Usher’s Ex-Wife Didn’t Know He Filmed Them Doing It. Awkward.

So remember that sex tape you heard about the other day where Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster have a bunch of oral sex? Turns out that was the first she heard of it, too, making this an incredible communal experience and not because we’re all wondering if Justin Bieber had to hold the anal beads. (He did.) Radar Online reports:

Tameka’s attorney Randy Kessler tells exclusively, “Ms. Raymond has not seen the alleged video and had no knowledge that such a video existed. She is certainly unhappy about it. There is no further comment at this time.”
The alleged sex tape is reportedly being shopped around to various media outlets with claims that the images are indeed of Usher and Tameka.

The sex tape supposedly exists on one of two flip video cameras stolen out of Usher’s Yukon back in 2009 along with one million dollars worth of jewelry because he rides wet, son. (I don’t know what that means.) Granted, secretly taping yourself boning your wife is a creepy thing to do, they’re divorced now so it’s really a moot point. Although a courtesy call might’ve been nice. “Hey Tameka, baby, listen. Remember that time I kept shouting directions at you during sex? There was kind of a hidden camera in the ceiling and now the entire Internet’s going to see my penis in your mouth. Phew! Felt good to get that off my chest. So I’m picking up the kids on Monday?”

Photos: Splash News