Welcome to Heaven

August 9th, 2010 // 118 Comments

Population: Awww yeah.

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  1. Snooki
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  2. Just A Horny Dude

    Americans are so disgusting. Fat, tawdry, attention whores. I’m ashamed for my country.

    • Puddin' Taine


    • Blech


    • Drew

      To be fair, it’s not so much that Americans are disgusting, as much as they’re the only people in the world that put morons like this on any sort of pedestal. The only country in the world where violence is held in a higher regard than natural sexuality. I could go on with more pathetic examples of American culture.

      I ashamed to be Canadian, and in turn associated with your country.

  3. Snooki
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    Wow! who would’ve thought?! A pig riding a bull!

  4. Snooki
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    Pencakes anyone?

  5. bdog

    and there I was thinking it would be Kelly Brook given your headline…
    Über disappointment! Kelly Brook FAIL. Sex dwarf FTW

  6. just

    fucking christ could you stop posting pictures of this disgusting troll? i come to this site for hot chicks and comedy, not to end up dry heaving. why do you keep doing this? NO ONE WANTS TO SEE OR CARES ABOUT SNOOKI.

    • koushoku

      Hey easy now, she’s a celebrity like everyone else… although WHY is a diffrent question..

    • chuck d

      AMEN brother she is just gross, please stop it now

    • yeah, so I totally had an argument with my penis a moment ago. next time you wanna show a panty shot, give an f-ing warning for the love of God that says something like, “Snookie Alert” or “Danny DeVito in a thong, don’t let your jacobs go to stage II”

  7. Snooki
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    Mind bleach! Now!

  8. Snooki
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    Mmm I’d hit that fat little piggy all day long :)

  9. fatguyinalittleshirt

    really fish. stop it with this chick. just stop it.

  10. Snooki
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    Thats a face of constipation that is lol

  11. fish you evil bastard lol.

    tho actually hmm when you cant see the gut and grill.. it’s.. almost… doable. double wrapped that is

  12. Snooki
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    This is the poster child of america, what a messed up place.

    The fact that you continue to post anything with this “thing” in it is unbelievable.

  13. Snooki
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    It’s a trap!!!

  14. Snooki
    Alpha Pablo
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    I DO love her!

  15. Snooki
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    Hi Piggy.

  16. MAveRiCknewyork

    That’s evil, man. How could you do that to me? I would rip my own eyeballs out but the horrifying image will still be burned into my brain forever. Thanks.

  17. Snooki
    Douglas Howser M.D.
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    this is the only angle that looks good on her, likesay ken?

  18. Snooki
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    thanks, Fish, for ruining my morning

  19. Snooki
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    I bet she has hairy nipples.

  20. Snooki
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    I spy her next conquest in the background O_O

  21. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  22. Snooki
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  23. joho777

    I can’t imagine what Snooki is going to do next to get photographed.

    What a disgusting pig.

    Watch out. Tila, here is your next competition (now that Lindsay will be safe in lockup for two more months).

  24. derkaderp

    Awww shit you dun trolled my ass!

  25. Snooki
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    10 pounds of potatos in a 5 pound sack. She is hideous!!! Look at her face as she attempts to mount that delicious fake bull. Her eyes had already rolled back in her head like a shark in a feeding frenzy.

    Also funny that she looks totally exhausted from climbing on the inflatable padding thing. The world is lucky she didn’t have a heart attack and leave us without more lovely pics for next week

  26. Danielle

    She almost looked thin from that angle…. almost.

  27. JR

    Damn it, Snooki!

    And while I’m at it, DAMN IT, FISH!

  28. Snooki
    Cock Dr
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    This hurts my eyes.
    But it makes me laugh.
    But eyes do hurt.

  29. Snooki
    Cock Dr
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    Did she break it?
    She looks capable of it.

  30. Snooki
    Rachel Corrie
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    Cow rides bull.

  31. Snooki
    Cock Dr
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    The little midget can’t climb on, can she? Needs a hand up……

  32. Snooki
    Cock Dr
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    II’m thinking her IQ is probably low 80′s. With help she can have a very happy & rewarding life. Just bank those MTV checks…..that won’t last long.
    And please get an implant in her so she won’t catch pregnant.

  33. Dick Hertz

    My eyes! They burn!!

    A pic of Katy Perry’s ass would have been much nicer on the eyes… just sayin’


  34. Phil M

    Wait… a pic of this oompa-loompa trolls ass is “Heaven” ??

    I’d hate to see what hell is…

  35. Despite the many derogatary comments, you know most men would fuck her….and that’s a fact.
    She is young & (mostly) clean & not obese, & usually drunk. For young horny males lacking standards this is practically the Holy Grail of poontang.

    • jumpin_j

      The brain-dead men, yes.

    • Snooki's Taint

      Not obese? OK, technically probably not obese but she is as tall as she is wide, and I wouldn’t fuck here, not now, not ever. I’m old and fat and I pull better poontang that that beast.

      • Congratulations for having standards.
        That’s a good thing & the best way to avoid the dreaded “gnaw off my arm to get the fuck out way from the subhuman I apparently had intercourse with during the blackout” moment.
        But she isn’t obese at all…..just plump & sloppy. I’m sure MTV dresses her to highlight those qualities.

      • Amy

        Suuuure you do. Do you also have to be at the gym in 26 minutes?

    • ElbowGeek

      Good point. I’ve always observed that many males who blather on about how high their standards are for the women they consider “doable”, would actually just say yes to just about anything female given the opportunity before the female thing has a chance to finish the sentence.

      Hell, most males are generally just looking for a squishy wet hole to squeeze their throbbing members into and couldn’t care less about the rest of the container.

    • Blech

      Or the Black Hole.

    • JubeJubes

      mostly clean and ‘not obese’? (good one by the way) usually drunk? you missed out the fact that she’s been dipped in mud. yeah, i don’t even think men are that desperate. maybe a particularly horny goat perhaps. a blind goat.

    • Soowrong

      I’ve been married 14 years and I wouldn’t even do her

  36. Snooki
    Slappy Magoo
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    So…there’s a clap epidemic in Heaven now?

  37. Snooki
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    After the event she was heard to say, “Normally when I get to ride something that hard and that long I had to blow it first!”

  38. Snooki
    Mark B
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    I don’t know. I kinda have a thing for short, half retarded looking, big tit girls.

  39. Snooki
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    Be honest.

    Would you risk riding that bull right after her infected crotch came in contact with it?

  40. Snooki
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    Tengo ganas de potar
    I’m gonna vomit

  41. Snooki
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    LMFAO. I love watching this train wreck. LOVE IT

  42. HLM

    Thank God she actually wears panties.

  43. Alex

    Miley Cyrus?

  44. Snooki
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    Did we really need 22 pics of THAT?

  45. surfrocker

    Whoever took this pictures should be stoned, with tiny little stones, for as long as it takes.

  46. Lady Blah Blah

    Fish, thank you for helping me with my diet. I saw this before eating anything today, and after seeing it I think today will be a day of fasting.

  47. BigJohn

    damn..bet she a good lay

  48. jay


  49. Snooki
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    pregnant or porky?

  50. Snooki
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    Oh lord.

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