Victoria Beckham rules at Christmas

victoria-phantom.jpgFor Christmas, Victoria Beckham reportedly bought a $350,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom for her husband David and had it delivered to their house in Hertfordshire. In return, David gave Victoria a machine which produces cascades of melted chocolate while the kids got King Kong outfits.

I know the spirit of the holidays isn’t to judge people based on the presents they give, but if it was, David would be a huge loser and Victoria would be the queen of all wives. Because as insane and gaudy as she is, any woman who gives her husband a car worth more than my house deserves a couple kind words thrown in her direction. And any man who gives her wife some weird contraption that pours away chocolate deserves to have his face eaten off by a bunch of kids dressed in King Kong outfits.

NOTE: It kind of disturbs me that, in five years, Victoria Beckham’s kids are going to want to have sex with her so bad.