Usher’s Ex-Wife Didn’t Know He Filmed Them Doing It. Awkward.

March 16th, 2011 // 52 Comments

So remember that sex tape you heard about the other day where Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster have a bunch of oral sex? Turns out that was the first she heard of it, too, making this an incredible communal experience and not because we’re all wondering if Justin Bieber had to hold the anal beads. (He did.) Radar Online reports:

Tameka’s attorney Randy Kessler tells exclusively, “Ms. Raymond has not seen the alleged video and had no knowledge that such a video existed. She is certainly unhappy about it. There is no further comment at this time.”
The alleged sex tape is reportedly being shopped around to various media outlets with claims that the images are indeed of Usher and Tameka.

The sex tape supposedly exists on one of two flip video cameras stolen out of Usher’s Yukon back in 2009 along with one million dollars worth of jewelry because he rides wet, son. (I don’t know what that means.) Granted, secretly taping yourself boning your wife is a creepy thing to do, they’re divorced now so it’s really a moot point. Although a courtesy call might’ve been nice. “Hey Tameka, baby, listen. Remember that time I kept shouting directions at you during sex? There was kind of a hidden camera in the ceiling and now the entire Internet’s going to see my penis in your mouth. Phew! Felt good to get that off my chest. So I’m picking up the kids on Monday?”

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  1. Double D

    Usher was hitting THAT? Now all of a sudden his sodomy of Justin Bieber makes sense.

  2. Dan

    Did she *really* not know?

    If this is true, Usher is kinda a creepy scumbag.

    • The Critical Crassness

      Are you serious? Yeah she didn’t know “she” was being filmed just like “she” didn’t know there was paparazzi present taking these pictures! Bitches will say all kinda shit to get deeper into a guy’s wallet and cause him grief, especially if they have been dumped!

  3. Only way he could top that is if he waved at the camera and mouthed “hi mom!”

  4. Aww, what’s the big deal here. I have secretly filmed my sex exploits with various women without there knowledge. They may or may not be into it, so you do what you got to do. I’m like a athlete going back and studying game film. Just trying to perfect my game when I score.

    • your disillusioned 5th grade English teacher

      While you’re training for perfection, stud, remember that there=location, their=possessive adjective, and illiteracy is not charming. I have a feeling your fucking is for shit, too.

      • Oh your one of those guys. That dude that logs on to message boards and corrects people’s grammer and punctionation when you damn well know people type fast, use slang, or are in a rush. Did correcting me give you a boner just now. You are right. My fucking is for shit, but at least I’m fucking. Probally can’t say the same for you. You sound like a blast to be around. You probally would correct the way a girl was fucking you.

      • your disillusioned 5th grade English teacher

        If you’re going to claim to piss “excellence”, you better get some fucking game, because so far you should be posting under “i_dribble_mediocrity”.

        If you’ve learned anything from this site, it’s that everyone is judged every day, one way or another, by everyone else. And FYI, “typing fast” is a shit excuse for not knowing the different between “your” and “you’re”, and neither of those happens to be slang. HR has already heard that one and that, plus your general sloppiness, is why you didn’t get that last promotion. On the other hand, no one at work is judging you on your ever-encroaching male pattern baldness and your less-than-average dick size, so you caught a break there.

    • I’ve seen “Excellence’s” game film and in his defense he is pretty good. He does have a weird butt-hole though.

    • anon

      yup “exploits” because you EXPLOIT women, you can try to justify your own moral laxity, just be sure to extend that to others please. you don’t deserve the right to call any woman a bitch/slut/gofixmeahamsandwich, those “various women” you both degrade with your actions and your words.

      • mel

        wow, i’d never heard “moral laxity” used before and i must say i’m a fan of this term. i am familiar with moral laxitives however and use them when i feel the urge to shit goodness and decency!

  5. Richard McBeef

    She’s a dog. I wouldn’t film it just because I wouldn’t want anybody to know I hit it.

    Take your millions of dollars and get a proper piece of ass, usher.

  6. ZigZagZoey

    PLEASE post the pic of Suri with PENIS GUMMIES.
    Not photoshopped and one of the most hilarious things I have seen in a long time.
    Katie has some BALLS! And a great sense of humor!

  7. Rough pops culture, right in the ginocchio tappi

    Usher is like a guru man. Hes very wise. Pretty soon I expect him to do cocaine with his kids. Brake his parent’s own hips. The lesson here is, you want to do these things, instead of a stranger. The man own is part owner of a basketball team, he knows…

  8. She looks like she’s got a moot point tucked in somewhere.

  9. RandaI

    Great. Usher’s wife was Danny Glover in drag. I’m too old for this skit.

  10. Looks like a dude in a wig with a dress.

  11. He married Serena Williams?

  12. The Pope of Cleveland

    Which Wayans brother is this again?

  13. Is this from Martin Lawrence’s new movie, “Big Momma’s Train Wreck Face”?

    I haven’t seen the video, but I’m assuming this is like when Paris Hilton claimed she didn’t know she was being filmed too, while holding the camera herself.

  14. Ass Fetish Hitler

    So Usher was married to Aunt Esther?

  15. Deacon Jones

    Holy fuck. This is his ex-wife?

    She looks like Al Roker in drag after he got his stomach stapled.


  16. Anon

    I swear, when they said in the original article that both were “receivers,” I imagined Usher taking it in the ass with a strap-on. I was surprised that no one else mentioned it. So they meant oral?

  17. oermens

    why did you post pics of a tranny? post pics of his wife

  18. grobpilot

    Being as self-absorbed as this guy is, I’ll bet you any amount that Usher only looks at his own dick when watching the videos over and over and over. Of course, she’s no beauty queen to look at, either.

  19. Tameka Foster Usher Sex Tape
    Womb Raider
    Commented on this photo:

    She is a terribly unattractive woman.

  20. I have to respect this one some level because it’s very hard to film a decent sex scene without the other party knowing…and also to maintain an erection when you look at something this scary. Props.

    • I have to respect this on some level because it’s very hard to film a decent sex scene without the other party knowing…and also to maintain an erection when you look at something this scary. Props.

  21. Sp

    Is there actually money to be made off of celebrity sex tapes? Doesn’t everyone just watch snippets off of random free websites?

    Why would I pay money to see a mediocre singer and his nobody wife when I can watch attractive people have sex who know what they are doing?

  22. Fripor

    usher was married to a dude?

  23. Cole

    Looks like Lebron James dressed as a Queen.

  24. the captain

    pfffffffff: there aren’t more NAIVE persons on this globe than americans, folks!!

  25. one legged

    a hidden camera is creepy
    but if your lady is drunk and you take a quick vid on your point and shoot camera, that is not the worst thing ever

  26. Burt

    So, she didn’t know he was taping it? Funny, because TMZ sure makes its seem as if they were taking turns holding the camera.

  27. Tameka Foster Usher Sex Tape
    Commented on this photo:

    she looks very manly…. no feminity whatsoever is her features

  28. Tameka Foster Usher Sex Tape
    Commented on this photo:

    that’s because she’s older than moses’ balls.

  29. oermens

    Usher was married to Juwanna Mann?

  30. Chicentrix

    That’s not a flattering picture of her. I’ve seen much more flattering pic. Relax folks – not all ppl are photogenic. And Ush is not a pedophile, although I’m sure most of you all wish he were into the perversions that you all are into. Creeps!

    It’s too bad if he recorded her w/o her knowledge. I still don’t get celebs fascination w/ getting themselves into hot ****. Oh well, I hope they were on their best that night b/c the whole world’s going to be watching…

  31. Rancid

    You guys are a bunch of fucking haters for insulting the ex wife. Leave the dude alone.

  32. Nick

    wow, that is one disgusting woman…. looks like a man

  33. amanda

    wow she is so old !!looks like granny damn he must be blind to pick her and i heard that she was cheating on him!!!!!damn…………

  34. Tameka Foster Usher Sex Tape
    Commented on this photo:

    If you were told days before your weddnig or on the day of your weddnig that your fiance didn’t want to marry you, how do you think you would react?I would be upset, embarassed, unhappy and thoroughly pissed but hopefully once I got my emotions under control I would realize that HE WASN’T THAT INTO ME AND NOT THE ONE FOR ME EITHER. Also, I think this works both ways that if I wasn’t ready I wouldn’t go through with the ceremony either the money is a small price to pay to avoid a lifetime of unhappiness.

  35. Tameka Foster Usher Sex Tape
    Commented on this photo:

    this chick needs to really stop. 1. if usher wants to sell his house to pay off the money she don’t dervsee he can sell the house 2. don’t she have a job cant she find a place of her own 3. where was she living before i think she needs to go back to that house. 4. what she needs to do is worry about her other kids for the hundred time and let usher handle his only kids in which hes doing a great job. usher is finally being a man saying no to the bitch that depends on someone that doesn’t want you. hopefully the judge can see past her ugly self and say what needs to be done. she needs to get her ass a job and move on with her life. i don’t see her other baby daddy’s going through this crap shes trying to pull

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