Tila Tequila Has a Boo Boo

August 20th, 2010 // 66 Comments

Here’s Tila Tequila on Robertson Blvd. yesterday where she must’ve lit the Whore Signal hours in advance because literally every single photo agency I looked at had these shots of her “injuries” from The Gathering of the Juggalos. So knowing this was entirely staged, I couldn’t help but wonder if a Band-Aid that big was necessary until I realized it’s probably the children’s brand and there couldn’t have been much of a choice. It was either that or try talking through an adult size wrapped around her head twice which, for the record, I’d pay cash money to make happen. You know, because I care about wound sterilization so much. Eat a dick, infection! (Cash money.)

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  1. kyle


  2. sexyman48

    She looks like Ryo Hazuki. The cool people know who he is.

  3. JPRichardson

    No pic. Frist.

  4. Matt

    I still think she is attractive, no matter how many midget comments you make.

  5. Stay off the stage next time when the crowd is howling for your blood.
    This is a better look for her, punished & in long pants.

  6. wow i quite like that first pic. almost reminds me of devon aoki. as picky as i can be i’d fuck that leprechaun til coins came out of her

  7. BaBaBa
    Commented on this photo:

    Is it weird that I find the bandaid super cute? It would be better with like, Sailor Moon, or little carebears on it :)

  8. If those dumb motherfuckers had better aim, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.


  9. Mal gusto

    I am not advocating hitting women, but if you show up at juggalo gathering, and run around topless, you can’t be surprised if things get out of control. I am not saying that the sight of Tila’s little naked torso is infuriating (well, yes I am), but I know that if I was there I would be ready for almost anything to happen. Why can’t this bitch go be with here fiancee?

  10. jkhjkh


  11. midgetporn

    it’s mind boggling how little pride these famewhorin’ skanks have ..
    really , hontag , kim k. angelina ..karissa et al ..
    the world is laughing at you ..
    you are disgusting clowns for realZ ….lol

  12. joho777

    How come Tila didn’t use an eyebrow pencil to draw on some stitches. Wouldn’t be more dramatic?

    Does anyone think that Tila will learn from this? Her real populatiry was clearly highlighted at the jugallos.

    this really reminds me of last month when she was in Santa Barbara and some fans recognized her. Remember?

  13. ZigZagZoey

    I can just never get used to the size of her ginormous bowling ball head…

  14. Internet

    My girlfriend has the SAME EXACT drawn on eyebrows.

  15. I guess I’ve never looked at her face before cuz I didn’t even recognize her in that first pic. She actually looks like a fairly decent looking, really sad abuse victim

    • McFeely Smackup

      Hah, no shit, I was thinking the same thing. Beaten, bruised, and bandaged, looking like she regrets her entire life, is a good look for her. Makes her look actually attractive.

      I don’t think we can really put any blame on her for this incident. Nobody could have known that going out in the middle of the woods to perform at a psychotic redneck music/drug/alcohol party could have ended badly after performing topless and screeching obscenities at the crowd.

  16. Sheena

    August 17th pics show her bopping around with not a band-aid in sight. August 20th and she’s bandaged up like she’s been in a bar fight. Fucking leprechaun faker.

  17. Bunny Foofoo

    Milk it baby, milk it!

  18. Nique
    Commented on this photo:

    whats going on? getting dressed for the big PR show?

  19. Commented on this photo:

    I’d never noticed just how BIG her head is (compared to the rest of her) until seeing these pictures. She’s like a BRATZ doll.

    Is that the look she’s going for?

    Seriously, what a fuggin HAG. I’m horny ALL the time, but even I wouldn’t fuck her.


  20. You say would would need to use a kids’ band-aid for her small stature? Are you forgetting that her head is of a gargantuan size?

  21. On another note, the first picture reminds me of those animal shelter commercials you see on tv. All you need now is sad gospel music, a celebrity narrator, and for her to be looking at the camera all teary eyed.

    • Jon and Kate plus Hate

      gospel music….several still images of busted up Tila…..Morgan Freeman narrates “Every year, thousand of disease ridden Asian Myspace Dwarfs are booed on stage. Sometimes people even throw Human Poo and Urine at them.
      The cuts from thrown batteries can scar these midgets for a lifetime, so we ask you to help us spay and neuter all disease ridden Asian Myspace dwarfs. Do it for them….but more importantly do it for humanity. Thank you for your time”…gospel music out.

    • omg i cant listen to mclaughlin’s arms of an angel anymore, gets me immediately choked up. soul asylum’s runaway train too :’-(

  22. Nique
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    smoke and starbucks…she will soon pass away

  23. Commented on this photo:

    What is her talent again?

  24. 100 dong

    Ethnically diverse fame whorism is where it’s at in this day and age, my friends…

  25. ginger

    She looks like a sad sad empty shell of a little girl.
    Her parents must have been complete fucking morons.
    Yes, I blame her mother first, then her father.
    I cringe every time I see her. It’s painful to watch her do anything.

  26. Sigh
    Commented on this photo:

    BaBaBa – Not weird at all. Strangely, this is the hottest picture of her I’ve ever seen. Had I not known sooo much about her before this I’d totally wreck that (but clearly many, many men – and some juggalos – beat me to it).

  27. Yvonne

    She had a tiny bandaid on when she did the eonline video interview 3 days ago and now she slapped on a giant size photo for this photo taken when…yesterday and didn’t she say her doctor told her to stay out of the sun for a year. LOL . That’s what the psycho said.

    LMAO of at her trying to look so sad and innocent for the cameras like the kids on those sponsor a child commercials .

    You know the ones where the kid is hanging in the doorway of his shack looking all sad and about to cry cause he still waiting for a sponsor or the kid with one sandal on and his other shoe is totally different standing in the middle of a dirt road mad cause he don’t have a sponsor either.

    I swear those are the same kids I use to see on there when I was kid and I’m in my 30′s now.

    Anyway, I bet Tila copied that same look. To bad it’s not working for me. She deserved what she got. No sympathy here psycho.

  28. Alli Watermelon

    Where’s the racist Asian commenter during posts like these?

  29. captain america

    BE A PROSTITUTE IN THAILAND.(they won’t feel the difference)

  30. bitingontinfoil

    She STILL hasn’t posted pics of the “stitches”. Lessee, she was pregnant, had a miscarriage, attempted suicide, has multiple personalities, bought a lambo (rented) etc. etc etc etc

  31. Rimba

    I’m sure she’ll be alright as soon as she gets her adoptive baby. Wait, do they let psychotic, attention starved, STD-filled asian midgets adopt kids still?

  32. Jackie

    That’s what you get when you don’t stop whoring……ha ha….The guys didn’t like her vag smell….lol….

  33. First
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    First bitches.

  34. Second
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    Second bitches.



  36. hocus

    The attack was a barbaric thing to do, BUT… I am suspicious of this little Golum. If she was that badly hurt, where is the bruising on her face? Surely if she needs such a large bandage there would be the telltale sign of discoloration. Where is the ugly black eye and swelling?
    My gut feeling is that she is using this as another callous opportunity to play the victim like she has done many times before. Playing us for fools. Wouldn’t be surprised she called the paps when she went strolling.

  37. lookyloo

    They should have been throwing hatchets.
    All of a sudden I have some respect for Jugaloos.

  38. Gary

    heh…heh heh…hahaha…HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!




  40. hosefacemidgetporn

    ain’t nobody whacked this skank yet?

  41. Starmaker

    I guess the crowd went serious wild.What song did she sing?

  42. hocus

    “I guess the crowd went serious wild.What song did she sing?”

    … “Send in the Clowns”

  43. Jessica

    Nice to see that she is in full wardrobe, hair and makeup for this boo boo photo shoot. I guess she hopes poo to the face will get her more jobs.

  44. What an stupid cunt

    Awwww… boo fucking hoo. Stupid attention whoring twat was warned things could get ugly if she went on stage & did it anyway. She taunted the crowd, pulled out her titties & kept saying “I ain’t fucking going anywhere”. Then, like she’d been warned about, the crowd got violent. And the twat got hit; now she’s “gonna sue them all”. I only wish the crowd had finished the job & whacked her; now that would be a story I’d be happy about…

  45. Fuzzbutt

    I was too drunk to remember this…. I woulda made a joke about it when I was hanging out with a toothless (and thankfully makeupless) juggalo who was nice enough to make me hate them slightly less. Very slightly. He gave me liquor and bought me a hotdog… man knows how to be my instafriend! Juggalos still suck.

  46. Oh for pete’s sake – was the bandage really necessary? Honestly? Wouldn’t some concealer and some make up suffice?

  47. Arnie Palmer

    I bet I can tee off her forehead

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