1. castallare


    #kanyedong better not become a trending topic.

  2. Jolie

    Underwhelming. Way to crop out the tip to make it look bigger, Kanye; you aren’t fooling anyone.

  3. eww

    someone needs to tell him to shave. gross.

  4. Turquinha

    Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnerestinggggg!!!!! who said women dont like to watch??? I love to :D

  5. Nikki

    *sad face* Not impressed and I figured he would have better upkeep or something. A lightening bolt or “Kanye was here” trimmed in the pubes.

  6. Heather

    It looks so lazy.

  7. Excuse me follks, I’m a Canuck, but is that “Dick” Tracy, the late “Dick” Nixon,
    or ther current Andy “Dick”?

    “Frenchie” McFarlane

  8. Rod Munch

    It’s so Veiny!!!!!!

  9. Brian0523

    I’d let him shoot his baby batter all over my face! Yum!

  10. molly

    kanye west is much more appealing all of a sudden

  11. tejfjf

    I was expecting it to be really big or really small because he is so egotistical and obnoxious….but it is just normal for a black dude his size

    And the pubes are normal but could use a bit of manscaping

  12. Tommy Lee's Cock

    What a terrible photographer. Is his dick even hard?

  13. Robert

    Certainly not a fan of Kanye, but that’s ok since he likes himself enough for the whole world.

    That said, he has a nice looking cock. To all the people saying he’s “small,” he’s flaccid here. That’s a remarkably thick and long flaccid cock.

    For the people who are shocked that men have pubic hair, here’s a life lesson: real men have hair. Ken dolls do not. If your man is shaving his bush, he’s trying to make his cock look larger. Kanye doesn’t have to work about that.

    • Mama Pinkus

      tip for you Robert – the ladies like a little bit of male grooming – not shaved, but not the Amazon jungle either – you know, the same way most men like pussies

  14. lea

    Bahahaha!!! baby carrots anyone?

  15. maudina

    not bad. he could trim a little.

  16. Ash Bones

    Is it snipped at the tip ??

  17. lalalaaaa

    Isn’t his tattoo suppose to be on the left arm? This picture has it on the right….

  18. Daphne

    5 1/2 is totally normal/average. The other dudes are all completely lying and probably have micropenises.

  19. chesty

    He is a closeted homosexual for sure

  20. Ho.Lee.Shit


  21. Willy Wonka

    You sure this guy is Black???

  22. butterscotch

    nice appendage, but his testicles could use a little plumping up. They seem kind of shriveled and small. But then again, my privates aren’t out there for people to judge.

  23. couture12

    it actually looks good.. u can tell its semi hard.. im shocked kanye got a nice piece on him!!!!

  24. eric

    That is so hot. Dont care for the waste up sometimes. I would not kick Ye out of the bed though. Let me have some of that.

  25. efefefe

    Kanye is a genius! HUGE PENIS TOO!

  26. Melchor

    Is that Snooki?

  27. weezy

    Why did he do that because of girl is bad all know Kenye west

  28. kayne is sexyy

    I wanna suck his dick and put it in my month while I smell his pubes PURE sexy

  29. Ms. Luvly

    Kanye please go shave…that shit looks like hamburger meat

  30. Ms. Luvly

    Kanye u need to shave..that shit looks like hamburger meat

  31. ventroaq

    Not a Kanye West fan, think he’s an idiot, although I have to say I have a little respect for him now seeing he’s not a sheeple who shaves his pubes like the dumb asses who think shaving down there is going to make there peen look “bigger”.

  32. jrdffr

    its funny how women get aroused by a black cock. i only see it as an animal cock like when im looking at a caged monkeys dick

  33. Jiceb

    mhhh, well, I have a BF, but can’t help but wonder why they pic left the head out, and imagine it growing in a warm, moist mouth of another man. LMAO

  34. ewwww1!

    looks like a diseased POS!

  35. john lennon

    BFD, like there isn’t plenty of black cocks already overflowing the internet. That pic could be anyone, its not unique or anything . It really doesn’t matter either way. IMO, It is too bushy though, you’d think a guy that wealthy could afford the electric beard trimmer to keep the pube-fro at bay.

  36. The Listener

    The standard range for an erect human penis in length is 5.0″-7.5″. I have no idea what the range is for the girth.

  37. twisty

    boooooooooooooorrrrrrinnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg and i’m not impressed

  38. Koko

    Ok I didnt even bother 2 read ALL the comments but THANK YOU @Andriiya Im lmaorotf he know he looked. And 2 the rest of yall, any1 who has a penis or has seen 1 b4 can tell that the above penis is “soft” therefore when erect Im sure its more like 8″-9″. Duh! :rolls my eyes: Im just sayin, common sense.

  39. Astar

    Ive seen better looking cocks in D rate porns.

  40. Chris

    Beautiful penis Kanye!

  41. Federiqur

    What is it? It look like a newly born black rat.yuck

  42. Federique

    What is it? It looks like a newly born rat. yuck! I’ve seen better pictures of a black mans penis.

  43. Nat

    That is nice size, you see that it’s long…the tip isn’t even visible in the picture and it looks girthy. He does need a trim at least on that fro down there.

  44. Nat

    That is big, you see that it’s long…the tip isn’t even visible in the picture and it looks girthy. He does need a trim at least on that fro down there.

  45. toriano

    its so

  46. Biggerthanyou

    lil ass penis , black men not that little u pose to have a 12 inch like me kanye -__________- damn

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