Wade Phillips Fired From Dallas Cowboys

“It’s not you, it’s us.” — Actually, that might not be far off.

After an hilarious (to me) string of defeats, including one where Tony Romo shattered a collar bone, Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips was fired today to the surprise of absolutely no one who watched the Green Bay Packers win 45-7 last night. SBNation reports:

This move was expected by many as multiple reports surfaced following the game that Phillips was unlikely to make it through the week. Phillips’ certainly deserved this fate after the Cowboys started the season 1-7.
Last week Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Phililps would remain on as head coach for the rest of the season but I’m not sure if others, Jones included, actually believed that at the time. Jones said after the Packers game that there would be people in the organization who suffered the consequences of failing so badly on expectations this year.
Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett will take his spot, according to the CBS-11 report.

I don’t really have much to say here considering I still can’t bring myself to watch my team, so allow me to close with two words to cheer up disheartened Cowboys fans:


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