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August 20th, 2012 // 139 Comments
Barack Obama
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“Rape is rape.”

- President Barack Obama responding to Missouri Congressman Todd Akin’s comment that women don’t get really get pregnant from “legitimate rape” because their body magically “shuts that whole thing down.” He’s since conceded that okay, maybe, women can get pregnant from rape, but it hasn’t happened to anybody he knows. To their credit, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has told Akin to drop the hell out of his race, although mostly so he doesn’t tell people how they really think about more shit or remind everyone that Paul Ryan agrees with him.

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  1. Punkass

    Did the person who wrote this intro study grammar?

    • Tosh

      He raped your grammar. I really don’t know if it was legitimate.

    • Obama has raped the economy for four years.

      Rape is rape.

      • ReagnSucksDicksInHell

        Since Bush raped it for 8, does that mean he is a worse rapist? Or are you just a moron?

      • rican

        blah blah blah, it’s been 4 years, let it go. Grow up.

      • $10, 000 says if Mr. Dancing Horsey man is elected He’ll be blaming president Obama 4 years from now as well.

      • “Dancing Horsey man” is cute, but I much prefer “Roofdog Millionaire.”

      • Jim Jones

        The stuff Bush did to harm our economy is still in place, much like Reagan has haunted our economy and political landscape for decades now. It’s a lot easier to destroy an economy than rebuild it, especially when those who helped destroy it are still trying.

      • The Gipper

        A little from Column A and a little from Column B.

      • Sven Golly

        Mr. Sn0t_BuBBLe (if that IS your real name), we had a balanced budget under Clinton, then the Bush tax cuts and a couple bogus wars took us into the shitter. A trillion here and a trillion there adds up to real money. Be honest (if you are capable), Republicans don’t REALLY care if the country goes over a cliff, just so long as a white guy is at the wheel.

      • Taylor

        The Bush policies destroyed the budget and drove up the national debt but the Banksters actually did the most harm to the national and global economy. It happened because of deregulation of the banking industry and the Republican solution (as always) is more deregulation.

      • me

        Dude, Clinton signed NAFTA making the economy what it is today. The economy is going to continue to suck no matter who the president is until NAFTA is repealed. Quit making Clinton sound like a saint. All of this is his fault.

      • Rlly? Negotiations to implement NAFTA date back to 1986, when Reagan was in office. Guess who met in San Antonio, Texas (odd, huh?) on December 17, 1992, to sign it? Golly gee, um, that’d be his successor, George H. W. Bush, Brian Mulroney of Canada and Carlos Salinas of Mexico. Derp.

        Before NAFTA could be ratified by the US, Canadian, and Mexican governments, Bush – who tried to fast track it – was out of office, Clinton was in, and Canada went through two PMs.
        Care to revise your demonic list, or is it just more fun to ignore the facts and make up your own?

      • Taylor

        NAFTA was blessed by every single living president and there were several at the time of passage, it was a truly bipartisan sellout of the American working class.
        Anyway, nobody claimed Clinton was a saint. He took the Democratic Party away from it’s blue-collar roots to wallow in the same corporate money trough as the GOP.

      • eatme

        …i love you people. holy fuck me. you blame nafta for the fall of the american working class…as you pull up your cart at the wall-mart checkout full of chinese shit.

      • Jim Jones

        I don’t think anyone has ever suggested Clinton is a saint, but you do know that NAFTA passed a Republican-controlled congress, and Bush essentially signed another NAFTA with China, right?

      • Yes, It's True

        So if you you are a business located in Dallas Texas and find a cheaper supplier in Memphis Tennessee, is it “un-Texan” to get the cheaper products from Tennessee and ignore your fellow Texans? Free trade ALWAYS benefits the economy as a whole, be it on local, interstate, or international level. Unfortunately, there will always be losers in the\is game but that is what businesses do to maximize profit.

  2. Enidaj

    You hear that, Whoopi Goldberg?

  3. Cock Dr

    Apparently some members of the GOP believe that women have magik powers over their uterine lining in response to forced vaginal intercourse.
    They believe a lot of other crazy stuff too. Food for thought come November.

    • Enidaj

      Oh, you didn’t know. Women have the magical ability to send out sperm killing repellent when they are being raped.

      It’s hard to believe the things that these fucking talking heads spew sometimes.

    • Basement Jack

      They used to say “you can’t thread a moving needle.” So the fact that they actually admit the penis enters the “shut-down vagina” is some progress.

    • The Royal Penis

      In fairness to the GOP, if we judged Dems on the basis of what Joe Biden said you’d believe it was the party of the Special Olympics.

      • Taylor

        Biden might suffer from foot in mouth disease but what Akin did was state a little too openly what has become a major plank in the Republican Party platform, determination to stuff the genie of womens’ reproductive rights back in the bottle.

      • The Royal Penis

        You are all making my point. You are so blindly partisan and you can’t even see that the whole nation is run by semi-retarded morally repugnant human beings.

        You cheer for your Special Olympians claiming the other retards are evil.

        You all deserve the anal rape you get by the nations pols, whether they are R’s or D’s.

      • Cher X

        Deflection = desperation.

        Biden didn’t say this, this guy did. Dummy.

      • Biden can spell “potato”, go a weekend without shooting a person in the face and never claimed to be able to see Russia from his front porch.

        All I need.

        OBAMA 2012!

    • I do believe that a vagina is a magical place. Just in the “delightful, fun” sense, though.

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      They just ride the backs of gullible christians (redundant) that favor some choice lines from Leviticus and a 30 year old settle supreme court case on abortion rather than any of the decidely left wing communist teachings of their lord and savior.

    • rican

      Ok, so Republicans have morons like Biden too.

  4. The Royal Penis

    The winner of the next presidential election will be the one that can manage to keep his mouth shut the longest and naturally offend the least number of people.

    Regardless of which Bozo that is, rest assured we will all be screwed by a big red, white, & blue dick regardless.

    • Barack Barry

      Nathan Rothschild said (1777-1836): “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply.”

      These people are the top masterminds and conspired for the creation of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK in 1913: Theodore Roosevelt, Paul Warburg – Representative Of Rothschild, Woodrow Wilson – U.S. President Signed FED Into Act, Nelson W. Aldrich – Representative Of Rockefeller, Benjamin Strong – Representative Of Rockefeller, Frank A. Vanderlip – Representative Of Rockefeller, John D. Rockefeller – Rockefeller Himself, Henry Davison – Representative Of J. P. Morgan, Charles Norton – Representative Of J. P. Morgan.

  5. Basement Jack

    Republicans don’t value women or education so you have to explain things to them in simple redundant terms.

    “Try to keep up, Rape is Rape.

    • Schmidtler

      “I’ve now been in 57 states — I think one left to go.” –at a campaign event in Beaverton, Oregon
      yeah, who is it now that values education?
      Who had the higher GPA in college, GW Bush or Al Gore? and yet, which of them was branded a genius while the other was mocked mercilessly as being a dope?
      you all just keep on telling yourselves that you’re smarter. whatever makes you feel good, cupcakes.

    • Plurp

      Yeah. That’s why liberals have convinced women that their healthcare begins with and ends with free contraception and easy, unfettered access to abortions performed by planned parenthood. Remember, without a democrat government, women cannot take care of themselves

      • Fucking bullshit. It’s a republican government who’d refuse to allow women autonomy. Trying to be a responsible, sexually active adult makes you an automatic slut to the likes of Limbaugh and Romney for daring to have non-productive married sex in the first place. Romney, if you recall, didn’t disagree at all with Limbaugh’s sentiments, just his choice of words, wheras Santorum just pissed himself and continued to froth at the mouth.

        Trying to get your insurance company to pay for any form of contraception, even if it’s not being prescribed for that purpose, makes you a slut to the conservatives – even though it’s you who are actually paying for your health plan every month. Seriously, how dare you expect to get basic coverage for your inflated premiums?
        Who’s insisting that women have a transvaginal sonogram prior to abortion, because being fucked with a wand is only minimally a just punishment?
        Who was screaming the loudest at the notion of having to innoculate teenage girls against HPV, because only sluts would need that, and our daughters practice abstinence?
        And I guess you totes missed Bush’s little parting love note allowing health care employees to refuse to provide any services they object to on moral, religious, or ethical grounds – so good luck in trying to get a morning after pill if you’ve been “legitimately” raped, date raped (because we all know you really wanted it), roofied or just had the condom break. Because your paternalistic corner druggist will now have the last word regarding your health care, and his opinion is that sluts like you shouldn’t be having sex in the first place, and if you are, then it should be all about making you deal with the consequences of your sluttery.

        As a troll, you suck. As a conservative, you’re doing an excellent job representing the more moronic element. Thumbs up – your ass.

      • USDA Prime McBeef

        That was Santorum frothing in Santorum’s mouth.

      • excuse me? who the fuck are you to say that

  6. failprez is fired in novembs. also you said “rape” twice.

    Hedley Lamar

  7. twidget

    Just remember…these are the same brain trusts that tried to pass a law that would force women opting for abortion to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound as part of the pre-procedure workup. So, obviously, Republicans have no problems with women having objects forced into their vaginas, provided they’re the ones doing it.

  8. Michael

    Shut the fuck up with your annoying politics. If I wanted to listen to half-wit liberal commentary I would go to the Huffingtonpost. At least they can be funny these days.

    • Reggy

      Remember when Fish put that gun to your head and forced you to read this post? Good times.

    • you have other options, dumbass

      I gather your browser forced you to read this post at gunpoint?

    • Basement Jack

      You could have just skipped the post.

    • Michael

      Blow me. I do skip the politics, but its becoming increasingly difficult because all of the posts are passive aggressive crap.

      • Basement Jack

        Hope you have good medical coverage because I am calling a waaaambulence for you.

      • Michael

        Thank you, I appreciate your concern.

      • Hugh Evers

        Fish posted Jennifer Anniston in a bra to take the sting out for sensitive visitors who wish to defend idiotic Republicans and their war on vaginas. And remember… no matter how backward and insulting a GOP senatorial candidate can be… there is a good chance he really likes Top Gun.

        It also doesn’t make Joe Biden any less of a dimwit ass clown. The point being… If you can’t handle rape and slavery references then you should focus less on politics and more on aging celebs in their bras – it’s all about choice – unless you have that deity complex and wish to make decisions for other people… then it is more about how many taps sends the right message.

      • Michael

        Somebody give this guy a hug before he shoots up a movie theater.

      • Michael's mother

        No matter who you vote for, that’s a completely disrespectful comment. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Michael

        There is some room on the wambulance if you’re interested

      • That’s only because the EMTs bailed. No one wants to ride with you, Michael.

  9. Aiken’s idiotic comment aside, there is such a thing as illegitimate rape and that is the false accusation of rape.

    • Sven Golly

      You may be over (or under) thinking the issue. That wouldn’t be ANY kind of rape, it would simply be a fraudulent accusation.

      • Eddie Baby

        That’s actually what Aiken meant. It’s pretty obvious, but it’s an opportunity for his political opponents to make fun of because the rest of what he said was stupid.

      • It’s spelled “Akin.” Although there is someone else named “Aiken” who also doesn’t know his way around a vagina.

      • Sheppy

        The Fuck?
        Babies don’t result from non-rapes…

      • Livid

        Actually, it’s a Republican platform thing. In February 2011, in a funding bill, they used the word “forcible” rape in attempt to distinguish “held at gunpoint/knifepoint” rape from acquaintance rape (aka, she must have been asking for it) and statutory rape (aka, “I didn’t know she was 13, we were just in love!). Thing is, rape IS rape. You can’t start breaking it down legislatively that just because the victim vaguely knew the attacker, it wasn’t “legitimate” or somehow wasn’t rape. Every one, not just women, should be appalled at this man’s comments.

      • Livid

        Oh, and I’m a Republican. This shit makes me angrier than hell.

      • pfk

        Yes Livid, I’m with you. I’m sick of these assholes who are members of the gender that never gave a shit about the unborn or their mothers when they had complete control of both for several millennia. I guess this type of male just wants to believe that abortion is the worst act that could ever happen, worse than anything their sex ever did in the history of humankind, and convince themselves that all men are crying for their unborn babies instead of kicking the pregnant mothers to the abortion clinic doors with their wingtips so they can feel as though they are the ones meant to control everything about reproduction. After all, if they are told they have the right to control only what God gave them then look what they’re stuck with. And they can’t even control that.

        As for liberal men, they just want to make sure they have a way out . There is no genuine respect here for a woman’s right to anything. Their true view is that If the mother won’t get an abortion on the male’s say-so then she’s taking away his reproductive right not to be a father because she’s a gold-digger whore who wants his 50-dollar-a-month child-support check, which makes all of this indignation from these liberal males on a site where they regularly deride the women as undesirable sex objects a little rich.

      • Mike Walker

        >which makes all of this indignation from these liberal males on a site where
        >they regularly deride the women as undesirable sex objects a little rich

        That sums up the blatant hypocrisy seen weekly from the posturing lefty blowhards around here. Evil republicans… cunt!! … war on women… slut!!… and so on. They’re phonier than coco’s buttcheeks.

      • pfk

        Well, to tell the truth I just came back from that “Coco poses in NYC” post and all of the comments were pretty funny and not nearly as mean-spirited as I’ve seen they can be here on The Superficial. Actually, I’ve noticed that change a lot lately. Except on the political posts, of course.

    • Basement Jack

      What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

    • ReagnSucksDicksInHell

      Go back to /r/Mensrights you fucking clown shoe.

  10. Smapdi

    Glad to know most in government aren’t pro-rape. Now if both parties can just quit raping the federal budget and the middle class . . .

  11. Capitalist Pancake

    Wow. i clearly don’t know anything about my body – no one ever showed me this magical rape baby ejector button.

    • EricLr

      You have to pray real hard to Jesus to get it.

    • FudgeSticks

      Me neither! If I did, I would have been shooting out those pesky fetuses like ping pong balls. Screw contraception, just have the guy put a knife to my throat while we’re screwing.

    • it had to be said

      If you’re not busy next weekend we can work on that.

    • Basement Jack

      Republicans don’t want sex ed taught in school that’s probably why you don’t know about it.

    • Todd Akin

      I can only guess why women’s bodies don’t automatically dribble out the incest babies… they must have WANTED Daddy to fuck them.

    • Jim

      The truly ironic thing is that science has given us pretty much that in Plan B. Want to guess what Akin Assclown’s position on that is?

      • Taylor

        The personhood amendment Republican state legislatures across the country are trying to push through and for which Akin, Romney and Ryan have all expressed support would effectively ban the most common forms of contraception because act after fertilization occurs. It’s not just that these fuckers want to ban abortion, they also want to make it harder to prevent pregnancy.

      • Taylor

        I accept full responsibility for errors in the preceding comment. Maybe Fish will give us an edit feature for the holidays (war on Christmas beginning now).

      • pfk

        I don’t believe for one minute Romney supports that legislation. He already has a reputation as a flip-flopper on abortion and he was approached in the Virginia Republican Primary by a pro-life group (not the same as the Tea Party) and told to sign a pledge promising he would not change his stated beliefs on this issue if he wanted their vote. He refused. Besides, this type of thing is decided by the individual states. Mississippi voted down an amendment like that just a few months ago. The governor, however, has figured out another way to get the one and only clinic in the state shut down but I don’t know if Mississippians care. Maybe they just didn’t want anybody messing with their birth control or fertility clinics. This situation may be making its way through the courts, though, I don’t know.

  12. your mom

    I heard Obama staged all those so called “rape pregnancies” just to keep abortion legal.

  13. your mom

    If we can magically stop conception with our magic vaginas, why can’t we magically stop the rape as well? Oh yeah, cuz we secretly wanted it because we are such dirty, dirty whores.

  14. Profound words from the POTUS. Then again, what the hell is he suppose to say when the Republicans continue to enlighten us with their amazing and intelligent ideas. I mean I, for one, have a magical vagina.

  15. Plurp

    Rape is rape. Unless you are a hollywood director that slips a 13 year old a quaalude before sodomizing her. Then it is A-OK with the liberals and beautiful people.

    • pfk

      Perfect. Liberals are not pro-woman by a long shot. Not even those dogs from NOW. Especially not those dogs from NOW. They’re thrown the bone of abortion and told to sit in the corner only to be let out of their cages to scream the word “WHORE!” at any conservative woman who runs for office. I guess they believe that if they are good little girls then they’ll get to share in the great big power pie when the U.S. becomes the commie toilet they pine for. Well, the crumbs from the pie, anyway, after the men have finished eating.

  16. Republicans don’t know shit about shit.

  17. Daniel Tosh

    Rape is hilarious!

  18. BlueDog94

    Over 40% of all reported rapes are false accusations, so no, “rape” isn’t always rape.

    • MrChips

      You know this from personal experience, I presume.

    • Sheppy

      Because pregnancy may result from a false accusation?

      I heard of toilet seats before, but this…?

      • BlueDog94

        I never said anything about conception, just refuting the President’s inane point and proving that all left wing wackos have destroyed the once proud Democrat party with their half-baked ideology. I’m thinking of voting (R) in November because at least they have their shit together and aren’t being led by a bunch of ninnies and children.

      • If you think the Republican Party isn’t being led by a bunch of ninnies and children, then apparently you haven’t been paying attention for the last four years.

      • Does “having their shit together” mean an inability to read with any sort of comprehension, or does it just mean making shit up? If so, then you’ll be right at home with that “40% of all reported rapes are false accusations” bullshit. Talk about irony.

        The FBI’s stats show that of the 90,427 forcible rapes reported in 2007, 40% were cleared by arrest or “exceptional means” – NOT that they were “false accusations”, so fuck you in your 40% lying ass for spreading that one.

        “Exceptional means” translates to the suspect dying before an arrest is made, the victim refusing to cooperate so the investigation can’t result in an arrest, or when the suspect is being held in another jurisdiction for a different crime and extradition is denied.

        So-called “unfounded” rapes are actually excluded from that stat – and not all “unfounded” cases are false. A rape might be termed as “unfounded”, rather than “forcible”, if 1) the victim didn’t try to fight off her alleged attacker, 2) if he didn;t use physical force or a weapon, 3) if the victim didn’t sustain any physical injuries, or 4) if the victim and the accused had a prior sexual relationship. A report be classified as unfounded if there’s no DNA or other physical evidence (thanks, CSI), or if there’s too many inconsistencies between the statement and the evidence.

        A 2010 study of every single rape allegation made to a university police department over a ten year period found that only 5.9 % of those charges were “false”. Unfortunately, there isn’t a hard and fast definition of “false rape accusation” – there are instances where someone actually was raped but unintentionally identified the wrong person as their attacker, just as there are instances of women who were raped yet still recanted their testimony – - as well as women who were not raped but still didn’t recant their accusations.

      • stan

        WOW! Okay, first, not all rape cases are either unfounded or forcible. In fact, 1, 2, and 4 on your list are neither, while 3 can still be forcible. “Unfounded” would actually be more extreme than false accusation, because it implies there was no actual rape, while a false accusation could just mean the nature of the rape was misrepresented. Number 1 would be an example of a false accusationbut not an unfounded one.

        Second, the FBI never handles rape cases, although they may have tried to study them. I would not hold their findings, numbers, or definitions reliable on the issue. I had not heard the 40% figure before, but judging a book by its cover, bluedog94 is probably full of shit.

        That being said, I would think that between being cleared and falling under your definition of “exceptional means,” the vast, vast majority of suspects charged with rape would be the former. Therefore the number of those cleared would be almost 40% according to that study.

      • *headdesk* Seriously, try to read with some comprehension before you try to reinterpret a study you obviously have no familiarity with.

        1) The FBI compiled these statistics, this is not about cases they’ve personally handled. Thank you for stating the obvious.

        2) Various police departments can, and do, file unresolved rape cases in several categories – this is what the phrase “a rape might be termed as ‘unfounded’” – with multiple categorizations after it – means. If you wish to recategorize the study according to your own opinions, then conduct your own study. Many police departments figure that if a woman isn’t half-dead and bleeding from every orifice, ofr the attacker didn’t leave DNA behind, it wasn’t forcible rape. This is why the statistics don’t take the “unfounded” classifications into account, because it’s a gray area that’s woefully dependent on the prejudices of the people who are defining it.

        3) If you “would not hold [the FBI's] findings, numbers, or definitions reliable on the issue”, how the fuck can you possibly conclude that bluedog94 is full of shit? Is your penis a magical diving rod, a counterpart the the apparently psychic pregancy-preventing uterus?
        Does it have a tingly Spidey sense, allowing you to somehow ascertain “that between being cleared and falling under your definition of “exceptional means,” the vast, vast majority of suspects charged with rape would be the former”? Because making up your own study is the only way you could come to that conclusion.

        As I clearly stated, the 40% statistic deals with those rape cases CLEARED BY ARREST, it does not refer to “the vast, vast majority of suspects charged with rape” being “cleared” – by which I assume you think are somehow cleared or let go due to lack of evidence.

        In point of fact, 23,307 of those reported 90,427 rapes were cleared by arrests – in other words, about 26%. Therefore 14% of those cases were cleared because the prime suspect died before he could be arrested, was doing time elsewhere on a bigger charge so that extradition for rape to another state was off the table, or else the victim refused to cooperate with investigators.

        “Therefore the number of those cleared would be almost 40% according to that study.” No, it wouldn’t – but thanks for playing. Rarely have I seen such a total, and almost deliberate, misinterpretation – damn good thing you didn’t think it was a reliable study in the first place, huh?

    • ReagnSucksDicksInHell

      This stat brought to you from the fine folks at /r/Mensrights and their insecure limp dicks. No actual proof though, unless said neckbeards limp dicks are proof.

    • pfk

      Where is the proof of your accusation? Do you personally know any men who have been falsely accused of rape? Limp dick indeed.

      • stan

        I don’t know any men who have been convicted of rape, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

      • Fine, stan – now what the righteous fuck does that have to do with anything? Or are you so moronic as to think pregnancy proves a rape charge is false? Are you so woefully ignorant of the fact that rape doesn’t generate a built-in death-ray spermicide? Do you get that this fuckwitted yutz is trying to establish some sort of rape hierachy that totally denies the need to provide abortion in case of rape and incest?

        Akin’s ass-saving response is that he “misspoke”, but he still insists that in those reeeeallly rare instances when the scary voodoo ladyparts don’t step up and zap all those rapey-sperms, then yeah, the rapist should be punished, but it’s not fair to punish the fruit of the rape by letting the person who was violated in the first place have a say in the matter and use the morning-after pill or choose termination. Oh, no.

        So, basically, this would mean a raped woman would really get fucked over twice, because in addition to the gross insult of having to be restricted by the mind-numbing “reasoning” of this feebleminded fool, she now has to spend the next nine months thinking about what she did by not coming up with those scientific shutdown secretions, all the while she has to bear her rapist’s child. And we all know that’s because it’s really her own fault – if her ovaries had done their job instead of slacking off and enjoying the sex – because it obviously wasn’t really rape – she never would have gotten pregnant in the first place!

        So, therefore, not legitimate rape = illegitimate baby! QED!

        What – isn’t that logical?

      • stan

        Thank you for choosing me to vent on. I have already mentioned that akin sucks. I denounce him and have never done otherwise, which pretty much invalidates most of your essay. I have also already expressed my lack of confidence in the original “40%” figure. I was merely pointing out in my reply that lack of personal experience does not mean lack of occurrence. If you read pfk’s post to which I responded, you would see why my reply was relevant.

    • Malmo

      That’s blatantly incorrect. Falsified reports of rape make up approx. 6-8% of total rapes reported in the US according to FBI stats (http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/1996/96sec2.pdf). The idea that vast amounts of women are falsely and maliciously accusing men of rape is a myth that is usually perpetuated by people who don’t like the idea of women being able to own their bodies and enjoy their sexual freedom.

  19. leftistsbane

    Rape is rape and a terrible fucked President is a terrible fucked President.

    • ReagnSucksDicksInHell

      Are you talking about Dubya or Reagan?

      Because clearly if we are talking about shitty presidents of the last thirty years it has to be one of those corporate fucking puppets.

  20. rantatonne

    Why are they so many complaints about political posts. How much different are politics from showbiz? Both need great amounts of money to get things done. They both supposedly have some shadowy Jews pulling strings in the background. They are both populated by rich people who seem to be judged by a different code of law than regular folk. They both seem to elicit a following from those that think they are ‘just like us’ and therefore blindly listen to them or defend them. They are both superficial.

    Keep them coming Fish.

    • tlmck

      You forgot one.

      They both employ tons of unnecessary people.

    • Devilish Diva

      I heard a great quote a while back, “Politics is show business for ugly people.” In this country, it’s mostly rich white men without spines and brains (and small dicks) who are ugly inside and out.

      • pfk

        I include nancy pelosi in that there observation of yours. And debbie Blabbermouth shultz (a Rush nickname for her. Btw, your quote is one of Rush’s too) and maxine waters . Also that dishrag kathleen sebilius. Oh, and john conyers.

  21. tlmck

    The Republican’s motto: “Do as we say, not as we do”.
    The Democrat’s motto: “Doh!”.

    Although, one could argue that anyone who’s brain is so feeble that it is limited to one way of thinking is really not smart enough for a motto.

  22. Plurp

    Dumbass, that Fluke chic was a professional agitator that chose Georgetown specifically because she could cause a scene there. She also lied about her gay friend not being covered for her pills. And sluts like you are just spreading the lie. Just like you probably spread your legs. And crying about a transvaginal sonogram as being invasive before you have several scalpels and a vacuum shoved in your irresponsible cunt…well that’s just being a liberal I suppose. And being a liberal, of course you complain about people exercising their constitutional rights to religious freedom because you want your pill and you are too lazy to walk down to Walgreens. As a female, you are just as the democrats want you – incapable, irresponsible, stupid and reckless. The perfect liberal womyn. You lose, whore.

    • When did they get internet under your bridge?

    • elvez

      Oh, fuck off.

    • Devilish Diva

      To Plurp: “Plurp”, huh? Is that the sound of your small, limp dick premature ejaculating or your turds of ignorance coming out of your ass aka your skull?
      The only sex you can probably get is the kind you have to pay for but that doesn’t mean you have to take out your frustration about that with all women.
      Grow up.

    • pfk

      Man, you need to calm down. I know Fluke was not who the Dems said she was and I do believe in religious freedom, but if you keep your little wee wee in your pocket then you don’t have to be worrying about who spreads their legs like a whore because it’s none of your business. To be honest, from the tone of your comment it seems to me that when you take mr. wiggly out for a ride it’s not a grown woman mr. wiggly rides in.

  23. firebringer

    I would call it intellectual dishonesty to imply that Paul Ryan agrees with Akin’s statement on rape, but that would require some intellectual content — stick to posting hot babes and stay out of politics.

    • pfk

      Right, I know. Someone on DListed said that Ryan wrote a bill that would enforce transvaginal sonograms. U.S. Congressmen do not have that power. All they can do is defund abortions. Besides, all of the Republicans, especially Romney, want this guy to get out.

  24. stan

    First of all, Akin Sucks. Fuck him. The last thing we need is another Senator trying to make Americans look/be stupid. And the last thing women need is someone who knows fuck-all about anatomy or biology telling them how their bodies work.

    Secondly, Obama is right…, mostly. Rape is rape. The details of a rape do not affect its gravity, trauma or moral significance as far as I know.

    But then on the question of abortion (referencing your Paul Ryan link) , a baby is a baby. The details of a baby’s conception do not affect its dignity, personhood, or right to life. Anyone who acknowledges these rights cannot deny them just because a child is an accident, or is deformed, or is a child of rape.

    Therefore, ANYBODY who is honestly pro-life must even be pro-life in special cases such as rape. And as much as I despise Paul Ryan and his randroid, objectivist, anti-working-class policies, he is right on abortion, and the bullshit coming from this ignorant asshole in Missouri does nothing to change that.

    Tl;dr… Skin’s comments do nothing to prove wrong any reasonable pro-life people, or Paul Ryan. His view and the correct pro-life view are unrelated.

    • stan

      *Akin, not skin. Stupid fucking “smart” phone. Sorry about the duplicate post, too.

    • pfk

      The problem is, stan, that the details of a baby’s conception does affect the dignity, personhood, or right to HER life of the mother. I think maybe pro-life people should start focusing on what God gave the female and what God gave the male. Then you should start focusing on what God gave you, and if you are a female I’ll tell you one of the most important aspects of your sexual role. It is to decide which male(s) meets your standards. It is to decide which male’s genes will enhance yours and therefore your offsprings’ survival. It is to be the gatekeeper of the gene pool, the bearer of the future, the source of the betterment of the human species. Unfortunately this fundamental part of Evolution hasn’t been respected for a couple of thousand years among the human race, let alone taught to our daughters in sex ed class, and that is why we have so many inferior humans walking around today. It is not a woman’s job to bring some parasite’s garbage genes into the world, and God gave her the egg and the soil. God gave Garbage Genes the onus of having to be chosen to rut. Sorry.

      • stan

        The thing is though, in a pregnancy, the genes and the human being they came in have already been brought into the world. A uterus is part of the world. And as much right as any person has to choose their mate, or to try to have the best children, once they have children, they are set.

        It doesn’t matter if you wanted the baby. It doesn’t matter if the child or the father “meets your standards” It doesn’t matter if the child is likely to have a miserable or embarrassing upbringing. It doesn’t matter if the pregnancy was the result of a miracle, an intention, an accident, or a tragic crime; you still ALREADY HAVE a child.

        And you can’t kill a child. Not for eugenics, or for euthenasia, or because you aren’t ready for pregnancy yet. Not even because the child’s father raped you. The only reason you could do would be in self defense (e.g. a life threatening pregnancy). Even the great eugenicist and misandrist Margaret Sanger acknowledged this. (bet you didn’t know that) I don’t agree with your sin of trying to create an artificially “better” (I read “master”) human race, but even if I did, I would find intolerable the idea of using homicide in place of contraception.

      • meowtrix

        Stan – really, a child? Please, please look up the definition of “fetus” and then the definition of “baby.”
        And why do you want to force women to be fetal containers? Why should a collection of cells have more rights than a fully grown human?
        Keep in mind as well, that even if abortion is made illegal, the same number of women will have abortions, only more of them will die. (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21255186/ns/health-womens_health/t/abortion-rates-same-whether-legal-or-not/#.UDM_LUJdDeg) That doesn’t sound very “pro life” to me.

      • pfk

        No stan, the uterus is not part of the world. The uterus is part of the woman. What did I tell you to do in my previous comment? I told you to look at what God gave females and what God gave males, and then I told you to look at what God gave you. It wasn’t a uterus, was it? Does your dick belong to the rest of the world? I am not a liberal and yes, I know all about Margaret Sanger and there is no way in hell you can put me with her just because I happen to believe that a woman who conceives a “child” through rape has every right to get the thing out of her. For her sake and the sake of “the world”.

        If you want to call me a eugenicist (and not the rapist, lol. Or you) because of that then fine, but if you really want me to take you seriously then maybe you should talk to a few E.R. doctors and find out exactly how many miscarriages are caused by the foot of someone with a penis. Put a stop to that shit first. Then maybe you should talk to a few abortion clinic counselors to find out that the typical woman who comes into those places is a repeat customer with zero self-esteem and a “boyfriend” who insisted she be there. Put a stop to that shit second. Then maybe you should fly on over to a place like China (where the values of the saintly male god rule) and fling yourself between every abortion doctor and female fetus. After that we can talk.

      • Stan, if you don’t want an abortion, then don’t have one. But unless you have a uterus, don’t go around telling women what they can and can’t do with theirs, and what they “have” to do if they get raped and conceive. Your definition of life is your own personal one, don’t try and dictate it to everyone else.

        Please, stick to just trying not to lose any children you might be carrying and leave off trying to determine just who’s sinning out there.

    • pfk

      I would also like to say that I have no problem with the defunding of abortion clinics but narrowing the Hyde Amendment is just so much more moral bullshit. We need the Republicans to stay out of the personal lives of U.S. citizens. We need people to get jobs and start working. We need to stop with the entitlements. Then maybe there will be less time for young women to watch those excellent role models known as the kardashians, less time for young men to google porn all day. They’ll have less time to get ‘accidently’ pregnant and more time to think about their own money and how much they’ll need to raise a child when they’re ready.

  25. stan

    *Akin, not skin. Fucking “smart” phone.

  26. Leila

    It’s bad enough having to listen to moronic fucking republic shit from women, but if you are a male you should SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT THIS. obviously, rape can happen to anyone, anywhere. but men can not get pregnant. men have control over their reproductive system, and unless that is changing they should ALWAYS mind what they fucking say when it comes to talking birth control, reproductive rights, etc.

  27. Chimpout2012

    When I saw Obama representing QOTD, I was expecting the part where he mentioned running for President requires a candidate’s life to be an open book. Seriously…the Kenyan with sealed transcripts said that…and then his nose grew, his pants caught fire, and his tongue jumped out of his mouth and ran down the street.

    Politicians are a hoot.

  28. Zazzzzzz

    I came here for titties. Good day to you!

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