Tom Cruise is Sneaky

October 19th, 2010 // 23 Comments

What you’re looking at is Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner filming a scene for Mission: Impossible 4 that conveniently includes a romantic midnight swim because here’s an interesting rumor: Jeremy Renner is gay. Which explains why he didn’t die a noble, suffocating death between Jessica Simpson’s breasts, but doesn’t make him any less of a badass for his work in The Hurt Locker. (And The Town from what I hear.) Combine that info with the casting of Lost’s Josh Holloway, a man so ruggedly handsome I find myself wondering if I’m the island, and it’s safe to say this entire movie is nothing but Tom Cruise’s private play-dungeon.

JOSH: So, how do you want me to work this scene, chief?
TOM: Okay, listen up, Jeremy and I are going to distract the bad guys by pretending to Greco-Roman wrestle each other. Every once in a while you’re going to snap one of us in the back with a whip and yell, “The Führer demands man-heat to fuel the Fatherland!”
JOSH: … Finally, something that makes more sense than Lost. I’ll go get the tiny mustache.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. gogo

    AND so am I! firstttttt!

  2. Mmmm, I love me some Josh and Jeremy. Tom can go fuck himself.

  3. Mornin gogo, exemplary job :-)

    Cruise maybe a cruiser–and completely off his rocker–but i dig his action movies. Rather him than nick cage.

  4. Josh Holloway films Mission: Impossible 4
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s a very good looking man. Gorgeous men in the entertainment industry are very often gay. *sigh*

  5. grobpilot

    Looks like he’s coming back up for air after finishing an underwater blowjob.

  6. Scientology can cure him you know. But I’m not sure getting a hand job underwater by Tom Cruise would be considered gay.

    Wait a minute, yeah it does.


  7. fester

    Looks like Tom is about to go down for the third time (this morning).

  8. What's wrong with this site

    This is the best you can come up with over the last 24 hours? Really? A lame Tom Cruise is gay joke?

    For a guy who says he has nothing against gays, you sure like to whine about them a lot. Perhaps it’s one of those Shakespearian ‘doth protest too much’ things.

    This site used to be a gathering point of articles that would actually be of interest from other gossip sites. Now, at best, you can’t even post more than two articles a day? Why should anyone keep checking back to find nothing has changed?

  9. Cue the angry spanish lesbians.

  10. Rather

    I’m glad to see Jeremy Renner in this movie because I enjoy him as an actor and even if this is the worst movie since Gigli it will still do well at the box office, but with all the great work he’s done why can people only remember “The Hurt Locker?”

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I hated that movie. I just found it so boring that I had a hard time sitting through it. My cousins rented it because of the rave reviews it got, but at the end of the movie I was glad it was their dollar that went to Redbox and not mine.

    • eatme

      I hated the Hurt Locker too. It was utter shit, or at least super overrated. No better than say, Jarhead or In the Valley of Elah or Rendition or Syriana or numerous other similar movies. I felt absolutely no connection to iraq or its people. I’ve been a fan of Jeremy Renner’s work for years, so nice to see him get some recognition, but not for this movie.

      Straight up, Battle for Haditha absolutely killed Hurt Locker in every respect.

  11. GravyLeg

    Renner will be Toms gateway to coming out…

    He is almost to the end of what he can milk from Katie for image control…
    Maybe 2 more films, 3 at most and it will be in his interest to come out as a way to resurrect his dying career….


  12. freebie

    Is Tom really gay or is this just a mean spirited rumor? I’ve never seen anything in the tabloids or anywhere else proving he’s gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Maybe some jealous types just started a rumor and it went viral from there.

    • No, Cruise is gay as a goose. There is nothing wrong being gay, and while I can understand his not wanting to come out (imagine what he could do for troubled kids all over the world though), it’s his involvement with co$ (=scientology) I loathe. Co$ is not an innocent, quirky “religion”, it kills. The guy who tried to blackmail Cruise with pics taken at his “wedding” (I think he’s only got a contract and that he and Holmes aren’t legally married) was found to have committed suicide, days before he was to plead guilty. Had he done that, the photographic evidence would’ve been brought forward. Hence, another convenient suicide, never mind that the guy would’ve had to squat because the rod on which he supposedly hang himself was far too low. Oh, and the guy who now, like this month, tried to out Travolta with pics as well was pushed off the road twice. Btw, Cruise jumped (literally) into his thing with Holmes because he had been caught with Rob Thomas (from Matchbox 20).

      Great writing Fish, very funny!

  13. Katie

    Renner isn’t gay. But he IS a woman beater. Lame.

    • xusesiurC


      That’s a pretty bold and slanderous claim you’ve posted. You better have a damned good source for your information about Renner beating women, or G T F O!!!!!!

  14. kim


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