Vanessa Hudgens Had Sex With This Kid

Despite the fact Vanessa Hudgens is kind of boring these days – Unless she’s in bikini photos. Exciting bikini photos! Yes, I’m a whore. – the Internet has somehow lost its shit over the fact she’s now dating Disney star Austin Butler of Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure which I assume means something to people who already know what flavor Justin Bieber would be if he was an ice cream flavor. (Cutey Coiffed Candy Corn, obvs.) So knowing absolutely nothing about this kid, let’s just say he’s an upgrade from her previous boyfriend Josh “I Look Like Every Theater Major You’ve Ever Met” Hutcherson. That said, does Austin have Zac Efron’s soft, meticulously exfoliated skin? Or his knowledge of fruit-based, sweat-resistant organic hair putties? She’s too young to start settling, is all I’m saying.

Photo: Fame