There’s The Britney I Know

September 17th, 2010 // 52 Comments

Only a week away from retirement, Mall Cop Ted Johnson was about to learn this job doesn’t quit until it takes everything from you. Everything…

Someone forgot to properly execute the Dress Length Measuring Checkpoint before sending Britney Spears out for another day of the Everyone’s Still Alive! Tour because here she is flashing her panties to an entire mall in LA yesterday. And right in front of the kid. Although, in perspective, this is probably the tamest thing Jayden’s ever been a party to considering Britney Spears and clothes are like oil and water: You always see a vagina. (Just go with it.)

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  1. Randal

    I think she looks hot again.


  2. Hooray! No more Britney-crotch withdrawal for killerabbit!

  3. Richard McBeef

    yeah, alls i sees is shadows. i suppose it’s the thought that counts though

  4. Racer X


  5. Deacon Jones

    Extra eye shadow. Always a plus, in my book.

  6. Beer Baron

    Nice “I wish I had a Big Mac instead of a kid” face.

  7. Jen

    her son knows how to dress better than her whacky ass. that bitch is wearing a shirt as a dress. SIGH

  8. Britney Spears Flashes Her Panties
    Commented on this photo:

    looks like her boy is going to vomit from the smell of her extensions.

  9. Britney Spears Flashes Her Panties
    Commented on this photo:

    those are some really cute kids.

  10. wb

    did the kid just pick his nose in 5 and eat it in 6?

    • Viv

      lol probably, but kids eat buggers all the time.

      And the sight of her crotch may be unpleasant but it’s Britney what did you expect?

      On her favor, her legs look good and it seems she has outgrown the extensions so it’s not that bad.

  11. Mike Hawk

    Shes still HOT…

  12. Hhhhhhhhhhhhh…… thought the brit clit was making its overdue comeback… oh well…

  13. Drundel

    Her legs are looking pretty toned.

  14. dude!

    Slow news, day fish?

  15. hmna

    Fish, the Britney you know wouldn’t have been wearing panties.

    Baby steps . . .

  16. Jen

    in pic 8 it looks like her boy is about to puke from the smell of her extensions.

  17. mrsfiveday

    Thats her dress dummy, not her panties… and she is either putting her kid down or picking him up…retarded are u!!!!

  18. Anon

    It’s good to see a weekend mum spending time with hers kids.

  19. Britney Spears Flashes Her Panties
    Commented on this photo:

    leave her alone, shes just at the mall with her kids, like every other mom…minis the crazy millionaire status.

  20. grobpilot

    Britney’s spare panties are on her kid’s head. Just in case she loses the first pair.

  21. Matt

    That post made me laugh out loud in my office. Thanks for that.

  22. Richard McBeef

    @ mrsfiveday – It must suck to be such a know-it-all biyotch like you.

  23. Britney Spears Flashes Her Panties
    Commented on this photo:


    That is all.

  24. Fucker

    That poor little bastard looks like someone pounded his face in with a bag of nickels.

    Then again, considering the 2 parents’ pusses, the little snotfactory got off easy.

    On an unrelated note: anyone have a tally on how many day-laborers Lohan jacked off behind the Woodland Hills Wal-Mart so far today? I’d guess around 12. I’m not counting blowjobs or backdoor quickies, let’s try to keep it in double digits.

  25. Britney is looking good!!! Legs toned, skin clear, face not all dishevled. Maybe, juuuust maybe, this being a mom thing is working out for her. Maybe.

  26. Britney Spears Flashes Her Panties
    Commented on this photo:

    I wonder if she realizes that she is wearing a shirt not a dress. sigh.

  27. FBeans

    I wonder if she understands that she is wearing a shirt not a dress. It’s sad. She’s like a dim toddler whose mom lets her dress herself. She really should cover up those thighs a bit.

  28. Britney Spears Flashes Her Panties
    Eat me
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    Holy fuck, you five year old cunt. What the fuck, exactly, am I supposed to be seeing.

  29. Britney Spears Flashes Her Panties
    Mel Gibson's Shrink
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    She has nice legs. And that’s not a dress, it’s a tunic. She should learn the difference.

  30. Britney Spears Flashes Her Panties
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    isn’t that kid old enough to walk yet???? they’re always being carried.

  31. Britney Spears Flashes Her Panties
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    That right there gentlemen … is a MILF

  32. tony

    She has masculine legs and is ugly. She is doing a photo op she was parted from them kids for weeks when she went on vacation with her babysitter.

  33. Doc Schweinstrudel

    hey they look gorgeous. God bless them xox!

  34. captain america


  35. Britney Spears Flashes Her Panties
    Commented on this photo:

    Cmon dude, she aint flashin her panties, shes bending down the best way possible to pick up her child. Dont get me wrong id love to see any oops pic of the amazing britney. But whereas Im normally amused and entertained by the writer’s descriptions/summaries on pics, you totally missed the mark with this one. Some here may have noticed JOSE on here ardently defending Britney, cuz I think she’s great. Im happy to see someone before me came to her defense. As for the Superficial writer, keep doin what youre doin, youre pretty hilarious for the most part.. “like so many firecrotches” lol

  36. Rhialto

    What’s this!? Could this be Lady Britney Spears!?

  37. Britney Spears Flashes Her Panties
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    Why do you people feel the need to talk crap about little kids. What the hell is wrong with you people. For those of you that say you dont like her and want to call her names and run that whole in your face why the hell do you read about if you dont like her. Get a hobby. I would say that most of the guys talking shit do it cause there is no way they could get some one like her and the females talking shit do it cause they would like to be her and cant be she has more talent and looks in her pinky finger than any of you talking crap with ever have in your life. Not to mention that she has more money than any of you will ever see in a life time so get the hell over it and stop talking crap about people and kids.

  38. mike

    c’mon guys, she looks hot! i bet you none of your wives with 2 kids in tow comes close to this, what a MILF!

    • Ahng

      I have two kids, am married and I am certainly what one would call a “MILF”. She still looks sad and I don’t know why she insists on wearing a shirt for a dress, as well as buying stuff at a mall that doesn’t suit her at all. I am betting she is still battling her demons. She doesn’t look good at all, she should stay inside instead of doing photo-op’s ’til she genuinely has that confidence back she used to have.

  39. Britney Spears Flashes Her Panties
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    her toes don’t look happy in those shoes

  40. Britney Spears Flashes Her Panties
    Bow Down Assholes
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    That kids eyes are really close together, so I’m gathering he won’t grow up to be a Dr.

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