We Went To See Batman

“Alright, now I’m getting pissed. Where are the dick jokes?”

So by the time you read this post Photo Boy and I will already be an hour into The Dark Knight Rises because we didn’t feel like taking a rogue inhaler to the eye at a midnight show. [Or shot, I should sadly now add. What the fuck is your problem, Colorado?!] Also, we’re trying not to get cockslapped with spoilers, so we’ve pretty much been Internet silent for the past 12 hours because, true story, someone spoiled The Dark Knight for me in the comments back in 2008 and since then I’ve dedicated myself to hurling shit like this into your goddamn eyes. So look for my full review later today, but not before Photo Boy gives you a Friday The Crap We Missed to cap off the week.

- The Superficial

P.S. Huge thanks to Barker & Rubes for the Bane/Romney pic which owns our Mitt Wayne pic even though Photo Boy did a bang-up job heeding my nerd request, and yes, that’s Anne Hathaway in a bikini down there.

Photos: Warner Bros., Splash News