Tila Tequila Dressed Her Daughter Up As #BabyHitler

Or is this Baby Hitler? I’m confused already.

A few days ago, the New York Times Magazine thought it’d be a great idea to ask people this question:

Naturally, within minutes #BabyHitler started trending, which became the perfect storm for the Internet’s former-but-maybe-still-current midget Nazi Tila Tequila to fly into on the back of a bee because she loves both attention and Hitler. And also has a baby because God is dead.

In Tila Tequila’s defense, there are actually worse moms out there walking around Target with guns strapped to their backs, except I just remembered Tila Tequila is one of them, so nope, never mind. This all ends badly. I tried. I really tried.

(Adding… Some of you are curious about whether or not I would go back and kill Hitler as a baby, and the answer is yes, of course. Are you fucking kidding me? I’d go back and kill anyone as a baby just to stop them from turning into people because people are awful. Just the worst.)

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