Tyra Banks stands up for fatties

February 1st, 2007 // 441 Comments

On today’s episode of The Tyra Banks Show, Tyra Banks puts on the bathing suit everybody’s been calling her fat over. Then she goes ape shit and starts raging on anybody who’s ever ridiculed somebody over their weight. In an attempt to fish for some viewers, the clip cuts off at the end of her rant telling the viewer to tune in to find out what she says. And not that you couldn’t have guessed, but the part that was cut off was: “Kiss my fat ass.”

The worst part of the clip is when she tries to hit her “sexy” poses. I’m pretty sure nobody is “used to seeing her like that.” You don’t get used to seeing horror. You could spend everyday with Brian Peppers and everytime you ran into him it’d still be: “Ahh! Jesus, Brian, put the bag back on.”


  1. Lizzle

    The thing that bothers me most about this whole Tyra thing isn’t that she gained weight and looks ‘bad’ … I agree that she looks like any other curvy woman you’d see and women should be proud of their curves. What bugs me is that she gets so pissed off at the mere mention that she gained weight. For someone jumping to the defense of girls who have some extra meat on their bones, she sure as hell has a hard time taking it when people are pointing it out to HER. She’s freaking out screaming “I’m SEXY! I made MILLIONS with this body!” Well good for you Tyra, then what the fuck are you complaining about??? Additionally it’s not like she put on 10, 15 pounds like women tend to do and then workout to lose it – the girl put on a whole 30+ pounds! That’s a pretty hefty significant increase, unless you just had a baby or something.

  2. cardio

    @50 – you don’t have a dick of your own? So you had the complete surgery then? Congrats!

  3. BarbadoSlim

    Now, she doesn’t need to disguise herself with a fat suit(she actually DID this) to use fat folks as freak amusement for her show. Now she can drag her fat ass self to the streets and see how people react to her.

  4. FecalPellets

    Have you ever seen the bitch eat? She was on Punk’d once and she chews like a cow with 3 sets of teeth. NASTY.

  5. Noolie

    I wear a size 0 dress and a size 2 jeans. I think Tyra looks awesome. She might weigh 50 lbs more than me… but heck… she’s 50x sexier (and 4 inches taller).

  6. Juliabella

    52-about 50

    I meant “if SHE would stop yelling and dressing up that way….” sorry!

  7. llllllllll

    #55 you need to pick up that self esteem girl.

  8. yolatengo

    GOD! could this bitch just go away??!! She is such a damn fake. I can’t stand her on that crappy show of hers America’s Next Top Never was Never Will Be Model. She is a pretentitious, talentless media whore.

    She thinks this will maker her the next Ophra by getting all the fat-ass American women to feel like she is one of THEM and is standing up for all women. ugh

  9. 86

    40 I know I can’t even watch her

  10. Joe Biden

    She’s a beastly lardass, but she looks clean.

  11. Mondo

    I’d still hit it.

  12. Juliabella

    were you just looking for an opportunity to describe yourself??? if not, read #57.

  13. 21st century digital boy

    Sorry, gaining weight doesn’t transform her into Jesus… er, make that the Buddha. She’s still a crazy, annoying, attention-seeker.

  14. cardio

    @62 – nice comeback. Almost as good as “I’m rubber, you’re glue…”

  15. misanthrope

    I bet on the show she’ll pull someone out of the audience and say, “Now, *She’s FAT*! Do I look like that? Noooo!” She’ll turn to the gal and say, “So, how does it feel to be fat and picked on?”

  16. 86

    She reminds me of the black girl from real world season 3. “That wasn’t…NOT…FUNNY!”

  17. Sheva

    Okay so now you’re a chubby girl Tyra. Who cares? So you aren’t going to be really great looking again, no big deal, stop crying for goodness sake.

    Can you imagine having to listen to some chick in your bedroom go on like this? Time to kick her out and trade up for a younger, less “affected” version.

    Chubby Tyra, thou doth protest too much.

  18. I think she looks nice. And despite what others say a woman who looks “normal” is not “fat”, that’s just retarded.

    Fat and thin are comparative adjectives, if someone is fat they are “fatter than normal”. Well duh. Then normal isn’t fat.

    Normal is fatter than waif-thin, but then most of those waif-thin anorexic girls with big fake boobies look positively gross to me. And besides, a woman shouldn’t have to kill herself to fit society’s current preoccupation with what is essentially a fantasy body type.

    Tyra may be an attention whore, but she’s not fat. She looks good. Curves are nice, and it wasn’t long ago that the body type Tyra has was considered the preferred body type.

    I’d do her.

  19. NicotineEyePatch

    If I retired from a career that required me to step on a scale every fifteen fucking minutes and subsist on lettuce, water, and the occasional compliment, I would be on a cheeseburger freight train myself. It’s her feeling the need to refuse to apologize that I think makes her a big fat phony.

    BTW – I take negative six jeans, negative eight dress – and my measurements are 28-16-28! Take a number, boys! Arf! Arf!

  20. collinfirth

    Hey, superficial writer person, maybe you should post a picture of yourself and allow the commenters on this site to subject you to the same scrutiny under which you place the people on this site. Tyra Banks is the healthiest person on this site today and her stand on weight is applaudable. What I like about this blog is that it usually seems to criticize celebrities who are too thin and “superficial.” Tyra Banks is not. I would think you would support her. I know you need to be funny, but it wouldn’t hurt to support someone with a healthy image every now and then.

  21. RichPort

    50. Well it’s not much to look at, but you can have mine if you want. I’ve got no use for it.

  22. magickal

    I am fairly certain, although I try not to watch the show ever, that last season she actually put a fat suit on and walked around the streets of (where is she? LA?) getting mocked, ridiculed and discriminated against by everyone. Then she took the fat suit off and cried because she “really understood the pain”. HAHA! Moooooooooooo. I don’t really care what size she is to tell you the truth, the woman’s a nutjob. A loud mouthed, condescending, thinks her shit doesn’t stink cunt. Speaking of which…..Hi Juila! How are you today sweetie? ~hugs~

  23. BarbadoSlim

    @68…nice try fattie (or are you fatter than normal fat?)

    now put down that Ho-Ho, YEAH! THAT ONE, the one you are holding now, and join your nearest health club.

  24. llllllllll

    #68 I was reading what you wrote all the way up to the 11th line and for some strange reason you had me thinking you were a female. Then I read the last 3 words and I suddenly felt confused.

  25. LL

    RE being sick of Tyra: I’m really pretty grateful she’s knocked ugly-ass Trump and Rosie off the Internets, so props to her there. Since Lohan has apparently dropped off the face of the earth and Paris isn’t doing anything unique, this is what we’ve got for entertainment now. Deal with it.

    I’ve said something like this before in other threads: people who are fucking 6 ft. tall (like Tyra) are bigger than people who aren’t 6 ft. tall. She’s supposed to weigh more (not sure why the actual number is important, it’s not like anyone cares). She doesn’t look as slender as she did when she was rockin’ the VS catalogs and the runway because she’s not getting paid to look like that, and if she’s cool with it, good for her. If she wants to say she’s not fat, well, that’s fine, too, though she’s got to know that in this country, many, many people are going to disagree. That’s that whole fame thing. You can’t control it. People are gonna say shit about you you don’t like. Get over it, Tyra. Throwing a shit fit is not gonna help.

    Also, as someone in another thread pointed out, she got paid millions to perpetuate the skinny model look (or the somewhat skinny model, she was always more bodacious than, say, Kate Moss), so she doesn’t really have the right to bitch about it now that it’s going against her. Live by the unrealistic body image, die by the unrealistic body image.

    Having said all that, the swimsuit is not flattering and her hair looks crappy, too. Stop bleaching it, girl. And let it go curly. The hair she’s got now makes her look like a drag queen. She could almost be Ru Paul’s twin.

    And last, props to: The tentative name of the new show is ” America’s Next Top Waddle” That’s some funny shit.

  26. NicotineEyePatch

    Yeah, that ‘America’s next top waddle’ comment was just as funny earlier this week on all the ads for Tyra’s show.

  27. Juliabella

    64- say what?

    71-let me see what you got….

  28. jrzmommy

    50–”I don’t have a dick of my own”…..ahhhh….so that’s your problem! You ain’t gettin’ none. That explains why you’re such a raging douchebag.

  29. Shanipie

    And Yall think Fergie looks like a TRANNY?

    She looks more like a man cuz of the thinning hair and giant forehead thing.

    BTW Tyra, get the fuck over it. If you were once a super model, and now your looking all lumpy and you refuse to change that awful hair style, you need to expect some insults. Seriously is this like the first time she has ever heard someone calling her something other than beautiful? Roll with it and if you actually care skip a few meals…not like its gonna hurt ya.

    Fat Ass

  30. Jenster

    why did she die her hair the color of Bea Arthur’s wig?

  31. Jenster

    oops “dye”
    omfg, i shouldnt even be near a computer right now.

  32. Shanipie


    I actually loled at that.

  33. JaimieL

    tyra seems emotionally unstable.

  34. I wrote #68, and I am male. Stands to reason that someone too stupid to be able to tell the difference between “fat” and “normal” would automatically assume that someone who thinks normal looking women are attractive must automatically be a girl, and a fat girl at that.

    Pull your brain out of your shorts #73.

  35. Juliabella

    78- all I can read when you type is “i’m a sad individual who understands likes to project my own problems on other people” If you need some nice “ones” call me, I know a few!!!! They would probably require you to wear a paper bag but it’s better than nothing!

  36. Juliabella

    ROCK ON….Teenagers like more the skinny type. But mature and outgoing ppl, they don’t look at that.

  37. farty mcshitface

    farty’s back!!
    she does look like some kind of freak. she maintains a partial anorexic frame under the blubber. it’s like you can still see the skinny girl but now she has thunder-thighs of blubber. she is not exactly fat but, she can’t proclaim she is in shape either.

  38. Juliabella

    She’s sad to look at…can’t wait for the next post superfish.;

  39. jrzmommy

    I would respond but I honestly can’t understand a word Ghoulia wrote. So far we’re up to three languages that you manage to butcher whenever you attempt to communicate. Try Braille-I think we would have a better chance of understanding you if you wrote to us in Braille.

  40. Juliabella

    how do you know if I butcher french….you don’t even speak it dope head!

  41. Brian77

    # 84 Wrote:”Pull your brain out of your shorts #73″

    He can’t afford to. It’s the only thing that makes it look like he actually has something down there.

  42. jrzmommy

    dope head.

  43. Juliabella

    dope head

  44. julema

    the beauty standard in hollywood (bones, size zero…) are made by gay and women… real men don’t love to fuck bones! Its a lot more funny to fuck a curvy woman! By curvy i don’t mean big! Curvy? Well tyra now looks curvy…its more sensual and attractive.

  45. BarbadoSlim

    Hahahahaha you totally burned me #91, you are truly a comedy genius.

    Guess what part of my brain I’m holding now.

  46. jrzmommy

    how do you say dope head in Frrrronch?

  47. BarbadoSlim

    Le’ dope head!

  48. Juliabella


  49. BarbadoSlim

    and don’t forget to sneer when you say “Le”

  50. magickal

    How do you say poopy head in french? Oh, wait, let me guess….”magickal”…ahhahahahaha, sheer brilliance. Julia, you slay me with your wit.

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