What’s Up, Amanda Seyfried? And Other News

June 24th, 2011 // 79 Comments

Posted by Photo Boy

- Bam Margera has entered into the 2nd stage of grief. Name-dropping. [Starpulse]

- John C. Reilly sheds light on the awkwardness of high school. Finally! [Huffington Post]

- NBC cast the wrong Wonder Woman. [Dlisted]

- Khal Drogo wore a see-through shirt to Comic-Con. Winter is coming. [Lainey Gossip]

- Rihanna jams on the muff guitar. [Hollywood Tuna]

- Rosie Huntington-Whiteley‘s cleavage for Elle UK. [DrunkenStepfather: NSFW]

- Paris Hilton is contaminating again. [TooFab]

- Kelly Brook is in swimsuit, and I think she’s allergic to it. [IDLYITW]

- Candice Swanepoel, however, is doing okay in lingerie. [Popoholic]

- Stretchy Pants: I don’t know what they made of…[theCHIVE]

- Jamie Foxx is Tarantino’s slave. [FilmDrunk]

- Which Naomi Campbell probably finds offensive because she doesn’t understand jokes. Or racism. [Bossip]

- The 20 Hottest Photos of Danica Thrall [Heavy]

- Kia: We know how to market cars. Child rape, it’s child rape, right? [BuzzFeed]

- The best bars in Cleveland. Surprise! Its a really short list. [Maxim]

- 15 Unintentionally Sexy Sports Moments: For those life-affirming incidents when compulsive masturbation is accidentally justified. [Bleacher Report]

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Photo: Flynet


  1. IntelligentAsFellasGet

    Lovely ass!

  2. Checking in with her stuffed horse.

  3. Venom

    She is one nice little piece of ass.

  4. Amanda Seyfried Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    Little too skinny and pale for my liking but very fuckable

  5. maeby

    Did she get her uterus taken out?

  6. I’d give her ass the McFeely stamp of approval, but the order says 500 feet minimum.

  7. Mr Happy

    My world-murdering cock is interested. That ass was sent down from Mt Olympus. Could use a bit of sun on that pasty white flesh, however.

  8. maeby

    mmmm Khal Drogo….manly. I miss him already.

    • It had to be said

      I didn’t know that “Khal Drogo” was a dude, so that click should not be counted for Lainey. Do you hear me advertisers?

  9. Cock Dr

    I would do anything to have a figure like that.
    Except starve myself, exercise obsessively, take daily laxatives, abuse prescription drugs, or induce puking after every meal.
    *this comment was not meant to imply that Ms Seyfried engages in any of these unhealthy weight management practices*

    • I am more evolved and stuff

      Nah, unlike you Cock Dr., she is not an ugly fat pig, but like me has good genetics. Then I am going to the beach to move my furniture to the habitrail next door in the downstairs attics near my mommy’s urn where I saw a giant hummingbird tomorrow night swimming upside down. Who knows?

      • Jovy

        @I am more evolved and stuff

        Most people can get a good looking body through exercise, proper diet. It isn’t always genetics, just sayin’.

      • kimmykimkim

        @I am more evolved and stuff: Are you on fucking angel dust? What in the shit are you talking about? Actually, don’t answer that.

    • meh

      amanda has stated that she has to starve to be this size and that at her natural weight she wouldn’t get roles. she said she basically eats spinnach and egg whites. it’s weird though because at 1200 to 1500 cals a day with exercise i’m her size too and i eat pasta and chocolate and plenty of healthy and tasty foods. it’s not that hard.

      • Brooke

        Meh, your metabolism is probably faster than others. It’s really hard for me to stay in the 130s, even though without consciously dieting my favorite foods and meals are usually under 500 calories, so without forcing myself I rarely eat more than 1500 calories in a day and I am a fairly active person. I have to do two hours a day at the gym with no carbs and no sugar if I want to be 128 lbs, which is probably the lowest I’ve been since I was in middle school. So be happy with your genetics, they probably play a big part of your weight management!

      • Venom

        As Brooke pointed out, it is called a metabolism genius.
        Different people have different metabolisms.
        Clearly you were asleep during biology class.

      • meh

        Well brooke I’m sure your gorgeous 130 is a very fit weight and it sounds like you take care of yourself very well. It’s all about being fit for your body type. Still it’s odd that at 5’2″ that Amanda feels the need to starve herself on spinnach she has likely slowed her metabolism down through starvation. I understand metabolism just fine and anyone with a brain (venom) knows that starving messes with your metabolism big time. All I meant to say is that it’s not hard to take care of yourself most women can live well on 1200(for tiny girls) to 1500 cals a day with some exercise and be a great size for their particular body, in fact if youa re super active you can eat up to 2200 and be really lean. Anyway not everyone wants to look as thin and tiny as her or would even look good that way so I certainly don’t mean to imply that people should try to lok like that, her look is specific to her and girls of her body size and type, Pippa Middleton is fit(andoverrated), but could likely never be that tiny and it wouldn’t look good on her anyway.

        Venom I’m fair skinned(not as fair as Amanda mind you) have long dark hair green eyes a Mila Kunis look and a body almost exactly like Seyfried except taller, leggier and with firmer boobs so you might want to be nice to me because I know damn well you’d be drooling all over me in person. So kiss my exercise and metabolism toned perky little ass. Now I’m off to burn some calories by fucking my husbands brains out. That’s right I’m married love to cook don’t want kids and insist on at least daily sex and thrice on Sat and Sunday and in every position imaginable. Normally I’m pretty humble, but you asked for it. Now eat your heart out, but not too much since your metablosim probably sucks the big one and is as slow as you are. kisses,

      • Venom


        In about 5 years from now, your husband will be mysteriously gone all the time off fucking some 22 year old chick and buying her all the shit he used to buy you.
        Meanwhile you will be getting older and older, boobs starting to sag, ass starting to sag, wrinkles on your forehead, the skin on your hands getting wrinkles also.

        You will keep running to the doctor to get botox and everything else done, even resort to tanning which will age your skin horribly. Still no one will want to fuck you. If you are lucky your husband will stay with you and just fuck other chicks on the side, but unfortunately, he will probably just dump you on your ass.
        Your metabolism will also eventually slow down and all that pasta and chocolate you love will blow you up into a fatass.

        You are not the first and you won’t be the last arrogant chick that learns the hard way you are not going to be some goddess forever.

      • meh

        First of all excuse my spellign errors and how messy this is my keyboard is fucked adn I don’t feel like correcting this because I’m tired and am blowing off steam from a long week writign this.

        Look dude not every man is a shallow cheater, but even if that was my fate I have enough brains to not define who I am by who I’m with. Better to have loved and lost then never loved at all. I can’t control another person and would never want to. I never planned on marrying anyway. Men are always saying they get a raw deal so admit it, not all of you are assholes. I’m not shallow despite that shallow rant, hey we all have our moments, if my looks go who cares they go for everybody. And your theory is beyond flawed a lot of men honestly don’t care about looks. look at Prince Charles and that shebeast Camilla he actually wanted her, I know countless real life examples of men who choose or stay with women who don’t fit soem barbie standard at the end of the day you wnat someone who gets you adn doesn’t give you shit for who you are. My husband specifically chose to get to know me unlike every other looser that wanted to date me or propose to me without knowing me or hearing me speak.We were friends first and we’ve been through it all together.

        His deeply abusive parents disowned him in part for marrying me because I was extremely sick at the time and almost died and they didn’t want their son to be with someone who was sick and because they had his life planned out and he wanted to do his own thing and shockingly actually wanted to live his own life. They refused to speak to him for five years. Eventually with my husbands support I convinced them to meet with us and now he has his parents in his life again, they’ve mellowed and treat us well, and they’ve come to see how much we love each other.

        I’ve never cared about money or material things in fact when we got engaged I told my husband I didn’t want an engagement ring I hate diamonds and don’t see anything romantic about putting a hole in a man’s bank account instead I asked my husband what he wanted to do if anything I mean why make a big fuss about it, but we both always wanted to go to New York so we went there to celebrate, mainly we sat in our room eating room service and he talked to me for hours about his parents and how small and worthless they always made him feel and yes he brought it up, I never pushed him t talk abotu them. It was priceless and the best trip I’ve ever had. My best friend at the time went on and on about how pathetic it was that I didn’t get a ring, ya don’t talk to her anymore not just becasue of that but in general she was a shallow materialistic cow. I never understood why the woman should get some big rock and what does the guy get, a fat bill. We married penniless and for a a few years I supported him. We get stopped on the street by people telling us how in love we look, his boss, friends and family tell everyone that they’ve never met a more devoted couple. I’m sorry to burst your angry bubble but some couples are best friends and spend hours laughing together, comiserating about their insane families and have the same filthy raunchy humour and just enjoy each other without demands or pretense. I have liked only a few people in my life, as in generally enjoyed their company, my husband and I both do not enjoy other people or delaing with their shit and we genuinely like each other more than anyone we’ve ever know. We get each other, we both hate the giant wedding show off baby shower ME ME ME lifestyle of our peers and their sad and slow suburban minivan death lifestyle, we want the same things out of life, to live it on our terms with the least amount of assholes near us as possible. We eloped because nothing was more repulsive to us than some overpriced giant self indulgent wedding, like I give a crap about place settigns and bridesmaids dresses. Not every woman is some vacant shallow spending machine ya know. I will always defend my husband and am on his side I have his back and he has mine. We’ve been through more shit than you can grasp and it never changed how we felt it only made it stronger. You can’t imagine having a best friend like that, but it’s amazing and still if I lost it all tommorrow, I’d survive because I’ve taken care of myself my whole life having shitty burnt out looser addict parents and I never take anything for granted or feel that I’m owed anything becuase life owes you NOTHING. I make the most of everything with every day I have becasue that’s all I have, it’s all anyone has. I don’t care about what car he drives as long as he likes it, I don’t dress him or even come close, I love his hair however it makes him happy, I stayed up for three nights in a row writign him a proposal to get a raise because he was being underpaid and taken advantage of and was so burnt out he didn’t have the energy to deal with it and even thoguh I was puking my guts out from treatment I stayed up for him and he handed int he proposal and got his raise ( I simply put in writign all that he had told me about how much he did and how he was always doign everyone elses job, I listen to him to everything he says because he matters to me. If he no longer wanted to be with me soemday I would wish him happiness and would hope he still wanted to be friends, because I genuinely love him as a person and want him to be happy and if I no longer made him happy I would never want him to feel obligated to me.

        If anythign ever happens to him I admit I can’t begin to imagine that pain, and I can gurantee I’d never remarry. It is a big deal to share your life with someone and sometimes it’s utterly terrifying because I lived alone for seven years before I met him and I’ve never counted on anyone before and it’s hard at times to open yourself up to that and hey I never got to have a hot lesbian affair with this beautiful blonde girl that asked me out when I worked at a gay club, so yah it can be intense, but I’m honest and open with him about all those fears and you just take it day by day like any friendship. My husband has been a better friend to me than anyone ever has, he’s been there waiting outside hospital rooms with a stuffed bear and told his parents to fuck off when they said I wasn’t good enough for him becasue my education didn’t match their standards and I was sick which apparently is not allowed by teir standards. He’s just an all round awesome and amazing person and I’d be grateful just to have him as a friend and I’m happy just to have met him and to know him because he proved to me that not everyone is a selfish miserable fuck. Anyway if he did cheat, he often tells me he’d be devastated if I cheated on him, I’d forgive him and we’d probalby just stay friends. If he wanted out I’d accpet it and again I’d hope we could stay friends, but if not I’d understand that peopel change and grow apart as I did with most of my friends. Marriage is a lot to expect of someone and I have no illusions about it. I’ll never want anything from him that he doesn’t want to give happily and i’ll never give him anything he doesn’t truly want.

        You can laugh and call me cheesy or whatever name you want nothing you say can be worse than what I’ve been through in my life or been called by others. Peopel think it’s weak to love, but it isn’t, it’s weak to be afraid of love to try to deny and minimize it like some sad Vince Vaugn character stereotype.

        Having almost died multiple times having had a father I used to watch try to kill my mother and I I have been through more shit than you can imagine and honestly do not give a fuck about looks I take care of myself, but one day maybe even tomorrow they’ll go. So what. I have much more to offer than how I look and built a life on real skills rather than accepting the modelling contracts i was offered because I have no use for a shallow brainless empty life and don’t want to be paid to be some snotty show off spreading my legs on magazine covers in a desperate bid for attention. I love my life and I love my man. I treat him just as well as he treats me, it’s not a chore it’s a joy to married to your best friend to be proud of them and to tell them so everyday, to have their back at all times. No matter how thigns go I’ll never regret this love and ya I can’t determine how the future will go. I could leave him, he could leave me or as we believe we may grow old together. I’ll never force or nag someone to be with me, Men were constantly trying to force me to be with them so why would I do that to someone else. Life is what you make it. We both had shitty parents, but not everyoen has to have a miserable life and frankly its your choice wether or not you live happily or miserable. You coudl take everythign from me and I’d still be happy to be alive and get back on my feet. I know this because I’ve already lost everythign more than once. It seesm to me that you have a pretty angry view on lifem but hey I can’t judge you from one angry post, still honestly why so bitter? Statiscally not everyone ends up miserable adn unhappy so why assume it will happen to everyone? Probalby becasue you;ve resigned yourself to believing ti will ahppen to you which is sad becasue as shitty as this world can be if you have a miserable life the only person you have to blame is yourself, no one can make you happy and no one can make you unhappy except you. So you can tell me to cram all my beliefs up my ass and that i’m full of it, but I know I’m not I speak the truth. Anyway I’m sure you’ll mock the length of this post so I write a lot on a rare ranty occasion. Who gives a shit. Whoever you are venom I genuinely wish you happiness, it’s yours for the taking if you believe you deserve it.

      • meh

        P.S. your reply was as typical as they get. Botox? What kind of fuckign moron gets botox? I hope someday botox is proven to be lethal because it will wipe the planet of some fo the stupidest peopel on earth. I’ll never in my life get plastic surgery, I don’t have a single tattoo oreven pierced ears or anthign else piercded. What horrible excuses for women do you knwo to think that all women are like the caricature you described. Again excessive tanning is for morons and skin cancer is natures way of wiping out shallow idiots. Efverything sags someday who gives a fuck unless your a vapid cunt whose life revolves around their looks, I’m not some hollywood actress who woudl die withotu attention. I hate peopel and attention only moronic extroverts need attention to live.

        I’ll be happy the day I look like shit adn if it happens soon so be it. Finally then I won;t hav perves hanging all over my ass. What’s so bad about being alone anyway? Why are peopel so pathetic and desperate that the thought of beign alone practically kills them? I lived alone for years and really enjoyed it. Like I’m going to hold a gun to my husbands head sayign he has to be with me, he’s free to leave and so am I anytime. You can;t own people oly sick loosers NEED another human being to validate themselves. Sure you can love someone tremendously but you can’t control them and why woudl you want to.

        You act as if women never leave men.I’m sure you’ve een dumped. re you American or somethign wha kindof miserable women have you been exposed to? Fuck dude you need to get laid by a nice girl. They do exist by the way and get the feelign you aren’t as bitter as you pretend to be. Do you actually believe you couldn’t fidn a nice girl who would lvoe you exactly as you are? Do you thinka ll women are miserable bitches because guys who do usually realize they are gay, not that that’s a problem. Women are not the enemy, you are your only enemy so go find yourself a nice cute girl and stop beign so cranky.

      • Cock Dr

        Everyone settle down, go out for a nice walk, and then have any two of the following:

        1) a beer
        2) a piece of pie
        3) a bong hit
        4) sex
        5) a manicure

        Thus are all problems & frustrations temporarily solved.

      • Jesus Christ woman.

      • heather

        hey idiot, eating spinach & egg whites isn’t starving yourself.

  10. That’s a casting couch outfit if I ever saw one.

  11. Pippy Longcockings

    My peen is up, that’s what!

  12. P Dizzle

    Get a tan Bia!

  13. six rough degrees to Lacey Swhimmer

    “Rihanna jams on the muff guitar”

    What if these arousing stage shows performed by Brit Brit, X-tina, Rihanna, Miley, etc. is a joint resolution from a secret summit to keep young people away from porn?

    There might be holes in this theory, though.

  14. Rose McGowan is blonde now?

  15. oooh speaking of plastics.. very hot!!

  16. Abby Normal

    Amanda looks pretty good when you can’t see her eye-stalks… although they can probably still see YOU!

  17. Bow Chica Wow Wow

    That’s an ass, little too pale though.

  18. It had to be said

    What a nice girl. She even brought extra “walk of shame” shoes for when we’re finished!

  19. Drundel

    Nice ass, but needs to tan.

  20. Keyser Ballsy

    I think she needs a healthy beef injection to go with some spray tanning.

  21. LJ

    That’s one nice ass without heels to lift it up.

  22. Amanda Seyfried Butt
    Seat Filler
    Commented on this photo:

    I would like to fuck some color into her

  23. Dan


  24. six rough degrees to Lacey Swhimmer

    Whose idea was this?

    Kings of Leon’s tribute to Ryan Dunn looks like the delorean’s instrument cluster.

  25. doogleberg

    I’m not believing all the posts drooling over this pasty bitch. Get a tan, treat the thyroid condition, then maybe…MAYBE…she’d be bangable. I just don’t get it.

    • WhiteGoddess

      You’re a fucking idiot. Everyone in here that says she needs a tan is a jealous racist. Get the fuck over it, some of us ARE that white. Keep on hating

  26. g-moonie

    It’s called the sun. Look into it.

  27. cc

    You just know she’s wearing a thong and that if you reached around and slipped that dress up all you’d feel is a cool, smooth, perfect ass. Which, to me, is pretty much all my days should start and end…but rarely do.

  28. Amanda Seyfried Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    see that curve, england? that’s what a hot pasty white chick’s bum should look like

  29. adolf hitler

    kelly brook boobs are so yummy in those pics omg

  30. anonym

    finally, a decent little ass.

    i was getting sick of all the pippa pictures.

    • henny

      yeah i dont get the big thing about pippa’s ass. WHAT ass???

      • kimmykimkim

        I’ve decided the fascination is about the lack of ass. It is practically concave. Which IS quite fascinating now that I think about…hmmm…wait, what were we talking about again?

  31. Urbanspaceman

    Kim called. She wants her ass back.

    • Brooke

      This ass isn’t even 1/4 the size of Kim’s, and I would love to say “the ’90s called, they want their joke back” but then it becomes “The ’00s want their retort back”, so… Urban Spaceman, huh? That would make a cool band name.

  32. kimmykimkim

    Mmm hmmm! She is sooo lovely! She could use just a tiny bit more tummy fat, but shit, she probably works hard to keep it off. And I like her milky skin. Sunscreen keeps the wrinkles away! Being black keeps the wrinkles away too but she and I both are just cracker ass crackers. Sigh….

    • Brooke

      I’m glad someone likes milky skin. I got made fun of in high school for having really light colored skin, but now I’m 27 and still get carded any time I order a drink, while most of my former classmates are starting to look pretty weathered from their weekly tanning salon trips.

  33. Spoogebob Nopants

    Vampire sluts are hot!

  34. Brooke

    She’s got a little butt, but she’s got zero waist. How did she manage to invert her stomach like that?

    …and who is she now? I only know her from fucking a dead horse.

  35. Amanda Seyfried Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    She quite has sexy sweet ass, good body too.

  36. Mandy

    Is her body getting smaller or is her head getting bigger? She looks like a bobble head.

  37. tlmck

    Somebody tell all the fat ass celebrities in Hollywood that this is what an ass is supposed to look like.

    • teetee14

      @ tlmck…dumb fuck..your azz is probably fat azz hell.fat azz fat azz.! get from behind the computer and go do something productive. you probably don’t even have a girlfriend….fat azz! go fu*k your mother…perve aka inbreeder!

  38. the captain

    this brothel is secured…………

  39. Amanda Seyfried Butt
    Dick Dickerson
    Commented on this photo:

    Those sure are some sexy old woman legs

  40. Amanda Seyfried Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    Considering the fact that the sun is the nr 1 factor in premature ageing of the skin it is no wonder that a smart actress (who knows that her career depend highly on her looks) chose to stay the hell out of it.

    All you people telling her to get a tan are just dumb. Its pretty obvious why she choses to take the best care possible of her skin and thus stay out of the sun and wear sunblock.


  41. Amanda Seyfried Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    Courtney and Amy wish they had these legs…

  42. Amanda

    What a boring girl.

  43. Amanda Seyfried Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    That girl needs to eat a stick of butter…

  44. Amanda Seyfried Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    SMOKIN’ Hot ass!!!

  45. Amanda Seyfried Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    It this my first FIRST?

    I think she’s hot. Way too white, but HOT!

  46. wishbone

    cute…if you could get past the “downsy” looking face.

  47. Admiral Hackbar

    Everytime look at her ass in this picture, the only words that come to mind is “wah taw!”

  48. teetee14

    crack head style…..no bueno

  49. Amanda Seyfried Butt
    Commented on this photo:

    Just rent Chloe. She has a nice rack to go with that butt!

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