This is where I want to be buried. Right between here.

October 8th, 2009 // 92 Comments

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis attended the American Ballet Theater 2009 Fall Gala last night and I still don’t believe these two are going to be in a movie where they have insane lesbian sex together. It’s logistically impossible. It’d be like trying to film the Ark of the Covenant after you opened it. There’d be nothing but melted cameras and faces all over the place, and probably even some dead Nazis and Harrison Ford carrying a bullwhip, I’m not ruling anything out.

Photos: WENN

  1. jimmyx

    Mila wipes the floor with Portman and she doesn’t stick her foot in her mouth every time she opens it. Tell us again, Natalie, how you know what it’s like to be Black because you’re a celebrity and how the recession is a good thing, and how pedophiles should not be sentenced because,well, they’re your biggest fanbase and enjoy your early work

  2. gorth

    Good thing they have clothes on. If they were to actually touch, the universe would implode. No, wait…

  3. lh

    The scene will undoubtedly be ruined by Portman’s wooden acting.

  4. every guy

    OFY — OH FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. dave

    Does it count as a lesbian scene if there is only one pair tits between them?

  6. simon

    Is Portman pandering to pedophiles again?

  7. Milatalie

    #50. I’m a model douche tard I get paid for my looks so suck it. I’ve modelled all over Europe Canada, the US and in Brazil. I make mre in a day than you make all year.

    Someones a bitter fat girl.

  8. datroof

    Mila Kunis is extremely beautiful, but she has no ass.

    Natalie Portman is pretty, but not as striking as Mila. She makes up for this by being jewish and thus likely to be very enthusiastic about taking it up the pooper.

  9. allie

    Both girls are bueatiful. But Mila’s more exotic looking. And #6 what the Hell does that have to do with this?!?

  10. allie

    Both girls are bueatiful. But Mila’s more exotic looking. And #6 what the Hell does that have to do with this?!?

  11. bewbiegirl

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  12. lola

    Mila is GORGEOUS! I look a bit like her so maybe I am partial. I am not Ukranian, but half white / half Native American and have similar features.

  13. You really like em tiny don’t you.

  14. Duke Steele

    Insane lesbian sex??? Well, I know what movie I’m going to be seeing.

  15. Liz

    #58 mila’s also jewish, so with your criteria, aside from the non-ass thing that she can totally fix with some lunges, she is the perfect woman.

  16. jakob

    Natalie is a dumb liberal self-hating Jew who changed her name from Hershlag and got a nose job.

  17. dudelove

    who does not?

  18. Laurie

    Mila Kunis is so gorgeous she’s THIS close to turning me. Add to that she hates talking about Ashton Kutcher and she’s only FREAKING MEG GRIFFIN, and I’m seriously considering things you fellas have never thought of

  19. chosen

    Are there any hot women in Hollywood who are not jews? Gotta be in the club. Of course the rest of the people in the world are just not as talented of course. I would imagine Shakespeare and his thespians were all jews as well. As well as the first ape that stood on 2 legs,etc…

  20. arealcad

    I want to go strollin’ in their colon.

  21. Hot Dickins Cider

    I’d do em, but I still prefer my women to actually have breasts. Just not as fun with flat chested girls… Give them so nice large boobies…. and some actual hips…. Oh and maybe a well shaped ass too.. then they would be perfect. Right now Portman has a extremely beautiful face and great legs, but the rest is a little boys body… She’d still rock missionary style though!!

  22. if these two have a lesbian scene, i will watch it naked

  23. If I were a guy, I’d feel the same. Look at those faces!


  24. NVG

    I’d take one of these girls (Natalie Portman, if I had to choose) over that always-grimy Megan Fox any time of the day.

    ‘Nuff said.

  25. wow

    Mila is hotter, but Natalie is more classically beautiful.

  26. James

    #75: What the hell is classically beautiful? you mean natural? Mila without make-up looks phenomenal still whereas Natalie doesn’t look close to how she looks in these photos when she doesn’t have make-up on. Plus, IMO Mila is way more exotic and unique looking. Also, her personality seems to completely surpass Natalie’s. I only say “seems to” because I’ve never met Natalie but I have met Mila and she’s an absolute angel of a person. Super sweet, down to earth and private. Natalie wants a rapist (Polanski) to be free into the world :S I know that’s only one thing but it’s a major turn off! Mila all the way. And besides, there’s no such thing as one definition of beauty (Classically or any other type) because everyone has different opinions and beauty is subjective. People have been brainwashed for years now by seeing too much Tv and Hollywood telling everyone what real beauty is supposed to be. That’s why millions of people are like sheep and think Meagan Fox (complete trashy, big headed and stuck up retard) is the be all and end all. To all you morons out there.. Think for YOURSELVES!.

  27. Darth

    Is this the newest couple in Hollywood?!

  28. Galtacticus

    Did they just had sex together?! They look very much in love to me.

  29. Randall

    …and THIS is where I want to be buried…

    *holds up picture of Richard Simmons spreading his asscheeks*

  30. wow

    76 repeat after me: breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

    Classically beautiful = conventional beauty. It is beauty that meets the “accepted” definition of beauty, that is, large eyes, small nose, full lips, rounded forehead, etc. With classical beauty, everything is well proportioned, but there is no exoticism nor does one feature stand out from the rest; think Grace Kelly or Monica Bellucci. Mila is unconventionally good-looking, but so are Angelina Jolie and Kate Moss (in her heyday). Mila is almost classically beautiful, but she has that exotic quality as you’ve said. She has a small nose, beautiful albeit semi-thin lips, and extremely large eyes. Her eyes are gorgeous, but they are extremely large and her facial features are closer together than usual thus giving her that “exotic” quality, but also throwing her proportions off.

    With that said, I prefer Natalie Portman’s look. Before you have a stroke, I’ll say this: that is my opinion. Everyone has one, and everyone has different taste. Bringing up non-sequiters like Polanski is pointless to a discussion about superficial beauty.

  31. jason r

    Portman is cute, but Kunis is STUNNING, STUNNING, STUNNING.

  32. butterfly


    …and Kunis is also NATURAL, NATURAL, NATURAL — no nose job with her.

  33. idiots

    Why the fuck are people talking to themselves? This means you 81 and 82.

    Yes Kunis did get a nosejob. Everyone in Hollywood gets something done. You’re a gullible fucktard if you think otherwise.



    She’d still be bloody beautiful without it, but get a fucking clue.

  34. Lee

    83 you are a fucking small minded MORON!. Only someone so ignorant would think that everyone living and acting in Hollywood equals to getting unneeded surgery. You used that stupid before and after pic that has been on the net for over a year now. Different angles and lighting can make 2 individual pictures of someone look slightly or even completely different. She’s flaring her nostrils in the before pic and the camera is focused straight dead on her face. She isn’t flaring her nostrils in the after pic and the camera angle is a little higher up. I’ve looked at many other photos of her from 10 years ago compared with recent ones where her nose looks the EXACT same. Also, different applications of make-up can make a woman’s face look different all the time. Mila and other actresses tend to look different from photoshoot to photoshoot and red carpet to red carpet because professionals do their make-up in various ways all the time. Yet, if you look at candids of Mila walking around in public with none of little of her own make-up on, she always looks the same. Talk about gullible fucktards. It’s ridiculous to think everyone in the entertainment business gets surgery.

  35. eduardo

    Please do not compare a rat face with plastic surgery to classically beautiful women like Grace Kelly or Monica Bellucci.,,20290122_1047074_851816,00.html

  36. Hot but Not natural.

    lol at 84. Mila has definetly had a nose job, i live in Hollywood, i have had one, anyone who knows anything about them or the acting world can see exactly where and how they cut her nostrils and made the tip of her nose more narrow. Natalie has had hers done at least twice. believe me, we actresses are not prettier than anyone else because of some “wonderful makeup artist.” what a joke. whenever i get my makeup done the stupid MUA is using wet n wild or whatever. that doesn’t take 4mm off the width of your nose or change the shape of your nostrils. but yes they are hot girls.

    and i don’t know who the f thinks jewish girls “take it up the pooper” gross.. we’re actually expressly forbidden from doing that in our religion, thanks.

  37. scooby

    hebrew nationals. i would love to stick my kosher weener in ‘em.

  38. alex

    Both are lovely, but I prefer Mila beacause she’s unusual looking.

  39. Lexi

    I am more partial to Mila. And F you #6

  40. Mia

    #80, thank you! The way some people over react. Anyhow , I personally prefer Mila.

  41. Ari Ola

    There’s nothing wrong with gorgeous ladies who like the taste of clam.

  42. Chandler

    Between two jew troll dolls? Soo hot, I guess cuz they have all the money. Keep on loving these little muppets they made up and dressed up to further their agendas on film and tv. Disgusting.

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