‘There Is Another… Sky.. walker.’

As Lindsay Lohan prepares to appear in court today knowing she’ll never see the inside of a jail cell – her usual Friday – 16-year-old Ali Lohan is quietly being groomed in the wings to carry her sister’s torch so their mother will never have to get a real job. Here she is posing for Lindsay’s 6126 clothing line’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection (above) because you know what they did wrong with firecrotch? Waited too long to sexualize her. Clearly, that’s where everything fell apart and not at all the shitass parenting. “Can we get accentuate those illegal breasts some more? I don’t want to pull another daughter out of the opium den I drove her to because I’m Dina Lohan. These kids just have no moderation, I swear.”

Photos: Splash News