Vince Vaughn gets an apology

October 19th, 2006 // 60 Comments

Page Six issued an apology today after Vince Vaughn’s lawyers filed a complaint against them for running stories claiming he cheated on Jennifer Aniston with a blonde woman in the UK. They write:

Jennifer Aniston went on “Oprah” to tell the world she and Vince Vaughn are still together. We apologize to Vaughn for reporting on Oct. 11 that the “The Wedding Crashers” star had been photographed “making out” with a “mystery blonde” at a party in London. The item, first reported in the London Sun, was incorrect. We’re advised Vaughn was merely greeting a friend at the event and not kissing her “passionately.” Any suggestion that the actor was being unfaithful to Aniston is totally false.

The only time anybody should ever apologize to Vince Vaughn is if it’s sarcastic and they’ve just beaten him in a race or something, like “Sorry I made you eat my dust” or “Sorry you suck” or “Sorry I slept with your mom.” Because seriously, the guy’s an ass. I offered to buy him a beer once and he punched me in the face and called my little cousin a whore. That’s not cool, man.

Thanks to the delicately delicious Debs for the tip. And thanks to me for being the master of alliteration.


  1. commissioner

    Then I’ll ask, “Are you a Mexi-Can or a Mexi-Can’t?”

    Then kick their burro a third time.

  2. jrzmommy

    HAH! Mexi-Can or Mexi-Can’t.

  3. vargagirl


    Are you sure you wont marry me? Maybe share with your wife? You are one funny mother fucker!

  4. RichPort

    #53 – Only if we move to Utah…

  5. vargagirl


    Hmmm, that’s a hard one. Maybe I could just be your girlfriend. Will she share?

  6. That’s crazy because I offered to buy him a beer at Cabo one time and he punched me in the face too and called my little cousin a whore too. But then I found out it was actually Vince’s twin brother, Trevor Vaughn and my little cousin got mad because I called her little cousin.

  7. BibiLush

    So now that means he can apologize for Psycho?

  8. ha ha…well, i guess you’re gonna get some stuff wrong

  9. Lisa

    vince vaughn is a 10-year-old whiny, hyper, bullying little boy in a man’s body who hits on other men’s wives, then instigates fights with them and ends up getting his friends knife-slashed in the process!! Fucking asshole!!

    That’s one reason-and one ONLY-that I don’t have DD’s breasts-fake or natural-because I don’t get low-lifes like him hitting on me-he hit on comedian Andy Campbell’s wife-who is HUGE busted (sigh, and Andy is hot, and I”m SURE her huge rack is why he feel head over heels in LOVE with her, even though he denied it-yeah right!)and she freakin’ IGNORED him!!! Ha-ha-ha, I LOVE IT!!!!

    Thank God the men in MY life LOVE my little B-cups and my curvy ass-yes, there ARE real men out there….

  10. Maybe the incident really happened, but with another reporter. Somehow when he got the interviews mixed up! Just seems strange somebody would make up a story like that!

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