Wade Phillips Fired From Dallas Cowboys

November 8th, 2010 // 57 Comments
Wade Phillips Fired

“It’s not you, it’s us.” — Actually, that might not be far off.

After an hilarious (to me) string of defeats, including one where Tony Romo shattered a collar bone, Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips was fired today to the surprise of absolutely no one who watched the Green Bay Packers win 45-7 last night. SBNation reports:

This move was expected by many as multiple reports surfaced following the game that Phillips was unlikely to make it through the week. Phillips’ certainly deserved this fate after the Cowboys started the season 1-7.
Last week Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Phililps would remain on as head coach for the rest of the season but I’m not sure if others, Jones included, actually believed that at the time. Jones said after the Packers game that there would be people in the organization who suffered the consequences of failing so badly on expectations this year.
Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett will take his spot, according to the CBS-11 report.

I don’t really have much to say here considering I still can’t bring myself to watch my team, so allow me to close with two words to cheer up disheartened Cowboys fans:


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  1. Dan

    Really this is the stupidest post/article ever, if we wanted to read about Wade Phillips we would have jumped on ESPN.com comon superficial step your game up

    • Richard McAss


      • Karen

        Completely disagree – Wade has a great set of hooters. And they’re all natural! And less hairy than Lady Gaga’s.

      • kayk

        This is an old man who tells young guys that they should catch a ball better……
        I can’t comprehend professional sports.
        Paying money to watch people play an outdoor activity.

        Fire them all and save the American people some money and airtime.

    • Bill O'really



      The only things worse than them is the way their wives wont do ass to mouth after an evening of mexican food & Natty Light draft.

    • Ash Bones

      Don’t click on the story and post a comment then Dan.

      • Dan

        Ok superficial is suppose to be on gossip and not sports. Unless the sports article was about someone famous involved with a sports person.

  2. Mike

    Ya know what sucked having to watch 30 min of this shit on sportscenter who cares about the cowboys.

  3. Maybe they can get Jessica Simpson’s dad to fill in. He knows a lot about sports and stuff.

  4. It had to be said

    He should have been fired after the lost to the Bears. That was proof the Cowgirls suck.

  5. Rough silent type

    Why fire the guy, its obvious those boys need their own Ines Sainz in the locker room. We are talking about motivation, aint we?

  6. Tony Y

    And yet Brad Childress still has his job.

  7. As a Giants fan I was really hoping he’d ride out the season so I could watch them go 1-15.

    • jumpin_j

      GIANTS – WIN!!!

      • Deacon Jones

        As an Eaglews fan, I’m really hoping the Giants will hire him.

        P.S. Yet again, the Cowboys fans are living up to their nickname here in Philly; cockroaches…they all go scrambling and are no where to be seen when they’re losing.

        Fucking love it.

      • The Reverse Cowboy

        Typical Philthy and NY fans – two cents wherever possible. Blow it out your asses.

      • E-likes Man-swing

        Fuck the (Va)giants…oh and you philly cretins are rooting for a man who got his jollys WATCHING DOGS FLAIL AROUND IN A NOOSE OR WHILE BEING ELECTROCUTED…

      • Deacon Jones

        The black fans are, the white guys are pulling for Kolb!

      • Bring Back Tom Landr … oh wait he’s kinda dead …

        Has David Duke ever coached football?

  8. As a fan of this website I hope he starts banging Jessica Simpson or something equally mildly interesting.

  9. The lulz only get better. They face the steamrollin giants next sun~

  10. Fish Dude, Bit ME!!!

  11. Douglas Morrison

    What a jackass this guy is. Yea, shattering a collarbone is really halirious. What next, dead puppies is funny? What a loser this guy is.

  12. Dank

    @Douglas it is hilarious actually because Romo is the biggest pussy of a QB in the NFL. They guy isn’t durable at all.

    • Douglas Morrison

      A rookie fullback/tight-end missed a block and a blizzing linebacker had a clean shot and shattered a collarbone. Really funny. Guess that makes him a pussy. Hey, how about I put a 7.66m round through your head and than see if you are still alive. If you are, then you are a stud. If not, your a pussy.

      Tony has been a durable qb and better than 20 other starters in the NFL. Is he the best, not at all. Does he deserve the praise he gets, not really. Is a shattered collarbone that could effect his career funny? Only if you are a noob. Those who think it is, obviously never played the game, isn’t that right dank.

      • Bill O'really

        Wow Douglas…Rough times at home?

        Being Tonys cabana boy must be taking its toll nowadays with the vicodin related ED issues and the bedpan surprise sex you provide him.

        7.66m is the best you could come up with? Or thats the biggest gun your G-string will hold up under your cowgirl skirt?

    • pooter

      Isn’t it a 7.62mm full metal jacket there Deek?
      I’m just sayin cause 7.66 meters is like 25 feet or so Deek
      I couldn’t take it like you could Deek, you’re a real man… a man’s man

  13. Toby Weymiller

    Sometimes I like to stick my finger in my own bottom.

  14. UmustBeaChiefsFan

    Vikings suck just as much. NY Giants good, ha the Jets are the game in town and they suck too, also why is this fruit commenting on football? This is a T&A site i dont come here for your witty banter. wow Cowgirls and Tony Homo never read that anywhere before.

  15. Crusty

    With that offense, they give the job to Jason Garrett. Makes perfect sense.

  16. Ryan

    It’s all about the J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS!

    • Tony Dungheap

      Yeah, they eek out a win over the hapless Lions…by the hair of their cunts, and they were SHUT OUT by the pack a week ago. Dirty Sanchez has a QB rating of less than 80. They beat NE earlier this year, who just got spanked by the Browns – so what was that worth? And they only mustered 9 points against the Ravens.

    • Tony Dungheap

      Yeah, they eek out a win over the hapless Lions…by the hair of their cunts, and they were SHUT OUT by the pack a week ago. Dirty Sanchez has a QB rating of less than 80. They beat NE earlier this year, who just got spanked by the Browns – so what was that worth? And they only mustered 9 points in their loss to the Ravens. All of their wins have been against losing teams. So suck on that!

  17. When is Mr. Jones going to fire himself and stay out of what he has no business being into. You got the money. Hire the professionals and stay out of their freakin way Jerry!!!

  18. wim

    when he went sh*tting: IT WAS WAR, folks!!!

  19. Scott

    So nice to say “Cowboys suck!!!” and have them actually suck. Ha ha Cowboys fans! Can’t wait to see the NY teams play the superbowl in your stadium!!

  20. The Cowboys have sucked ever since Jerry Jones decided he was a smarter football man than Jimmy Johnson. The year that they won the SB with Barry Switzer, they did it with JJ’s players and coaches. Ever since then it’s been downhill. THANK GOD!!! I can’t stand the team, the arrogance to call themselves America’s Team, the ownership, the overblown yearly media hype, and the coverage they get.

  21. karen

    first politics, now sports? it might be time to rename the blog.

  22. Steelerchick

    GO STEELERS!!!! Fuck the Cowboys!!!!!

    • horn dog

      You must be one of those sorry whores who wishes it was them in that bathroom in Milledgeville being violated by that clumsy gorilla then left for dead…

  23. Toby Weymiller

    Sometimes I like to stick my finger in Wade Phillips’s bottom.

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