Tom Brady will be seeing a whole lot of Gisele Bundchen

September 9th, 2008 // 60 Comments

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady suffered a season-ending injury Sunday playing against the Kansas City Chiefs, the AP reports:

The 2007 NFL Most Valuable Player will miss the entire ’08 season with a left knee injury that needs surgery, the team said Monday. That leaves the Patriots without one of the game’s great quarterbacks and severely damages their hopes of a return trip to the Super Bowl.
Coach Bill Belichick would not say what the injury is, but the play, Brady’s reaction and the prognosis all point toward a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

Yeah, what that guy said: torn crouton licorice. Anyway, I have absolutely no sympathy for Tom Brady. You don’t get to make millions of dollars banging Gisele Bundchen and have me feeling sorry for you. What I will do, however, is sub in for you whenever that knee’s acting up. I’m serious; put me in the game, coach. I’ll run the clock, pump fake, Blue 22 and whatever other football euphemisms you can come up with for premature ejaculation. Ready…. BREAK!

Photos: Splash News

  1. mandy

    Is she EVER not posing? And as for his injury-simple-Giselle castrated him long ago.

  2. mandy

    cdawg- that was so fucking funny! I like you

  3. mandy

    cdawg- that was so fucking funny! I like you

  4. gigi

    omg Giselle’s body is unreal…… I guess butterfaces ultimately *do* have the upper hand…

  5. jtditto

    Angry, shut in, internet cowards…..see that big yellow ball in the sky, it’s the sun. Go outside you fat miserable losers.

  6. jambi

    Why does Gisele have a bulging six pack on her back :( Scary.

  7. Muffy


  8. Mike

    Tom Brady needs a girl with lots of tattoos and a heroin habit, because he is too boring. Angelina’ll step up to the plate when Gisele dumps his hobbled ass.

  9. poo

    is it just me or do they look like BROTHER and SISTER???

  10. steff

    she was so much better with leo dicaprio ok srsly. they’re like barbie and ken. way too… perfect and pretty.

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