Vacation Mode

Good morning, citizens!

Before hunkering down for the fall/winter months and becoming Grizzly Adams with a porn addiction, I squeezed in a long overdue vacation. Literally my first in over three years, but enough about the hardships of blogging in your underwear. What does this mean for you, o, sucklers of my words?

Posts are going to be less frequent and a little erratic this week. They might be right on time, they might be hours behind, or through the magic of Jack Daniels, they might be written in a strange language not even I myself know how to read. — So, really, no different than usual now that I think about it.

In the meantime, my MacBook Pro is hitting me with an electric tingle whenever it’s plugged in at my condo. I picked up a small surge protector thinking that would do the trick. No dice. Any advice, hit me in the comments or producer AT Also, “Go to a Genius Bar,” is not a viable option though I appreciate everyone who’s already suggested it’s all the penis I’m ingesting because I use a Mac. It’s simple, yet elegant.

- The Superficial

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