There is.. Another.. Olsen Twin..

Or maybe just a little sister.

Because I didn’t spend my childhood watching Olsen twins movies (My Barbies weren’t going to dress themselves!), I had absolutely no idea they have a sister, Elizabeth Olsen, who’s apparently starring in two indie films currently playing at Sundance. Unlike her older sisters, Elizabeth doesn’t look like Yoda on heroin because she wasn’t forced to run a billion dollar franchise using nothing but her toddler tears. She’s also seemed to avoid the normal Disney trappings and went straight to independent cinema with its full frontal nudity which I’m going to attribute to her generally sunny disposition. Not that I’m suggesting her sisters should’ve done the same because, trust me, you’ve undressed one Muppet, you’ve undressed them all. But let this be an example to parents out there. Sure, your daughter could be the next Miley Cyrus, or she could happily appear in indecipherable mumblecore for pennies which allows strange men to see her carnal treasure and call it “a muted farce.” The responsible choice is obvious here.

Photos: Getty, Splash News, WireImage