Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2008

November 16th, 2008 // 116 Comments

Match the supermodel with the thought going through her head:

1. “Try and tell me my outfit can’t have a bejeweled spider attacking my vagina. I’m ______, bitch!”

2. “Wait a minute. This isn’t Scores….”

3. “Probably should’ve gotten that Brazilian today.”

4. “Why won’t my mother just admit she had sex with Hawkman?”

Answers: 1. Heidi Klum, 2. Marisa Miller, 3. Adriana Lima, 4. Alessandra Ambrosio.

Photos: Splash News

  1. more photos and videos in my website

    very very tahnks for pictures….

  2. VS better think of something new next year…this is looking tired.

    Those “priscilla queen of the desert” costumes are so done. All the models look foolish and old. Get a new theme for christ sake. Whomever was in charge of this clown-show-extravaganza should be kept far far away next time.
    No more Heidi please…for obvious reasons.

  3. drdanny

    Heidi’s shins look like a field hockey player’s.

  4. I would kill for a face and body of any of those women…..why are people so critical when they are not perfect themselves?

  5. meme

    all of these women look busted. fake tans, fake boobs, too much makeup and hideous outfits. VS has officially jumped the shark.

  6. the body of Heidi Klum is the most horrible ive ever seen !how could she still be a “model”??, i mean, it shows how the time is going , is time for her to leave it. btw the vsfs is not as glamorous as it used to be,looks like the clothes are made of fake jewerly and alum foil
    totally dissapointing

  7. Lee

    No one will ever replace Adrianna Lima. She is perfection. I agree that some of the girls are a bit old for this (Heidi’s skin is definately not what it used to be) but all the makeup they’ve been slathered with seems to age them all at least 5 years.

  8. Vince Lombardi

    Not that all four aren’t beautiful, but these pics make them all look a bit long in the tooth.

    Too much tanning spray, methinks.

  9. Jude

    I got exclusive access to the even’t playlist, here:

    Lights Out 3:12 Santogold
    Let’s Get It Started 3:40 Black Eyed Peas
    Clothes Off! 3:55 Gym Class Heroes
    Girls Gone Wild 3:36 Ludacris
    World Gone Crazy 5:13 Domain
    I Touch Myself 3:47 Divinyls

  10. Louis

    you missed this one you perv

    Security Guard 1:48 Disorder

  11. God, some of those gotta hurt!! Where do I sign up to have a jagged metal bat-belt strapped around my waist??

  12. John Deeds

    It should probably be like this:

    Lights Out………………… 3:12 Santogold
    Let’s Get It Started ….. 3:40 Black Eyed Peas
    Clothes Off! …………….. 3:55 Gym Class Heroes
    Girls Gone Wild ……….. 3:36 Ludacris
    I Touch Myself …………. 3:47 Divinyls
    Security Guard ………… 1:48 Disorder
    Restraining Order ……. 4:18 Neon Camera


  13. rawr

    damn…wtf happened to these girls? jst last year they were bangin, but now! adriana lima still got it..but the others…? marrissa miller’s face looks like shit…heidi’s body looks even worse then before…n of course alessandra just had a kid so she aint lookin great…u would think that they would put some younger sexier woman up there…there are tons of grls that r way hotter then these over-tanned huzzys.

  14. Fernanado Narcos

    The typical Superficial commenters are posting here and all saying pretty much the same thing-”Those bitches are nasty,mainly because I can’t get a woman to so much as look at me without breaking down into hysterical laughter,therefore I’m gonna talk shit on hot women who would laugh even harder at me,but if I could ever leave Mom’s basement for more than 15 minutes,I’d get pussy that would make those bitches looks pathetic.”

  15. most tired comment ever

    “but if I could ever leave Mom’s basement for more than 15 minutes”

    =too dumb to think of something new to say. Thanks for wasting space.

  16. b

    hey fernanado, These women sell their BODIES for a living. Therefore, we have the right and obligation to judge them as you would any other product that you see in a commerical. Do people cut down electronics because they cant get an electronics of their own? I love douchebags like you that act like knowone in the world gets laid but them. Surprise! Getting pussy is the easiest thing in the world. Just ask seal. His face looks like a burnt diaper and he gets some.

  17. nope


    The difference between Seal and the average ugly guy is that he can give and did give Heidi Klum a gigantic yellow diamond. Getting regular women is one thing, but getting a supermodel is another. These women know they are hot shit and they’re not gonna give it up to just any loser. Read: you either need to be rich, famous, or both.

    Btw, all the dudes on here that are like “these skanks” are just kidding themselves. You know there is at least one VS model here you’d give one nut to sleep with.

  18. crankymiss

    Heidi Klum’s stomach scared the life out of me.

    I have the same stomach, only I’m not paid to strut them like she is.

  19. ummmm

    looking at heidi, i’m sort of reconsidering having children now. i already have short-ish legs, and i don’t think heidi always did (unless they somehow airbrushed her on my tv). will popping out a child make my legs even shorter (and my hips look like a one of those boxes special edition barbies come in)?????

  20. Holmes wang

    they are so ugly. except maybe the last one.. just maybe

  21. Mick

    All the girls look good. Marissa Miller looks the best. Alessandra’s body has changed since she had her kid but she still looks good. Heidi klum…. her body looks different.. I don’t think she’ll be modeling underwear for much longer. I’ve always been hard on myself about my body…. but after seeing Marissa and Adriana in real life photos and not airbrushed ones… I feel better. My body is exactly the same, except my chest is way smaller.

  22. Over my Angel Envy

    I know these women must be lovely ladies, but something went very wrong here. They just don’t look good.

  23. Yawn

    I am getting tired of this look: large fake boobs, overly thin, very tall body, ridiculous overly theatrical costumes and leathery tan skin. I’m just tired of it. How about a cute little pink and white fleshy thing in underwear and nothing else?

  24. Thigh Highs

    Definitely too much tanner…and I’m really not much for the lingerie this year, either.

    For those of you that are ripping the couple of mom’s on stage…you wouldn’t be griping if that was your wife that had 1, 2 or 3 kids!! Give them props…they look great!

  25. gotmilk?

    i saw a picture of that alessandra chick pregnant. she was disgustingly thin still but with a belly. she probably had little weight to loose and probably had the kid cut out of her a month early to avoid more weight gain and so she could do this show. so i give her zero credit.

  26. mai-tai

    Adriana Lima is simply gorgeous. It’s ridiculous.

  27. Stiles

    That contraption Heidi Klum’s wearing looks like an electronics store anti-theft device.

    Damn. Plan B: get rich-a-docious.

  28. Me 2

    Amen to @67 and @74!

    I know this is a double-standard and reverse sexism but I think it’s weird as hell that there are men reading gossip websites. Annnnnd I would put a pretty penny on the fact that very few of you gossip-monger men are anything much to look at. I guess it doesn’t bother you to be so critical of a woman’s post-pregnancy body b/c where’s the harm when you know you’ll never get a real woman to procreate with you?

    Fact: Heidi Klum and Alessandra Ambrosio are two of the most beautiful women on the planet. Also Fact: if you’re taking time out of your day to go on a gossip site and write shit about their bodies being “ruined”, you clearly have no life.


    adriana lima ugggggggghhhhhh i would release fluids if my weiner touched her leg.

  30. politcallyincorrectandlovingit

    i’m pretty sure everyone who’s dissing these photos needs to re-evaluate themselves. i can bet that if you’re a women you look like complete a-hole compared to these angels and if you’re a male dissing them…that’s weird. you could never get a women who looks as good as they do. let’s see you and your cottage cheese thighs get on the runway…please!

  31. keep them young and skinny

    #78 I’m a girl and I think that Alessandra could look a lot better OR wait till she looks better to do the show. She looks good but not good enough to model. I usually look at models because I need inspiration. See, I’m on a very strict diet – I’ve been starving every day of my life for the last three years. But looking at someone who looks like Alessandra gives me ZERO inspiration. Not to mention Heidi – can she be any uglier and wider???!!!

  32. Redhead

    #81 well, if you were being starving for the last 3 years you would be dead, you moron. and they have a contract, its not like “well, I think Im not perfect yet, since I JUST HAD A BABY, so Im not going”. She looks awesome for someone who had a baby 3 months ago.
    And just so you know, for modeling lingerie girls has to be less skinny than girls modeling clothes. If you’re starving to be model, give up. You know nothing about this world.

  33. keep them young and skinny

    #82, no, I’m not starving to be a model, I’m too short for that. And not shallow enough. I’m starving myself becasue I like to be petite. So you’re wrong. And was it necessary to call me a moron? just wondering….

  34. IslandGrrrl

    but wait is that a c-section cut on her tummy ….

  35. Just Jess

    Can we just state the obvious?

    They all look REALLY bad. I am not a beauty queen – but airbrushing is like drunk googles at a dive bar. Don’t sober up (aka – make them come out sans Photoshop) because then the truth will come out and look, plain…real. isn’t that the opposite of what they are selling?

    Miller looks like she has undergone a lot of wear and tear, Ambrosio’s uncomfortable in her own skin, Lima looks way too dark, and Klum looks, well, like all these actresses in Hollywood – they can’t control how old they are, but they can control how much weight they gain – so her body no longer looks healthy, it looks bony.

    When are their contracts up??

  36. Someone Else

    #81 – I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Alessandra Ambrosio’s reasons for being in the show have little to nothing to do with inspiring you to be anorexic…so your entire point makes no sense. 82 is right, if you’re trying to starve yourself into a hospital bed, you should stick to those creepy “ana worshiper” sites, lingerie models are supposed to be SEXY.

  37. keep them young and skinny

    to me SEXY equals SKINNY. sorry I dare have my own opinion

  38. phineas q.

    Randal Sandal, trolling the superficial boards. It’s a beautiful thing to behold

  39. keep them young and skinny

    and I don’t consider myself anorexic at all. Starving doesn’t always mean eating one apple and half a yougurt a day every day. Starving can also mean eating a lot less than one is supposed to, consistently so. Back to the point – Alessandra is disappointing, because she has a gross stomach.

  40. RB

    I agree with #82 and #86. # 81, you are most likely a teenager. If you’re not a teenager…. Than you’re an idiot because a normal adult wouldn’t think the way you do.

  41. haha


  42. seal's scars

    heidi’s body isn’t that great. she looks very tranny like

  43. keep them young and skinny

    #90 No, I’m not a teenager, I’m a girl who likes to have sex WITH THE LIGHTS ON. And if I had Alessandra’s stomach, I would most definitely have to turn it off.
    It’s funny how you and #82 label people “morons” and “idiots” just because they like something other than you do.

  44. Geronimo

    All of these models except Adriana are way past their due date. Heidi still has an nice face but her body (more precisely, her hips) has changed into something that I do not find very attractive. And Marisa Miller’s face is busted, period.

  45. RB

    #93 That’s not why you’re an idiot. I think women look best skinny too. I’m skinny (5’9 and 114 pounds) but I don’t starve myself to be skinny. Straving yourself makes you an idiot not your opinion that women look best thin.

  46. mkmkkmk

    they dont look feminine…none have a nice hip to waist ratio. not soft curves..they look hard and too thin.

  47. keep them young and skinny

    Did it occur to you #95 that starving myself may be the ONLY way for me to stay skinny? almost everyone in my family is out of shape and I’m predisposed to gain weight. And being a full time student and having a demanding job, I don’t have time or energy to sweat at the gym. On those rare days when I’m not buried in assignments and projects, I just want to sleep. Also, I’m short, so every extra pound looks like five on me. I wish I could be like my friend and eat two banana muffins right before bedtime and stay skinny but I can’t. ….Anyway, this will be my last reply to you. I dislike rude people who think their way is the only way. It’s annoying. And oh, you’re an idiot.

  48. keep them young and skinny

    P.S. I hope you have Alessandra’s stomach

  49. yo mama

    all i have to say is you people are RIDICULOUS! okay 1. the fact that you guys are talking about how they look too “fake” and “plastic surgery ish” and then you talk about how aliss’s tummy looks too big to be modeling this when she had a baby 2 months ago?! it makes me sick. they all look amazing. if anything it should show that people of different sizes other than model thin can wear this.. even though she is still extremely thin. and the fact that theyre wearing all this makeup and costume lingerie… i LOVE it :) its their job so people need to get over their sorry asses and quite trying to make themseleves feel better about the bodies and faces they dont have and go to the gym or something. go wallow in your own self pity elsewhere i’m here to admire.

  50. julia

    they all look old – they look amazing for their age dont get me wrong – but they all look old! vs needs to get some new models that dont look old and whos skin will take the fake tanner better – they all look orange and uneven.

    sorry ladies – go enjoy your fortunes – but let some youngins on that runway.

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