There is.. Another.. Olsen Twin..

January 24th, 2011 // 69 Comments

Or maybe just a little sister.

Because I didn’t spend my childhood watching Olsen twins movies (My Barbies weren’t going to dress themselves!), I had absolutely no idea they have a sister, Elizabeth Olsen, who’s apparently starring in two indie films currently playing at Sundance. Unlike her older sisters, Elizabeth doesn’t look like Yoda on heroin because she wasn’t forced to run a billion dollar franchise using nothing but her toddler tears. She’s also seemed to avoid the normal Disney trappings and went straight to independent cinema with its full frontal nudity which I’m going to attribute to her generally sunny disposition. Not that I’m suggesting her sisters should’ve done the same because, trust me, you’ve undressed one Muppet, you’ve undressed them all. But let this be an example to parents out there. Sure, your daughter could be the next Miley Cyrus, or she could happily appear in indecipherable mumblecore for pennies which allows strange men to see her carnal treasure and call it “a muted farce.” The responsible choice is obvious here.

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  1. ladym00s

    They have a whole bunch of siblings. I had never seen them (as grown ups) either, though.

  2. imagen

    Christ Almighty! All of those kids were made from the same mold, that’s for damn sure!

  3. That Guy

    This one shows her teeth.

  4. Bucky Barnes

    Does the fact that the younger kin-folk are coming out in the open signal that the Olsen Clan has settled their long-standing feud with the Smurfs?

  5. adolf hitler

    My second piece of advice : have as many kids as you can, ’cause that makes it more likely that one of those kids’ll grow up and make it big in Hollywood. Then who’s paying the bills, eh? Hollywood kid.

  6. Bucky Barnes

    Props to Elizabeth for NOT murdering Heath Ledger… as far as we know.

    • Marnie

      This has definitely got to go into the “Most Important People on the Internet” feature this week. I just spit my fucking coffee out.

  7. Elizabeth Olsen
    Commented on this photo:

    So this is the Cinderella they’ve been keeping locked up, watch out girls, your sister is much cuter

  8. Elizabeth Olsen
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s a cute girl! I’ve never seen so much smiling on an Olsen.

  9. DM

    She’s prettier, and she actually smiles and laughs…Something I think the other Olsens forgot how to do somewhere between granny clothes shopping and starving themselves.

  10. Bucky Barnes

    Wouldn’t it be funny if their dad had followed George Foreman’s example and named all his kids Olaf?

  11. She’s like 17% Maggie Gyllenhaal.

  12. Damn…you can kind of see the resemblance, but it’s like you took an Olsen and fed her regularly, while raising her in a household of loving acceptance instead of a grueling endless cycle of child labor, marketing and grubbing every penny.

    In other words, this one looks human.

  13. Elizabeth Olsen
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    She’s a lot cuter, and she look a lot happier, then her sisters!!!

  14. Elizabeth Olsen
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    I think she’s cute! It’s just kinda ruined by the fact that every time I look at her shiny smile, I see her evil gollum siblings.

  15. seth rogen's vagina

    Does this one have 20 gajillion dollars and want to bang me and pay for all my crap? no? then why should i give a crap? Time to move on to Oprah’s half sister, so I can get at some of that sweet Oprah money.
    Sheesh, this one’s so doughy and plain looking, I’m not even interested in the full frontal nudity. unless somebody wants to post a link to the good parts.

  16. Elizabeth Olsen
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    …Maybe if she changed her hair she’d look less like her gollum siblings? Ahhh it’s such a shame!

  17. Wonder if PETA will go after her for exploiting her pussy.

  18. Jo

    she looks like Ellen Page.

  19. GravyLeg

    She turned out OK for a younger sibling. I sure the twins cast long shadows, but the good news is they are only 4 inches wide…

  20. Elizabeth Olsen
    Mr. Anon E. Mouse
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow! What a pretty woman! Now, if only she could be nice, considerate, and kind, too.

  21. Elizabeth Olsen
    Commented on this photo:

    Yet another of the Four Horseman emerges. Apocalypse… Here we come!

  22. anonymous

    can’t call her an “olsen twin” she’s a sibling but she not a twin. she’s cute.

  23. imapc

    I can’t even explain how weird it is to see an Olsen smiling, laughing.

  24. Turd Ferguson

    I cant wait until she is a billionaire, then starts dressing like Helena Bonham Carter, losing weight and walking the streets like a zombie.

  25. xanax in my beer

    Always thought the olsen twins looked like those good luck troll dolls. This one seems to have avoided that little piece of troll doll DNA.

    • Amy

      Haha! Since they were babies, I’ve always agreed with that troll doll assessment. This one’s a real looker, though. Adorable.

  26. Elizabeth Olsen
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    who is this happy Olsen? Freak.

  27. This one was programmed to find Sarah Connor.

  28. Elizabeth Olsen
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    She can suck the juice right out of you…. with that mouth…

  29. chadbryden

    Fucking hot. Love the younger looking girls.

  30. Elizabeth Olsen
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    An Olson smiling??? Unheard of…. there must be some black magic in the works……Madonna?

  31. Elizabeth Olsen
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    Reminds me of Addams Family Values movie when Wednesday was made to smile in camp

  32. Sam

    Duh, hence the name of their line “Elizabeth & James”.

    I think she sort of looks like Sophia Bush.

  33. GravyLeg

    Damned if Daddy Olsen didn’t marry a woman with a slot machine for a vagina…
    Passing through her birth canal is a straight up “Jackpot” scenario.

  34. I like this twin, the no meth look really works for her.

  35. maybe is time to stop posting

    I LOVE this one
    she is flipping gorgeous, Wow! I never thought that anything remotely good looking was going to come out of that family,
    plus the smiling is cute and awesome, She is not doing that stupid Duck lips shit that the other two fetuses do,
    God they are UGLY, like Aborted fetus ugly, Mary Kate looks like a Dog fetus that was chewed by an albino dog and left for dead,
    ugliest women on hollywood, Except for snooki
    I really cannot believe she comes from the same family, I guess this is what a normal human looking Olsen looks like

  36. micea

    she makes her sisters look like clones that were defective,

  37. Elizabeth Olsen
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    An Olsen without a deviated septum…bitch please.

  38. Elizabeth Olsen
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    Holy Crap they can smile!!!

  39. Elizabeth Olsen
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    The other Olson twin is… Ellen Page?

  40. Elizabeth Olsen
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    Being an Olson is not all it’s… cracked up to be

  41. Elizabeth Olsen
    lol wut?
    Commented on this photo:

    my god i want her to be my best friend.

  42. Elizabeth Olsen
    Phil Yerassin
    Commented on this photo:

    nice thread. i came in my own mouth

  43. Elizabeth Olsen
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s beautiful.

  44. Elizabeth Olsen
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m more afraid she’ll swallow Rosie whole or something, possibly suck your soul out.
    That mouth is unholy!

  45. Elizabeth Olsen
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    She is really adorable but still looks like a normal girl. And she doesn’t have that “deer in the headlights” look the twins always seem to have.

  46. Diana

    She has the same dumb, vacant facial expression as all the other blonde chicks.

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