What’s Up, Katie Couric? (Did I Just Ask That?) And Other News

January 31st, 2011 // 53 Comments

- Kim Kardashian hates her “exploitative” nude W shoot now. [Popeater]

- Which is why she wants the role of the ultimate sex object, a Bond girl. [IDLYITW]

- Paz de la Huerta puts her best face forward. [Dlisted]

- Justin Timberlake is Lindsay Lohan now. [Lainey Gossip]

- God Bless America. [Hollywood Tuna]

- Irina Shayk in DT Magazine. Let that swirl around for a minute. [DrunkenStepfather: Site is NSFW]

- Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are definitely banging again. [Celebslam]

- Betty White won her first SAG award at 89, and here she is naked. [Bossip]

- Anne Hathaway as Catwoman suddenly seems like a horrible idea. [Amy Grindhouse]

- Nicole Richie’s new sunglasses collection. Now with 25% more coke booger protection! [TooFab]

- Charlie Sheen is directing PETA commercials now. [BuzzFeed]

- Jason Statham apparently has different facial expressions. Who knew? [Maxim]

- theCHIVE presents: Vagina Repellent. [theCHIVE]

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  1. Cal


  2. “Just saggin’ on the yacht…you?”

    • nooooooooo

      Nailed it :( I saw the picture and just thought “holy shit, those are sagging bad”. Some older women use a sports bra, she’s just saying fuck it.

  3. Katie Couric Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Why would you do such a thing to us?

  4. IttyBittyTittyCommittee


  5. I’m sure Kim is genuinly upset by her “W” nude shoot. I’m sure she’s very upset by the fact that taking her clothes off is the only thing that will make people pay attention to her. Well, that and the dick sucking.

  6. Katie Couric Bikini
    Rough City, U.S.A.
    Commented on this photo:

    I read the headline this time, and I am still going with Jack Nicklaus, on vacation.

    I never said I was good at identifying “the stars”.

  7. Keep tannin’ while Egypt keeps burnin’, bitch. No no, go ahead, we’ll wait.

  8. Bucky Barnes

    Katie, I’m going to pay you the highest compliment I can think of. Here goes.

    You’re less repulsive in a bathing suit than I would have expected. If I was really really drunk (and because you’re rich) and if Roseanne Barr was nearby to make you look better by comparison I might consider giving you a chance.

    • Bucky Barnes

      Also, you can’t talk to me and I might throw up halfway through the deed. You can tell yourself it’s because of the booze although we’ll both know it isn’t…

  9. Katie Couric Bikini
    still hit it
    Commented on this photo:

    she don’t look bad for her age….if i got to spend some time with her wallet.. i would take one for the team

  10. Colin

    Did Katie get a sag award, too?

  11. jojo

    I don’t know what I like best about Katie, her curvy , well toned body or those full pouty lips or her potato IQ.

  12. KWDragon

    A quick comment on one of the links: Kim K is upset about the W shoot showing too much nekkid? She says it looks like “f***ing porn”?


    She drops her top so fast, there is a sonic boom when her bra snaps pop. Or was that the sound of her Spanx giving way? My bad.

  13. taco flavored kisses

    wtf is in that cup – did she manage to remove the outer crust of fromunda?

  14. Cardinal Fang

    Sigourney Weaver mouth without Weavers looks. Burn middle east burn. Tan Katie Couric Tan.

  15. Katie Couric Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    The blinded stares of a million pairs of eyes… lookin’ hard and realize… that they’ll glad they never see the Z.

  16. The blinded stares of a million pairs of eyes… lookin’ hard and realize… that they’ll glad they never see the Z.

  17. Dan

    I dunno, I have to admit she looks yummy to me – especially for her age.

  18. ive seen inside the asshole of that woman. it was pink. her poop clearly comes out the other end.

    • Bucky Barnes

      Katie’s televised colonoscopy was actually just stock footage of the Holland Tunnel. Don’t feel bad, lots of other folks got fooled too.

  19. Rico

    Katie Couric actually looks pretty good for her age.

  20. Katie Couric Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Sexy MILF! I’d like to spend a night with her.


    Let’s see, Kim “piss in my face, baby” whoretrashian did a spread in playboy… after being filmed getting buttfucked & sucking some black dudes dick in a sex video (which she cried to the media about how she was being “forced to release”, all the while promoting it so she could make the most amount of money)… then getting pissed on in the same sex video. She whined abou the playboyshoot, then did another nude photo shoot.

    Hmmm, this sounds more like “they didn’t pay me enough to be a whore” to me than anything else. What this toilet seat bitch should realize is NO ONE CARES about her; she’s a worthless piece of trash. She should just fuck off & die…

  22. Satan's bitch

    Hi Boss! You’re looking relaxed, girl. Good work in Egypt! Is the Israel move next or is it another train station in Spain?

  23. Katie Couric Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Man, I gotta’ get off The Superficial. I’m starting to see Charlie Sheen everywhere.

  24. Katie Couric Bikini
    Sweet Jesus
    Commented on this photo:

    Dear God- those saggy fried egg tits get me hot as hell.

  25. arfenvetter

    I believe proper English is “who’s up Katie Couric?”.

    But don’t quote me.

  26. jlowejd5

    So, what is “Internet”, anyway?

  27. wim


  28. Katie Couric Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Looks like Hayden Panettiere has been getting into her boyfriend’s steroids.
    She beefs up pretty good, but she needs to stay out of the sun cause her skin’s getting a little leathery.

  29. Katie Couric Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Since In Living Color got canceled, Fire Marshal Bill’s had a tough time finding work.

  30. CC

    She is 54 years old. I would like to see everyone posting here’s pic beside hers so you can see just how fat and ugly you are. Just to read all of you must be pretty mo fo’s. NOT

    • CC I agree. For 54 Katie Couric is in good shape. She’s never claimed to be a sex symbol. She’s on a beach vacationing and she’s in a bathing suit!!! How HORRIBLE OF HER!!! Good on you Katie for remaining natural and not succumbing to the bullshit stereotypical image of hollywood. You haven’t fallen into teh trap of tummy tucks, ass lifts, breat enhancements and botox.

  31. Katie Couric Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    when I twist my ears like this, my boobs point upwards

  32. Gando

    Or maybe this is Charlie Sheen’s pornstar the fourth?!

  33. bimbamboing

    As long she doesn’t bite, she could be anything ofcourse.

  34. Rhialto

    With a weak voice i beg y’all from my sickbed not always to buy the same sunglasses as i have!

  35. Nero

    I’m just looking for those cryptic V-signs but i can’t see here any ….

  36. Katie Couric Bikini
    Honest Abe
    Commented on this photo:

    I’ve had the hots for her since the day she took that scope us her ass live on TV that day… lets you know what she’s up for!

  37. Katie Couric Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    mmmm yes please

  38. Katie Couric Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    As soon as I came over to this post I can only look at part of it, is this my internet web browser or the internet website? Should I reboot?

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