Tila Tequila on Heidi Montag

January 25th, 2010 // 60 Comments

Since such concepts as hypocrisy and reality escape her elven grasp, Tila Tequila decided to criticize Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery despite the fact if you painted Tila blue you could legally sell her as a Smurf action figure. RadarOnline reports:

“She’s gone overboard… Her whole relationship is fake, her whole show is fake, her whole marriage is fake, everything about her is fake. So now it just makes sense that her whole face is fake.”
Tila admits to her own plastic surgery, breast augmentation, but believes Heidi, 23, has gone too far.
“She’s sending out a really, really, really, really, really, really, really bad message to other young girls out there who might look up to her,” Tila told RadarOnline.com. “It’s telling these girls, ‘Don’t feel good about yourself, get as much plastic surgery as you can.’”

Tila Tequila’s concerned about young girls having positive role models? The Tila Tequila who highjacked a woman’s death for publicity and showed her tampon string to the entire Internet while trying to ruin Shawne Merriman’s career for kicks? That Tila Te- wait. Am I actually defending Heidi Montag? Fucking dammit! Get my butterfly net. We’re ending this thing.

NOTE: Kudos to Millions of Milkshakes for deciding to give Tila her own milkshake this week. Because who doesn’t want a tall, frosty glass of Banarama Ewok Snizz? (I don’t know what else they’ll call it.)

Photos: Splash News

  1. First!


  2. wtf

    This is like a piece if shit calling something else smelly…

  3. Valerie

    What idiot girl looks up to Heidi Montag?!?!

  4. yoyoyo

    I can’t stand both of those dumb whores. They should be thrown in to the octogon for a fight to the death. The winner gets a cyanide cocktail

  5. sin

    They would go away if the retards who run this site would just stop putting them on here all the time.

  6. Alex

    Herpes on Ice?

  7. Taz

    Tila on Heidi in a grave

  8. Richard McBeef

    Tila on Heidi on fire

  9. Name (required):

    Wasn’t this nasty cunt supposed to disappear from “Hollywood” and become some fucking ambassador to Vietnam or whatever slant-eyed country she’s originally from?

  10. QFT

    @ #3 -

    “What idiot girl looks up to Heidi Montag?!?!”

    Too right.

  11. IKE

    Damn! I’m fine with whatever she’s saying with those (actually, I got distracted and didn’t even read much past the title.). Sorry.

  12. Robot

    You know if you read ANYTHING else but The Superficial like let’s say YAHOO(actual news not celebrity slander) then you would know that A LOT of young girls do in fact look up to Heidi.(Sad though it is) And i have to say i agree with Tila, Heidi is a plastic lifeless doll.

  13. missywiss

    Somebody got a new publicist!!!!

    First time EVER and probably the only time I would agree with “Tila Tequila”. However, she has a stupid FAKE name. Pretty sure Heidi’s name is at least a real name.

  14. Vinnie the Chin.

    I guess the mourning period is over. Back to being Whorey McWhoresome.

  15. Bob

    I just think she’s jealous that no young girls who can look up to her.
    Because she’s short.
    Get it?

  16. superstar

    Tila, I love you now! :D

  17. Brian0523

    What Tila never mentions – is that she was born a man! Yeah baby!
    That’s a hairymancunt between her legs!

  18. Willie Dixon

    I thought Tila’s milkshake would be called “Swallow” and would be made of warm milk, whipped cream, with a split cherry on top served in a tall veiny glass with two scoops of chocolate ice cream at the bottom.

  19. Paul Marco

    You left out the part of the article where Tila tells the interviewer, “Me so horny. Me love you long time…”

  20. Vietconghooker McFaketits

    Another word Vietconghooker McFaketits doesn’t understand is DELUSIONAL. She’s got serious mental problems, yet she still keeps getting publicity by the idiot photogs. She should just off herself & get it over with…

  21. Jen

    More proof that this chick is batshit insane. Yesterday she flipped the fuck out on Twitter after Kelly Osbourne made one comment about her being fake or something. It was great fun, she went at it for hours… It’s still on her blog I believe! (for some reason she was really proud of her going ‘SMELLY OSC*NT BUYS MCDONALDS LOL SHE SO FAT LOL’ in all caps for 20 tweets in a row.)

  22. asdf

    i just want to hatefuck this bitch until nothing but cries of pain come out of her mouth.

    god damn elf midget wide face.

  23. Anemone

    And being a pornstar is a role-model for kids?

    Oh Tila you make me laugh at your stupidity.

  24. Pal

    The scary thing is that some people are stupid enough to eat her BS up.

  25. dancy

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  26. J

    If only Chuck Liddell or Stone Cold Steve Austin could be paid enough they could cuntpunch this dopey attention whore and shut her the fuck up.

  27. hacksaw

    I would love to see Tila Tequila on Heidi Montag.

  28. jklsemicolon

    Oh, asdf, I think she could take more than the 28 second you would last.

  29. Tila is cute, but she should really learn to STFU.

  30. Heidi may have had a lot of procedures done, but she is still likable. Why do you guys insist on giving this woman press? She is not intelligent. She can’t formulate a sentence cohesively without messing up.

  31. jameson

    any girl retarded enough to look up to heidi montag frankly deserves low self-esteem that requires tens of thousands of plastic surgery to look like a ridicu-titted automaton. hello? we need to be able to recognize them somehow, before they blade runner our asses.

  32. Eliza

    Most young girls are smart enough not to put these fake, hypocritical attention whores up as role models.

  33. jill

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  34. Andy

    she is epitome of trash

  35. ryan.l

    the kettle calling the teapot black. we need smarter people in hollywood please.

  36. RHONYC

    cried the blond-haired asian chik

  37. vivalavictorina

    People like her don’t get to call somebody else fake, even if it’s “Queen Fake” Heidi Montag. Look at yourseeelf!

  38. faded

    Irony recognition FAIL

  39. Somebody tell Tila to gain some weight and stop looking like a lil boy. She needs to eat a pack of 12 Oscar weiners everyday this year.

  40. hannah

    Tila need to stop criticizing other people, she is no different from Heidi, she is hella fake, loveeeees attention and so confused over her sexuality. SHe doesnt know any better. talking about heidi not sending a good message to young girls? Girl please, Well I think she need to start look at her self in the mirror. Another fake cannot criticize another fake.

  41. Tila sold her baby to the devil… the proof is in the ultrasound: http://bit.ly/az81MH

  42. PostmortemG

    OK folks, here´s the difference between these two ´ladies´, the only thing that matters: Heidi, despite being plastic and fake and whatnot, is still a woman i would hastily prop on my mouth and tongue into ecstacy until she blew her sweet load all over my face. She´s hotter than Tila – end of story. I don´t even want to think about Tila in a sexual manner. Eeeeewwwww.

  43. Cindy

    Tila herself is fake and full of plastic surgery. I find her weird looking and extremely trashy.

  44. Meredith

    I’m convinced Tila is a man. I mean look at her, she’s a she – man. Heidi a bad role model? This girl is a crazy slut!

  45. jojo

    I dislike all the celebusluts; i.e. paris, lindsay, heidi but I have this visceral hatred for this bitch. Using her so called wife’s death as another excuse to famewhore was too much for me. I really hope this broad goes away, She is a true cunt.

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  48. ll Tila does is go on her twitter and bash people. She is a horrible example for women and humans everywhere! She is pushing her porn site and all her prostitution crap, she is a vile piece of crap! I wish she would go away to an island and stay there.

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