Christ”. Damn near killed me to do it, but hey! A hit is a hit!
    My wife had 8 kids, I only saw her once or twice a year and then she STILL wouldn’t blow me. I gave her half my money so fuck off!
    This Russian chick SWORE she would never get pregnant and then look what the bitch does! Never trust a woman who says she’s on the sponge.
    I lost my looks, friends in the industry, respect and the center block on Whoopi’s “Hollywood Squares”.
    Gimme a break! I deserve to burn down a house or two.
    Oh. And “Sugar Tits” is a compliment where I come from.

  49. tolerant

    Stop these nonsensical ramblings. Even black people say there are “blacks” and there are “niggers”. In my opinion “niggers” come in all colors. When Mel cautioned this questionable “lady” that her attire might attract packs of “niggers”, I am sure he included in that word lowlifes of all color. What he failed to recognize is that his girlfriend, with her morals, is a “nigger”, whose only objective is not the child, but Mel’s money.

  50. Alexia

    Why are ppl not reacting to Mel’s Bipolar illness? The alcohol is a killer for nastiness but good Grief the BiPolar disease is one of the saddest most difficult illnesses a person could ever have to live with. She says a few times ‘you need medication so she does know the difference between the Mel on his meds and off. The huffing puffing panting LOSING IT, At times they go from Jeckly to Hyde.
    I know the signs, have seen them b/c i keep an eye on my step brother for all of these traits b/c he too is a genius and has allot to lose if he went off his meds.
    The meds make him feel groggy and weightgain goes with them no matter who you are and how hard you try to watch the diet. Says he doesn’t think straight and with his position needs at all times to be completely on the ball. Mel would not be any different so thru out the yrs drank the alcohol in place of meds.
    I am an advoctae for my stepbrother. My heart goes out to the ppl who suffer this illness/any of the mental inbalances. 1 in 3 ppl have a bro/sis cousin/family member= someone they love with actual experience of what occers. For those who don’t they don’t want to know and ignorance is the biggest beholder.
    Mel get yourself some help if you don’t end up in jail . I will go watch your movies and as you can see you have allot of other supporters .
    You know if this woman had of reported this abuse asap i wouldn’t be bi-passing her abuse. I see so much sneakiness and she knows he is not thinking for a sec. she has herself wired . How calmly she speaks while he rants is definately baiting him. What happened? Tthere is no talk about the baby being bruised b/c she only took a picture but she darn well made sure she went to a dentist for herself.
    What?? the baby is not as important. Wrong!!! Why doesn’t this women get a job? she has a talent most would die for but for her it’s not good enough b/c she wanted to be a movie star playing her music and mel could do that for her as far as she was concerned.. The woman is getting older and wants kids$$$$ she found the richest man in HW in MEl and like most men thinking with his other head he got used all right. With a Bi polor man when a flip out occers LOOK OUT!!! best it be between themselves . So now, sure it’s going to cost him. It’s too bad he never thought about that before the pregnancy. It costs money to have lips boobs, teeth and tight eyelifts done. And no she is not real like his wife in fact everyhing about her is false. There is allot of lying going on so lets wait and see . Oksana says over and over she never handed those tapes in . Why lie about it? It wouldn’t be to anyone elses benefit but hers. And maybe not!?
    If they start catching her in lies in that courtroom she won’t be in any better shape than him.

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