The ‘Wall’ Tori Spelling ‘Knocked Down’

When Tori Spelling decided to equate herself with Princess Di by blaming a “car chase” on the “paparazzi,” she might have exaggerated a couple of parts which sounds unusual for someone whose first reaction is to immediately tweet her thousands of “fans” after a “traumatic” event and, yes, I’m blowing our entire sarcastic quotes budget on this post:

Paparazzi chased me w/the kids 2school. I was trying to get away from him and had a pretty big accident. Took down whole wall of school. … Wht will it take? Someone dying for paparazzi to stop?

Keep in mind, we already know the “chase” was Tori Spelling seeing a dude with a camera standing on the sidewalk like everyday of her life, and thanks to these photos, we now know that her car taking down “the whole wall of a school” was just Tori backing over a curb like an idiot. Which still does nothing to explain her thought process. “Hey, watch this. I’m going to say I crashed through a school while that guy stands over there with a device capable of capturing images of events exactly as they occur. No one will ever know!”

Photos: Fame, Pacific Coast News