Warwick Davis with Tits took naked pictures. Oh, good.

February 2nd, 2010 // 80 Comments

Because it worked out awesome for J-Woww, there’s nude photos of Snooki being shopped around. Of course. RadarOnline reports:

The stills and video leave nothing to the imagination, as she is wearing only a smile. In one photo she is in her bedroom, on her knees, with one hand on the ground and the other holding the rail of the bed frame. She is looking at the camera with her head tilted slightly. Her spot-it-anywhere fingernail polish is plainly visible. Another shot is too graphic to describe.

Serious question: How will people know it’s Snooki and not those nude photos of Gary Coleman floating around? No, really, I look at naked people all day and even I’m not sure I didn’t just post pics from the episode of Diff’rent Strokes where Arnold tries on Mrs. Garrett’s clothes.

Photos: Splash News

  1. k


  2. Mark B

    Remember when Prince got a shit ton of money for ‘Party Like its 1999′ for New Years Eve 1999? Its time for Michael Stipe to up the price for “It’s The End of the World As We Know It”.

  3. Only thing I dead more than seeing Snooki;s naked ass is the possibility that some exec might get a brainfart and give Snooki her own recording contract and let her design her own fashion line.

  4. Founding Father


  5. Richard McBeef

    she needs the money to pay for the twice daily mustache waxes and anal bleaching treatments.

    she better cash in while the gettings good because soon she’ll just be another on of the million greasy chunks staining up the tri-state area. Skanks like her are a dime a dozen.


  6. Jose Oquendo

    Gotta love those fat chicks that think they are hot shit because they have big fat titties and big fat asses. Sure some guys are into big titties and big asses, but don’t pretend like there isn’t a big fat gunt down there too. Gross.

  7. La Manchuba

    Oh please. We’ve already seen her naked; just think of those little troll dolls and you’ve got the picture.

    Please stop posting about Snooki and the rest of the Jersey Shore freaks. They’re idiots, and I, for one, am sick to death of them.

  8. Max Planck


  9. Cap'n Ahab

    Doesn’t Randal have something patronizingly nice to say about this creature?

  10. jim eh

    What the hell is that thing, some Military experiment gone horribly wrong? she’s so ugly, inside AND out.

  11. Richard McBeef

    @9 – Even Randal has limits.

  12. x ? 7

    Yeah Cap’n Ahab, I’m sure he does. But stop sucking his dick about it

  13. .org.net.edu

    What hetero man here wouldn’t dump a load on her?
    . . . . . . . . . Fags.

  14. Aerialgreen

    Both her body and face are holding to a thin layer of youth she has left, that shit was due to melt in the next two years… now thanks to the MTV & douche-clubs money, she sure is getting under the knife to perpetuate her image. GROSS.

  15. Posh

    Wow, she’s so fugly. Ugly + no brains – how in the world is she popular?

  16. Georgeo

    Can you please stop showing this thing? It doesn’t need any more press.

  17. Richard McBeef

    @13 – I am a hetero man and I would be first in line to drop a big shit down on her.

  18. squirt pr0n

    #15, see #4

  19. AnnaDraconida

    That is one disgusting excuse for a human being…

  20. pimp

    i’d like to hate fuck her asshole…only after 8 hours at my local watering hole…

  21. AD

    Her pussy hole must STANK! I am sure there are flies around her ankles!

  22. Rodham

    I thought Divine was dead.

  23. Superficial Press: Rough man bites fleshy parts of a dozen crows

    Snooks nakey? * whaaaaaaaaaaaa*

    Dynamic show, the cast is prejudged…Although I dont believe they can duplicate the first season unless they all end up in the slamma.

  24. HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  25. samantha

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Dear God can she PLEASE stop dragging around that old Coach handbag – flashing it like it’s an Hermes, Fendi or Gucci. You can put lipstick on a pig but at the end of the day . ..it’s still fat back baby.

  26. Anybody who is a recovering bulemic & wants to get back fully into the groove – I’m sure these photos will help you woof at the first glance. Then you’ll be on your way back down to fighting weight.

    I bet Snookie’s wookie looks like a overstuffed New York deli pastrami sandwich, with extra mayo dripping off the sides.

    Excuse me while *I* go vomit….

  27. Randal

    Oh fuck!

  28. Why does her hair always have that retarded poofy thing? Is that where she hides her emergency Baby Ruth?

  29. DantheMan

    How sad is it I’d rather see the plain looking blond in the background naked before I lay eyes on this troll.

  30. Anna

    .. At least the blond would prolly be sweet and make you a sandwich after sex..

  31. steve

    Can you imagine having to deal with that little troll after you banged her? I bet she would hang on forever.. calling day and night.. endless texting – not being smart enough to understand what radio silence means. . Showing up at your door at all hours forcing you to take cover and keep the lights off when you’re home ..

  32. SO RIGHT

    I used to like Coach purses…snookie has ruined it for me.

  33. Diana

    Yeah – I am reeeeeeal sure Coach is super pleased to have this skank waving around their wares. .NOT.

  34. D

    Well when the Jersey Shore is cancelled (my money is on the right after the second season), Snooki and Khloe Kardashian could start a female competitive eating league!

  35. Lauren

    ..”New at Coach this season – “the Super Tramp” hobo bag by Snooki for Coach.. Magically transforms with poor underclass woman into dressed up skank – only available in Jersey Orange.”

  36. Bizzle

    Is anyone actually surprised that JWOWW and Snooki have naked pictures of them? I’m surprised people are making such a big deal out of it. It was only a matter of time before we learned that they were strippers/porn stars before MTV found them.

  37. CaptainMorgan

    It reminds me of “Sloth” from the Goonies movie. That thing was not only hit with an ugly stick, it was hit with a friggin’ sledgehammer. That’s messed up.

  38. no_one_yuno

    What a frickin’ pig

  39. What the ...

    I seem to be in the minority, but I’d stick my dick in her and be glad to.

  40. shouldbeworkin'

    Haha yea #39, I would too! Don’t know why so many people are so fuckin picky…

  41. I can jerk it to just about anything because I walk around 90% of the time with a raging hard on but after seeing this fucking cow I lost my wood, and this isn’t something easily done because I am the fucking poster boy for Viagra.

    Don’t believe me? I mean it.

  42. stupidass


    “It has been reported that Dog Fancy Magazine has picked up this photo set for a whopping $11 and new coach handbag. In interview, Snooki was quoted as saying ‘$11 was actually my original asking price, but we settled at $6. The handbag is used, but it’s new to me! I couldn’t be happier.”

    Dog Fancy has confirmed the purchase, but says the pictures will not likely be published until 2011, as there are much better looking actual K9s to be featured.

  43. Sara

    She FUGLY!

  44. Great White Pygmy

    I’m Upset! At you Superficial Writer and everyone posting here. How can you all be so heartless. So Cruel. So mean spirited. Poor Warwick Davis.To associate him with that ooki snooki. (I like things that rhyme!) No one defends him. He’s just a poor little Ewok. Or is he a leprechaun? Quick THROW YOUR SHOES! THROW YOUR SHOES!

  45. Drew

    1 Word: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

  46. RebelMinion

    I have no idea who this goofy slice of industrial lubricant is, but only one thing comes to mind.

    Mooooooooo! Moooooooooooo! Moo

  47. kris

    is it just me or does she look hindi and not at all italian

  48. Mister Bored

    Dear lord no. No.

    Her naked photos are like the last of three signs of the end of the world.

  49. Lain

    yeah I would do her.

  50. What a TROLL

    Geez, she is beginning to look like a troll. Look out as she jumps out from under her bridge & waylay’s passers by…

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