Tiger Woods makes Elin apologize to daughter’s school

February 24th, 2010 // 41 Comments

Because this was entirely her fault, Elin Woods has cosigned a letter of apology to her daughter’s school for the increased paparazzi stemming from Tiger’s penis. Via E! News:

“We would like to share our appreciation for your support over the past several months and offer our personal apology for any inconvenience you are experiencing due to the increased media scrutiny surrounding our children. We truly understand how frustrating it can be.
“We hope that the paparazzi will find something better to do with their time in the near future. In the meantime, it is our goal to keep life as normal as possible for our children. We are sure that as parents you can appreciate that. For Sam, that normalcy means attending the school that she enjoys so much.”

The letter was signed by both Tiger and Elin which makes no fucking sense. It’s not like she was sitting around the house going “Hmm. Maybe I should stop my husband from having a bunch of explosive secret affairs I don’t know about before it upsets the PTA. — Eh, fuck it. I’ll just have a daiquiri.”

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  1. misterfister

    Sounds right to me. It’s all her fault for not being ugly like the other skanks

  2. Jethro


  3. Crusty

    Fish, you couldn’t have missed the point any more than you did here.

    The apology isn’t for Tiger having an affair. The apology is for the disruption the entire ordeal has had on the child’s school environment, including the environment that the other children attending the school had to endure.

    And for that, both parents expressed their regret.

    If you parse through some of this, just a bit, you’ll perhaps see things for how they are. Of course if you do that, you’ll lose the excuse for posting this story to begin with.

  4. Marie

    Good God she’s hot. His wife…not, you know, his daughter. love the Chanel shades, darling.

  5. kdub

    3rd !

  6. slappy magoo

    Tiger apologized because he acted like a douche. Elin apologized because it’s classy to apologize when something happening to you inconveniences others, even if what’s happening is not your fault. It’s like having a Toyota whose brakes fail unexpectedly because the scumbag CEO decided to keep brake failure on the hush hush, and even though you manage to avoid major injuries by crashing into a tree, you still feel the need to apologize to the EMS guys and cops who come out to the scene to assess the damage and make sure you’re OK.

  7. JR

    I’m with Fish on this one. That’s some serious BULLshit that she has to cosign this letter with her miserable cheating bastard of a husband. The only reason the paps are even interested in following this school is because of fucking Tiger. Literally. Fucking Tiger.

    If I were Elin, I’d take the pen to sign this letter and stab him in the eye.

  8. Savalas

    Look at those two fat schlubs staring on in picture #4.

    Get a good look at beauty, ye of the damned!

  9. Gueibor

    This woman’s legs are insane. It’s kinda sad that of all the tarts Tiger cheated with, not one comes close to the cheatee in terms of hotness. Thank God money keeps eluding me…

  10. Julia

    Don’t forget – she was just a nanny who scored big by spreading her legs for the world’s greatest golfer.

    She’s hot, no doubt, but that’s where it all begins and ends. No education, no skills, just another famewhore nanny.

  11. Kirk

    Maybe she should get a job and quit living off his money. Time to start pulling her own weight.

  12. Erica

    # Crusty you idiot. The apology IS for the disruption caused by paparazzi yes, but why do you think they are there in the first place? Because of tiger’s cheating ways — not because of Elin. She is blameless.

  13. Crusty

    Erica, of course she’s blameless. That’s not the point, nor is it the basis for her joining in on the apology. Her effort was meant to express regret for how the press has impacted the education of her’s and other parent’s children. It has nothing to do with blame or does it justify her husband’s behavior.

    You call me an idiot but you’re the one who apparently can’t differentiate between two relatively simple concepts.

    Nuff said..

  14. Karen

    Man for a fame whore nanny she sure does keep pretty quiet and away from the press… Also she worked before Tiger, not as a CEO, but she didn’t sit on her ass. She obviously takes incredible care of herself, and she seems to be a damn good mother.
    Also I am fairy certain Tiger courted her (not the other way around) and he probably lied his ass off to make himself seem like the nicest guy on the planet.

  15. When you are worth a billion dollars, you can blame whatever the hell on whoever the hell and whoever the hell cosign whatever the hell, whenever the hell.

    I don’t make the rules, I just tell it. And for those who think that Elin was actually going to take Tiger to the cleaners? Yeah, right. She’s smart enough to know what would happen to her. Like I said, a billion dollar man doesn’t follow the rules you and I follow.

  16. Keith

    “She obviously takes incredible care of herself, and she seems to be a damn good mother. ”

    Gee, not working + unlimited resources usually equals “incredible care of oneself”.

    A damn good mother? Huh? Any basis for this whatsover? That she is pictured carrying them?

  17. Poo Poo

    #8 ROFL!

  18. What a stupid soccer mom, wearing high boots in Florida.

    Oh well, we know she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, she married Tiger.

  19. bmose

    Like most women, she quit giving head after the honeymoon. But with Tiger’s scratch, he could afford MUCH better looking trim on the side. FOR THAT he should apologize.

  20. kalifa.williams@yahoo.co.uk

    thats what happens when white women have intercourse with Nigs

  21. rach

    Yep, thats what happens when rich , self made, hard working, talented black men have intercouse with lazy gold digging white sluts

  22. She and her children are beautiful and precious. Please let her take care of her personal life alone, only she can make the decisions that are right for her and her children. I don’t wish her situation on anyone, just leave her alone, stop taking pictures of her, the media is doing more harm than anyone. Yes, Tiger was wrong, very wrong, but it’s their business, not ours. God is with her and will guide her in the right decision.

  23. imjustnoisy

    Tiger didn’t make her sign anything.(he may have suggested it)
    For all you haters,If Elin was so hurt or pissed she would not still be hanging around trying to stretch out time to get more money on a different prenup.That
    ex nanny is greedy and will do whatever it takes for more money.I hope he knows he can kiss up all he wants to her,when she gets what she wants,she’s still out of there.

  24. superficialcomment

    Honestly, my heart breaks for his family. I make light of a lot of things but I look at these pictures and others I’ve seen that were taken near her school and I see a little girl who looks scared and is trying to hide. She should be allowed to be a child filled with happiness spending time with her Mommy. It’s sad that they have to be harrassed when they go anywhere. They didn’t do anything wrong and they don’t deserve the fallout Tiger created.

  25. gen

    Those legs are insane! I’m so jealous.

  26. Hi Guy’s,
    This woman’s legs are insane. It’s kinda sad that of all the tarts Tiger cheated with, not one comes close to the cheatee in terms of hotness..

  27. Missy

    No. 21 and 22: screw you! That shit gets old fast. And anyway Tiger’s only as black as he is a bit of everything else…

  28. captain america

    first thing to do: DUMP ELIN!!

    (you only live………………………….JUST ONCE!!)

  29. Tiger’s apology dripped with the shame used by misguided treatment centers. Answer the question – Is Tiger’s ‘condition’ a mental health issue or a spiritual health issue? Can it be both? Why do insurance companies pay for ‘spiritual health’ treatment?

  30. cindy

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  31. SS

    As deep and enlightening as the racist and sexist comments are, I have a really important question: Anyone know what brand of boots those are??

  32. Roux

    I think she got the boots from gojane.com

    but then thinking she’s Tiger’s ex-wife, gojane just had one hell of a good knock-off.

  33. chupacabra

    @8. Savalas

    That just made my day. I laughed until I needed oxygen…

  34. Jessie

    I love her outfit.

  35. She’s always so fashionable about being slovenly. I like it.

  36. Jess

    Honestly – I’m so sick of her. And him. Really – what the fuck do they do? He hits golf balls and cocktail waittresses all day and she stays home filling her days with spa treatments and the occacional diaper cleaning (sorry – I can’t believe that a woman of a man worth $600M has no help in this endeavor). I mean, she is about as interesting as a roll of toilet paper. The poster child of “vanilla”. Could he help the fact that he wanted some “strange” once in a while? (Ok – all the time)…?

    This bitch adds nothing – wish people would stop acting like her actions mean something – or like her feelings should really be considered (yes, and I speak as a woman). Bitch is just vain and empty – how do I know? – because no woman worth her salt would stand such a deplorable amount of disrespect and still stay with her man. Some women do have pride – and that’s priceless. Bet she couldn’t find that in the dictionary.

  37. Jess

    Bitch should join a charity and do some good in the world with all that money – while her louse of a husband can “get well” and learn “Cheating 101″ – a class that stupid ass obviously failed.

  38. dan wiggins

    i have a real disdain for people who write these kind of comments about Tiger and Elin when there is no redeeming value in what is being reported and none of anybody’s damn business!!!!!

  39. Woods and his family became the target of many tabloid reports after the pro golfer got in a car accident outside his Florida home last November. Following the incident, several women stepped up claiming to have had affairs with the golfer

  40. I want to know more that whether elin is comfortable with this decision from tiger woods or not.Might be there some mutual understanding between tiger woods and elin.

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