Tyra Banks stands up for fatties

On today’s episode of The Tyra Banks Show, Tyra Banks puts on the bathing suit everybody’s been calling her fat over. Then she goes ape shit and starts raging on anybody who’s ever ridiculed somebody over their weight. In an attempt to fish for some viewers, the clip cuts off at the end of her rant telling the viewer to tune in to find out what she says. And not that you couldn’t have guessed, but the part that was cut off was: “Kiss my fat ass.”

The worst part of the clip is when she tries to hit her “sexy” poses. I’m pretty sure nobody is “used to seeing her like that.” You don’t get used to seeing horror. You could spend everyday with Brian Peppers and everytime you ran into him it’d still be: “Ahh! Jesus, Brian, put the bag back on.”

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