Travis Barker suing over plane crash

Travis Barker is filing a negligence lawsuit against the owners and makers of the Learjet that left four people dead and the former Blink 182 drummer, along with DJ AM, severely burnt. According to recordings released by the Federal Aviation Administration this week, the plane had hit a speed of 153 mph when a tire blew. The Monday morning quarterback consensus is the pilots should’ve taken off and burnt off fuel. Instead they drove off the runway which brings us to Travis’ suit. E! News reports:

Per court documents filed Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Barker’s camp believes that “one or more of the tires failed, leaving tire debris and portions of airplane components along the 8,600 foot runway” and the pilot made a “negligent attempt to abort the takeoff.”
“The pilot’s decision was a breach of their duty owed to the passengers onboard and was a substantial factor in causing the crash and resultant injuries and deaths,” the suit continues.
Moreover, the jet’s “landing gear, tires, wheels, brakes, reverse thrust system, squat switches and component parts were not airworthy.”

“Statistically speaking, it’s still the safest way to travel.” – Superman

Then again, this is coming from an asshole who wears his underwear outside his pants. I’ll take the bus.

Photo: WENN