This Was Almost John Mayer

Further proving Katy Perry seeks out man-whores to convert them to Christ, once upon a time during the 2009 VMAs, John Mayer almost came between those Katy and Russell Brand. Which still makes this a semen joke. E! News reports:

“They’d never met in person, and she went to meet him there after she was at a Jay-Z concert at Madison Square Garden,” a source close to Mayer tells E! News.
Mayer had joined Jay-Z at MSG for a performance and afterward asked fellow showgoer Perry to meet up later that night.
“John thought she was so hot and fun and was into her,” the insider recounts.
“They were so flirty and all over each other that night at the bar, they really liked each other. Their personalities just clicked and they were flirting and dancing and it was on.”
And how. They stayed at the bar until late, leaving only moments apart from the downtown bar—conveniently just around the corner from Mayer’s love nest.
The next day, which happened to be the VMAs, the two traded more texts. But before their relationship could blossom any further, enter Brand.

And we all know how that story ended: With Justin Bieber three-ways. But, seriously, how pissed must John Mayer have been after that? Because I’m pretty sure I would’ve shot up a McDonald’s. You don’t just promise a man giant breasts like that then go screw an Englishman. That’s called treason.

Photo: Getty