This Hacking Thing Isn’t Cute Anymore

June 3rd, 2011 // 64 Comments
Tito Ortiz Nude Penis Twitter

Remember how awesome it was seeing celebrities like Blake Lively, Vanessa Hudgens, Scarlett Johansson, Kat Dennings, Renee Olstead naked on the Internet these past couple of months?

Welcome to the bill.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be outside tearing my shirt to shreds and screaming to the heavens, “Why didn’t you tell us the price was so high? Why, damn you?! WHY?!”

NOTE: For those who actually want to see Tito Ortiz‘s penis, Dlisted has the uncensored pic, and I’m not gonna sugarcoat this, dude lived under some power lines.


  1. Cock Dr

    Thanks for the offering & the warning. I will decline.

  2. Doc Schweinstrudel

    So…I saw it at dlisted and it’s not offensive cause the guy is hot and the skin is nice and all so pretty innocent baby-after bath looking. But I have a question. Why would men pic their unerect penises? Still no clear idea of the size or if it can get erect at all.

    • Thanks for the dlisted tip. My guess is that if it’s already a fairly decent size when unerect, he wants people to know it’s pretty darn impressive when erect.

      • Big Ass Bunny Feet

        He is 6′ 2″ so it really isn’t all that big.

        “I am not impress by your performance.”

    • It's Friday!!

      Well if he never intended for this photo to be released then it’s just a picture of him for himself, he doesn’t need to be hard. Guys take ‘normal’ pics like this all the time for working out, you can see your muscles grow etc. But, yeah, if you’re showing it to the ladies then you gotta be hard. Mines so big it takes a double photo!

      • Doc Schweinstrudel

        To tell the truth I thought it was little as comparing to balls- but it’s hard to tell when it’s not erect and you don’t know the height of a man…
        and you got a tel #, It’s Friday?

    • gargamel baba

      I will let you in on a little secret about guys

      when you see a penis like his, big but not hard, it doesnt grow that much, or atall, penisese tend to be from 5 to 7 inches, sometimes bigger, but not likely, when you see a guy with a smaller unerect penis, well, those grow, to 5-6 inches, whenever you see a guy with an unerect penis that looks about 5 inches, like in this pic, it just gets hard ,thats all

  3. Gahh. Guys taking naked pics is the gayest shit ever. Do girls actually find this a turn on?

    • Cock Dr

      Turn on? Hell no.
      Perversly interesting? Absolutely.
      You wouldn’t click on a happy snap of David Beckham or Jon Hamm or (name your current male celebrity crush) showing off their gleaming trombone?

    • I meant non celebs sending naked pics. I had a guy send me one once and it was such a turn off. It’s just so narcissistic…. but celebs? I dunno, honestly. What they’re reallly small, and it ruins it for me? I like the fantasy lol…

    • Annie from Fremantle

      Dunno Bianca – I don’t.. less is more..

  4. I’m not against it… not gonna like.

  5. Melissa

    Look at that shit eating grin…

  6. Jess

    Not a bad pic if you’re gonna get hacked – pretty good size considering it’s just hanging there! I was mildly impressed, then I remembered it penetrates Jenna Jameson, so…..pass.

  7. Richard McBeef

    Hopefully he’s a grower because unless that thing looks like 2 liter bottle chubbed up he ain’t touching the walls of Jameson’s gaping duck pussy.

  8. Colin

    Sexist. SEXIST!

    But seriously, you cry foul at the first sight of peen, and yet you continue to subject us to pictures of Snooki? I’ll take this butterface over that butterewok any day.

  9. jeremiah

    I am 7″ and this guy makes me look like I have a micro penis

  10. daisy

    well he is a well known cage fighter, if that isnt celebrity then half the people on this website arent celebs.

  11. cc

    The moment he realized his wife was using Peter North as a basis for comparison, he stopped smiling.

  12. It had to be said

    My goodness. I would think the ladies (and gay men) would know about grow-ers and show-ers. Growers look small, but expand a lot when they get hard. Show-ers are about as long soft as they are hard. If he’s a show-er, he’s no great shakes.

    He also looks like Shane Battier.

  13. An actual conversation at NASA, during the first moon landing.
    “Look at this computer. It’s the size of a warehouse and can hold 3 bytes of information at once!”
    “Yeah, just think, one day, these things will be so small that they’ll fit in your pocket and every American will be able to take pictures of their tallywhackers with them.”
    “Yeah, and e-mail them to friends!”
    “What’s e-mail?”
    “I don’t know, I just made it up!”

  14. vandinz

    What a massive cock! His penis is small though.

  15. FitnessMe

    He definitely has a great body, not an eyesore and a pretty nice package, however, for me, it’s not so much the lenght, but girth. The thicker the better!

    • Thanks for letting us know!

      • FitnessMe

        Dreg, it varies from woman to woman. Some women prefer a nice stretch while others the circumference. It all depends on her preference. If I met someone and the chemistry was right and we had sex and it was amazing then it really wouldn’t matter if he didn’t have the girth. Why? because he was impressive in other areas and the lovemaking was the icing on the cake. I would overlook that ‘lack’. In other words, I’d make an exeception.

      • Thanks for letting me know!

      • Richard McBeef

        No one gives a shit about your needs Fitness.

      • Thanks for letting her know!

  16. Steelerchick

    He’s hung like a freakin horse!!! :———

  17. Maybe the penis is like a ficus…it just grows to the size of the pot it’s planted in. Jenna Jameson’s cavernous vagina might deserve all the credit for this.

  18. Sugar

    Nice! Maybe he’s not the best looking guy but he actually is very appealing.

  19. joinmyband

    Where the hell are these Scarlett pics? I dont ever remember seeing those.

  20. Jillia

    Could do without the babyface but I can definitely appreciate the rest of the package! Thanks Fish!

  21. blackhole

    Who the fuck is Tito Ortiz?

  22. Honest Abe

    You bunch of liars! We all clicked over to see it!! I’m 6’4″, and his looks like mine except mine has more girth. Guys in high school used to freak out when they saw it in the showers, EVERY girl I’ve been with has made some sort of OMG comment when they see it, and every girl has admitted size matters after taking it. Keep telling yourselves its not big, but you know its bigger than anything you have. And as far as the “growers” comment… really? My hanging 6 lifts to 7 1/2, lets see your 3″ do that… didn’t think so…

    • anonym

      7 1/2 measured from the top side, or the bottom side?

      guys lie about their dick size all the time.
      measurements must be taken from dorsal side.

  23. kev

    if anyone can send me the leaked photos of Scarlett Johansson and Kat Dennings, I will send you nude photos of my girlfriend in return. Please send to lirianofan12@yahoo,com

  24. Michelle


  25. Jenny

    was there actually pics of scarlett johansson and kat dennings? Never heard about them!

  26. MDM


  27. anonym

    tito is definitely a show-er.

    it’s funny how a few guys here have nothing else to compare except their dick size.

    your 7″ is not better than my average 6″ grower, because I know how to pound it well, and I don’t hit the cervix, causing her pain, when I go balls deep

  28. Melissa

    He’s not bad and he has a nice smile. He seems happy!

  29. Greenie65

    I might as well see it, I’ve seen every other cock thats gone into that woman.

  30. terry

    I have worked in porn for several years as an audio and sometimes video engineer, I have seen many dicks, and you can never tell the size until they are ready to go. Needs to be rock hard, some of the biggest cocks I have seen on camera started out smaller than my average cock. Is he a shower or is he a grower?

    Even then its hard to tell on camera. Is he 7” taller than another dude there by throwing off the perspective? Whats the angel of the shot? Is his female costar 5′ tall, her tiny hands will make average junk more impressive.

    Big shock ladies when a guy is not hard the size fluctuates A LOT!

    Some of the most massive dongs I have seen in the business started out smaller than my average penis 20 mins before they went on camera. Sometime the actor has to do a little prepping depending on if the director wants the actor hard, semi hard or soft and then the prep the area to make it look its best.

    Is Tito small? Even if he is a shower he would be about average. If hes a grower we will never know till its a rock hard pick.

  31. Bobbette

    Now THIS was totally worth almost getting fired for looking at it at work for. Sure..those schoolkids might be shocked.. but Momma like. Momma like a LOT.

  32. marcy

    hahaha Tito has it “Chiquito” lol

  33. 614-K. Vlichynskyy

    Really not funny, “KNOCK IT OFF”, lol, thats right, fucking media has been totally downhill.

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