Vince Vaughn Wants to Keep The Gay Joke

October 15th, 2010 // 78 Comments
Vince Vaughn

See? He freakin’ loves them.

After Anderson Cooper complained on The Ellen Show, Universal Pictures was pressured into removing the following joke from its trailer for the upcoming Vince Vaughn film The Dilemna:

“Electric cars are gay. I mean, not ‘homosexual’ gay but ‘my parents are chaperoning the dance’ gay.”

From there it was rumored the joke would be removed from the entire movie, prompting Vince to send the following statement to Deadline:

“Let me add my voice of support to the people outraged by the bullying and persecution of people for their differences, whatever those differences may be. Comedy and joking about our differences breaks tension and brings us together. Drawing dividing lines over what we can and cannot joke about does exactly that; it divides us. Most importantly, where does it stop?”

It’s no mystery where I stand on the issue of gay rights and the fact that homophobia is a byproduct of ancient religious rhetoric providing the simple-minded with an easy outlet for bigotry. But sometimes a joke is a just fucking joke. And sometimes the person calling out said joke is someone who’s afraid to be open and honest about his own sexuality. Which, I dunno, seems a tad disingenuous. I’m not saying Anderson Cooper needed to publicly blow a guy during this protest, but would it have hurt? That’s all I’m asking for reasons I’ll never quite fully understand because I blacked out for a second. What just happened?

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  1. John Galt

    Gay people are such fucking pansies.

    • shankyouverymuch

      ……”It’s no mystery where I stand on the issue of gay rights and the fact that homophobia is a byproduct of ancient religious rhetoric providing the simple-minded with an easy outlet for bigotry.” Ooh fucking BROTHER! What a crock of TOTAL & COMPLETE P.C. bullshit- I don’t care what “enlighten” modern
      psycho-babble psychology has to say-

      Those dudes that spend most of their waking moments looking at other dudes & craving to suck their dicks, fuck & eat out their hairy sweaty shit-smelly assholes are just plain mentally ill- period end of story.

      Come on people I mean really, just think about for a minute, it’s fucking SICK, it really is- & it’s exactly what they DO!

      I mean I feel bad for the gays dilemma, but homosexuality is deviant, unnatural behavior & that’s a fact- BELIEVE IT!

      • Cock Dr

        There’s an excellent old saying about not doing things out in the open that will scare the horses.
        People do different things sexually. As long as it’s consenting adults & the public doesn’t have to pay for an emergency room visit over playtime gone wrong then why should you care? Why are you all caught up in thinking about it?
        I certainly see lots of self proclaimed straight people on this site begging to chow down on this or that starlet’s feces. One person’s sickness is another’s idea of heaven on earth.
        By it’s very nature homosexuality will always be a minority activity. And it will ALWAYS BE AROUND. May I suggest you settle down & turn your outrage to more pressing world matters?

      • Bow Down Assholes

        Wow, you really put a lot of thought into gay sex. I mean a LOT of thought. I honestly don’t think gay guys think about it that much. I didn’t really think about it much myself, until your THOROUGH explanation of the intricacies of gay sex. Almost like you had a front row seat. I really don’t need to think about it ’cause you seem to do enough thinking on the issue for everyone on this thread!

    • somerandomdude

      I remember when I was a kid, we were correctly taught that homosexuality was an abnormal and deviant behavior, and it was listed as a Mental Illness. I know that we need to treat all people with respect, and have compassion for their affliction. But somewhere we went way off track when we equate the homosexual lifestyle as just another choice, and put it on the same level as normal heterosexual behavior.

      • Cock Dr

        Not a “choice”.
        Certainly not mental illness or “affliction”.
        It is simply sexual behavior.
        As a straight woman I never understood the extreme hostility that some men have for male homosexuality.
        Dude, it’s less competition for the women. It works IN YOUR FAVOR.

      • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

        Ahhh yes the good old days….when Negros couldn’t use the same toilet or the same drinking fountain. You are an idiot.

        I swear: Why in the world are people like you so intimidated by what other people do with their lives? Why in the world should I give a sh*t if you two guys or two women want to hook up behind closed doors, get married or have kids?

        PLEASE take your hangups and issues somewhere else – like maybe a good psychiatrist – good grief. I actually feel as sorry for you as whatever guy is sleeping with Jennifer Aniston….or Cock Doc.

      • Bow Down Assholes

        Holy Hell, we’re getting trolled by westboro baptist church!

    • somerandomdude

      I really have no problem w/homosexual individuals per se. However, it seems their identity is based on a sexual preference. Further, it seems they want to be a preferred class instead of just seen as equals.

      • Cock Dr

        “Preferred class”? WTF??? Because some gays want the right to marry or serve their country or adopt children….things that we straights take so much for granted?

      • most ppl who pick on gays claim it’s an abomination to god. pork is also an abomination to god in the bible. how come christians aren’t picketing supermarkets. actually there’s a long list of abominations in the old testament. thing of it is i ain’t got the fuckin time to care. life’s too short.

  2. This post was pretty gay.

  3. GravyLeg

    Want to be treated fairly and equally?
    You get to be a target of joking too…

    Such a lame joke to protest… It wasn’t derogatory.

  4. imagen

    You just talked real smart-like and used SAT words. And you’re right, snark and all.

  5. Oh snap

    Pssh. That’s gay.

  6. Dude

    I’m an electric car.
    I don’t go very fast. Or far.
    And if you drive me, people will think you are gay.

  7. Harry Doyle

    What’s wrong with not liking men who sucks other mens dicks? If you support it so much, go do it. Why can we not be different? You like it, some don’t. You point out that we should be different and that’s ok. So why do we ALL have to support something? That is not being different. Let people like something and dislike something, that’s being different.

  8. Reality

    Want something not to be an issue anymore? Stop making it an issue. Period.

    If you take offense to a joke, then you must have something to be ashamed of about the joke’s content and a ego so small it can’t laugh it off. Try being confident in yourself (and learn some good comebacks), and the world will feel like a better place.

  9. A beautiful (Rough) mind

    Fox-hole news is reporting Anderson wants to change the joke to “Kissing girls is gay”. Not sure if that was a direct quote…

  10. timbo

    “the fact that homophobia is a byproduct of ancient religious rhetoric providing the simple-minded with an easy outlet for bigotry.”

    WHAT?!?!? somebody is bitter…..

  11. Cock Dr

    THAT was the horribly cruel & insensitive joke?
    That’s it? That’s what has some peoples panties in a wad? LOL
    Vince Vaughn sure is homely. Yet he’s a movie star. Life is strange.

  12. cc

    Vince needs to focus more of his energies trying to appear in a comedy that’s actually funny. He hasn’t succeeded yet.

  13. The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

    OKAY I am now officially confused (NOT about my sexuality mind you as I am STILL a MASSIVE HETEROSEXUAL MALE!!!):

    Am I still allowed to call out Gavin Rossdale as a pecker puffer? Can I still say that I derive incredible amusement from saying that the Gavin Rossdale story cracked me up beyond belief and that Fish posting the pics of Gavin Rossdale ‘gaying’ it up whilst frollicking in white bell bottoms also made me laugh hysterically?

    Seriously Fish – I don’t want to offend you so let me know if my insertion of a Gavin Rossdale bit into just about every post offends you in the same way that it offends me that a TOTAL F’ing DOUCHEBAG like Jerry Brown will be my state’s next Governor…. Cuz if I’m offending my host here then I’ll confine myself to oggling Heidi Montag pics and figuring out how much gas money to give my mom for her run to Costco to get me more baby oil….

    • An Independent Voter

      You should let it go man.
      The Rossdale thing AND whatever else you have clenched hard in your fist. Give em both a rest.

  14. Bow Down Assholes

    I always thought Vice Vaughn was a shitty actor and a douchebag but he has a point. I think with the whole Prop 8 thing and DADT the gay community has a chapped ass, so they are a little more sensitive to shit like this. If all the anti-gay republican bullshit wasn’t going on right now, this incident probably wouldn’t have even gotten noticed.

    My shit bag republican lawyer brother’s annoying sack-of-shit daughters always say “that’s so gay” when describing something they don’t like, which bugs me to no end. It’s not really the words actually, they could say “toast” or “hello” and I still would want to smack the hell out of them.

    • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

      You douche – Have you NEVER seen Old School? Good grief: GET OUT!

      • Bow Down Assholes

        Farrell WAS old school. Him and that old man. Vaughn was just the straight (no pun intended) man. Anybody could have played that part. Look at the movie again. That is if you can stop obsessing over Gavin Rossdale.

    • The ONLY Htero in this Joint

      Well not only are you a f*cking idiot but you make one hell of a shitty movie critic. YOU DUMB SHIT: I love idiots like you who can look at something that is perfect in its entirety and then you start removing pieces from the formula and just shrug and go “Oh well…same difference…” NO asshole it’s not: There’s an actual reason why a movie comes together and is thoroughly entertaining.
      What’s your suggestion for that part, genius? Richard Dreyfuss?! Jesus; conversing with you hurts my head.

      BTW: Gavin Rossdale bit? Still funny. You? Still a dumbass.

      • Bow Down Assholes

        Actually, Richard Dreyfuss would have been awesome in that part. chill out shit bag. It’s only a movie. Why don’t you crawl out of Mom’s basement and enjoy a little sunshine. You might not be so bitter. By the way, stop jackin’ it to Gavin. It’s creepy and your mattress is getting sticky. Your Mom is getting sick of washing those cardboard sheets.

        You wouldn’t know funny if it fucked you in the ass with Bill O’Reilly’s dildo.

    • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

      This coming from a dumbshit who goes on a TOTALLY unfunny rant about belting his nieces?

      Yeah I bow to your greater knowledge of comedy and yes I know it’s only a movie asshole – I just used it as a convenient excuse to let you know you’re a douche.

      Hey after Gavin is through servicing me why not take a turn so you can do something useful with that mouth…

      • Bow Down Assholes

        If you knew these bitches you would know they deserve it. I blame the parenting. Is that meatloaf I smell? Yeah, your Mom’s calling for dinner. You might want to tell her all that red meat isn’t good for the bowels of a middle aged man. What am I saying? All that mold from the basement your living in will kick in well before the cancer!

      • Bow Down Assholes

        P.S. The niece bit was not comic gold, but was kinda funny. Although I should have used “hello” in front of “toast”. Shit, live and learn.

      • Bow Down Assholes

        It all comes down to this: the Gavin Rossdale joke was not funny. give it up and try again. You have had funny bits in the past. This was not one of them.

      • Impartial Observer

        “after Gavin is through servicing me why not take a turn so you can do something useful with that mouth…”
        Whatdaya know……TOHITJ is a flaming hostile gay troll. It explains so much.

      • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

        Hell Impartial don’t ya know – It’s NOT gay if you’re on the receiving end. Gavin and Bow Down told me so.

      • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

        Man you are just spinning comic gold these days Bow Down…. Listen I’m done with you – after I saw your “OMG” line I now realize you’re a retarded 17 year old girl. My bad – like you said: I’ll work my side of the street and you work yours. If I spot any middle aged queens wearing white bell bottoms I’ll send them your way.

  15. Bow Down Assholes

    Dude, what’s with the Gavin Rossdale obsession. He experimented ONCE when he was a kid. I’m pretty sure he’s on a strict pussy diet now. You don’t have a shot, so give it up.

    • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

      You’re pretty sure he’s on a strict pussy diet now…?

      PRETTY sure as in pretty sure that John Travolta is on a strict pussy diet? OR pretty sure that you would be on a strict pussy diet if your meal ticket was Gwen Stefani….?

      I just want to know what PRETTY SURE means to an asshole like you.

      • Bow Down Assholes

        Sorry, man, but I don’t think you have a chance with Gavin, unless Roofies and duct tape are involved. Remember, he has bodyguards. Why don’t you just stick to jackin’ it to his picture, and try not to get any of that spunk on mommy’s couch.

    • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

      Does “Bow Down Assholes” have some greater meaning that we’re all missing here? You seem very protective of Gavin Rossdale? Did you once bow down your asshole to him?

      • Bow Down Assholes

        Sorry dude. I have been known to experiment. but not with middle aged obese guys living in Mommy’s basement. Shit, even I have standards.

  16. woot

    “homophobia is a byproduct of ancient religious rhetoric providing the simple-minded with an easy outlet for bigotry”

    you’re such a tool.

  17. AngusParvo

    In other news of the gays, Adam Lambert has booked a concert in Malaysia and has been warned by the government to turn that flame way, way down or they will throw his fabulous ass in jail. They got actual government-enforced homophobia going on, they take their “byproduct of ancient religious rhetoric” seriously down there. Maybe if GLAAD could grow some balls they’d do something meaningful. You’re worried about Vince Vaughn? GLAAD should be calling out performers who give in to this shit just so they can make a buck.

  18. AngusParvo

    Oh, and electric cars are totally gay.

  19. bill

    What if the joke went:
    “Electric cars are heeb/nig/chink/towlhead/packy/honky. I mean, not like the people but ‘my parents are chaperoning the dance’ heeb/nig/chink/towlhead/packy/honky.”

    The only way the use of the word “gay” will become acceptable in popular culture to mean “sucks” would be when GLBT change to be the HBT (homosexual for H). Gay used to mean happy. It’s changed before and it may change again but it will never be acceptable as long as the vast majority of people use it to deride homosexuality or perpetuate homosexuality as a negative.

  20. Lady Blah Blah

    Pretty ridiculous the stink over this line that Anderson Cooper started, the same Anderson Cooper who let Eminem pass on using real slurs against gays in his lyrics in the interview of Eminem by Cooper that aired last Sun. If this movie should remove this line, then Eminem should pull his music out of circulation as should a whole bunch of others… Linking a line like this uttered by a comedy movie character to suicides by gays and violence toward gays is stupid.

  21. Lady Blah Blah

    Jennifer Aniston had sex with that? She sucked its penis? What’s wrong with her?

  22. Papigogo

    “It’s no mystery where I stand on the issue of gay rights and the fact that homophobia is a byproduct of ancient religious rhetoric providing the simple-minded with an easy outlet for bigotry.”

    I love how you believe your hypothesis to be FACTual. You are an idiot.

    • Trillian

      no you’re an idiot – it wasn’t until the abrahamic religions that there were any serious problems with homosexuality. There have been documented cases of homosexuality being practiced in every culture around the world and even in thousands of different species in the animal kingdom. It wasn’t until Judaism started up that they looked around and went, hmm what’s the best way to get more believers? Breed them, can’t have anymore of this buggery going on, let’s say our petty, blood loving Yahweh hates them. Then Christianity and Islam followed the company line quite nicely on that one.

      • woot

        There are a lot of born and raised atheists who are homophobes as well.

        So Trillian, you get a religion-phobe and idiot award.

      • Mike Walker

        The response of pre-abrahamic societies to invading armies was to spread their butt cheeks and hope for the best! Now they are gone….

  23. MrsEllis

    Jason Bateman is sexy. Sorry, were there words in this post?

    • gigi

      AMEN & AMEN… the first comment that’s made any sense lol this crap is such a non-issue it’s sorta embarrassing

  24. Gay people have a sense of humor too

    As a gay person I’m not even mildly offended at that joke. It’s just that, a joke (and pretty fucking funny at that). Don’t let all these GLBT organizations make you think that all gay people are oversensitieve pussies with no sense of humor. TRUST ME, there’s a large percent of GLBT people who don’t give a shit.

  25. MikeD

    One dude blowing another is still really really gay… Not because religion says but because it is!!!

  26. Marley

    You know how I know you’re gay?

  27. Lady Blah Blah

    What do you call a ship full of gay men?

    The navy.

  28. Dorito Munchausen

    Why do all these homosexuals keep sucking my cock?

  29. GetReal

    Come on… if you can take a dick, you can take a joke.

  30. john

    Yep. America is still disgusting

  31. jaime

    the joke actually explains IN THE JOKE that it’s NOT about homosexuals! why are people so fucking touchy?!
    gay is a word that clearly transcends homosexuals, and the malleable nature of languages itself allows a word to have several meanings and change them according to what speakers want.

  32. We should convert to an openly friendly gay society as soon as humanly possible, that is if, you want homosexuality to come to an abrupt end. It is accepted that homosexuality is genetically related and not a life choice. Most people start a gay life style after they have tried to “fit in” to a hetero lifestyle. If homosexuals have genetic children, they tend to come from these periods where they are, temporarily, “fitting in” to a heterosexual lifestyle.

    So, if there is no social pressure to “fit in” and they can be openly gay from the start of their life-partner exploration, they will choose a life-partner that’s an identical gender. Greatly diminishing their likely-hood of passing their genetics on to another generation. And since homosexually is not a choice, homosexuality allele frequency will diminish in future generations, till extinguished, due to it not being pass on at the the same rate as homosexual alleles.

    • Bow Down Assholes

      OMG dude put down the pipe!

      • I don’t know what that means, if it genetic, then there are genes that need to be passed, if they are not passed, then their frequency in the population decreases. Kinda basic.

      • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

        Bow – did you actually use the dreaded “OMG” …. oh you’re quite the Web savvy commentator….

      • Bow Down Assholes

        I know you are after me “Hetero”? Just work on your jokes and I won’t be competition anymore. It’s not like this place is the laugh factory. Chill.

      • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

        Hey Bow if you can lift your head up from your “work” see comment above. Seeya loser.

    • Cock Dr

      Science hasn’t yet determined what causes a person to be homosexual. There SEEMS to be a strong genetic component. Hormonal influences are probably also a factor. One thing for certain; children don’t make a decision to be gay like it’s an “A” or “B” option on their homework. Most homosexuals claim to have known that they were gay from a young age….and knew damn good & well that they were a scorned minority & that they had better keep such revelations well hidden.
      “We should convert to an openly friendly gay society as soon as humanly possible”
      That would be nice. There would be a lot less pain in the world.

  33. Melissa

    I think The Fish is trying to get people riled up in the comments again…first Repubs vs Libs and now Hetero vs Homo. Oh! Oh! Can we talk about abortion next?? Pleaaase??? Geeze people, this is a celebrity gossip site! Are you this active in the comments on all the news sites, too?

    • Mike Walker

      The fish is slowly but certainly coming out of the closet. You don’t actually buy into that hyper-heterosexual schtick of his, do ya?

  34. I-Want-The-Rainbow-Back

    Okay. I don’t usually get into these “discussions” but, since the internet allows me to do so anonymously, I shall make an except.

    Here’s what I’m trying to say:


    I mean goddamn. If everyone just worries about their own damn selves and leaves everyone else the fuck alone, we won’t have these problems. Sure recently due to being bullied/persecuted a few individuals whose ideals/beliefs/lifestyles differ from the “majority”/general consensus of what is “correct & acceptable” committed suicide. Something done in extreme desperation when someone feels they have no other option. Suicide is deemed “selfish” by some and true, there are always other options. Now, that does not reduce the seriousness of the act of taking ones own life, by any means. However, suicides happen, for various reasons. Being bullied for any difference can and has caused someone to commit suicide. Maybe, due to the fact that these suicides happened relatively close together timewise, and maybe because it was for the same reason it is being spotlighted. But generally no other suicides are on a national level.

    That being said, I agree that a joke is a joke, and trying to censor one’s freedom of speech, freedom of expression for one thing leads to another and another being censored for anything and everything. Surely the entire gay community is not against this joke. It’s pretty funny and does in no way seem to me as derogatory. Although I am a heterosexual male, so maybe my opinion on the joke is not valid. I feel I am right on the suicide ordeal.

  35. ellieminnow

    It makes me sad that other people following this site are such fucking morons. There isn’t even a point to being on this planet if you can’t be happy. Happiness is different from person to person. Thank you for being on our side fish!

  36. Niki

    So, you backwards fucking retards, if thinking of men’s penises and wanting to fuck them and so forth is fucking sick, etc. etc….where does that leave straight women? Do you think we’re mentally ill because we look at men the same way as gay guys do? Should we stop sucking your dick altogether, seeing as it’s such a disgusting and vile thing to do? Think about it.

  37. Niki


  38. joe

    Never have harassed or made fun of anyone, not my style.
    However, just because everyone says i should accept something,
    because they..say i should, forces my hand. Not my life style.. not mainstream
    don’t agree it should be consider as normal. That’s it. Don’t ask don’t tell .

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