The Spice Girls empower women to stand around

November 2nd, 2007 // 85 Comments

The Spice Girls debuted their new video this afternoon on The Today Show website. And, let me tell you, girl power is back, baby! If you’re a woman out there who doesn’t think you can stand around in a room, or, I dunno, sit in chair, this video is for you. Consider yourself empowered, lady. If these five friends can do it, so can you. Sure one of them has crazy sick abs that resemble my own manly set, but, hey, Ginger Spice just had a baby. And you can relate to that. She’s just trying to show you that, unless you turn that prego tummy into Tyler Durden, there’s really no point in living. Girl power!


  1. first


  2. Spice


  3. Cate

    Is it strange that I was never that into the Spice Girls? Everyone else my age was… still don’t understand why.

  4. stop relaxing!

    scary spice needs to go back to her natural hairstyle

  5. cookie monsta

    haven’t these wenches started to punch on yet?

  6. PunkA

    After Spice World, I do not see how they got a comeback shot.

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  9. i know speaky eengleesh? jose? jesus? hernandez? fernandez? pop!

  10. Annabel

    Just what the world needed: The Spice Girls. Now all that’s missing is a new David Hasselhoff single.

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  12. roger ebert

    well that was utter crap. that song is awful. and the video makes no sense in relation to it whatsoever. way overdone with the over interpretive squirmy arms movements? posh can’t emote her way out of a vomit bag. geri just wants any excuse to take off her shirt and be photographed. scary rolling around on fur with her tit job busting out. and scary and baby chose to keep it covered, and end up the least featured.. wtf was that shit? negative 3 stars

  13. moobs

    xBrilliant musical artists!

    *golf claps*

  14. Calaverita

    GIRL POWER!!??? Superficial are you really okay? I think i´m going to Perez Hilton dot com.


  15. mabbo

    Their music was always crap. However, I will admit they all look pretty good. Better than Britney Spears! I think these girls just might kick Brit Brit’s ass in the music industry. Did anyone else listen to that “interview” Britney had with Ryan Seacrest?? Trainwreck.

  16. imran karim

    the video is so random

  17. baarze

    Shit song, video… embarassment to them all tbh.
    But hey… it’s for Children In Need… they’re doing it for the kids.

  18. #11 That is awesome! Really I am still laughing!!!

  19. a

    is this site being hijacked? my bookmark to has worked until today and i get redirected to

    this is in your header on index.html

    so i assume it is being done on purpose. pretty lame!

  20. a

    meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;

  21. jennybelly

    do my eyes deceive me? did superfish just defend pregnant or post pregnancy women?! did he just show signs of non-shallow behaviour, or dare i say it…. non-misogyny?! did he just say women shouldn’t be pressured into gaining perfect figures having just had babies? I feel faint, surely the world must implode now. my smelling salts GET ME MY SMELLING SALTS

  22. who der?

    Julie Anderson is a cunt. But not as big a cunt as the spice girls. They should go back to 1998 when they were popular.

  23. Billy Bones


  24. RENEE Z...

    Ick!!! I thought we were done with these stupid, useless bitches years ago and they were just an embarrassment & distant memory…kind of like New Kids on the Block…and Britney Spears any day now…please someone tell me BS will disappear into her own black hole (ooh…)soon; never to be seen again…

  25. Roflcer of the Lawl

    Damn baby spice is fucking hot.

  26. Ript1&0

    It’s nice to see a Ginger on top for once.

    I’m not actually gonna listen to this crap though. I’ve gotta draw a line somewhere, and this is it.

  27. jacknasty

    Wow, Ginger looks damn fine!

  28. junyper

    Almost 40 and way better than Britney.

  29. millie

    someone make them go away

  30. That cover is really elegant and retro. – sought of like a 70s Vogue

    Love the color harmony

  31. Clem

    What a pile of shit.

  32. TheCritic

    Middle-aged desperate women standing around to a washed up bubblegum pop ballad. Who on earth finds these girls hot and sexy?

    I guess their reunion tour will be a big gayfest.

  33. Barneys!!

    I too would like a blunt in a cunt..Spice up your vaginas? I can see the Slim Jim guy screaming that, and it makes me chuckle. Thanks Beaner, or whatever your name is..

  34. deporting Sexy Illegal Mexican Border Hopping Jumping Bean

    Don’t know what Mel B’s new nickname should be, but Victoria Beckham is absolutely the new Scary Spice.

  35. Scary Spice and Scarier Spice.

  36. steveq

    to calaverita @ #14

    You stupid, vacant, vapid, useless cunt.

    What an ambulatory vacuum tube.

    The fish is using sarcasm.

    But that is way over your fucking 3rd grade minority head. FUCK YOU WHORE

    to other users, don’t email about the “minority” thing, I know this cunt, and yes, she is a minority because the majority of users here are NOT RETARDED (has nothing to do with race).

    BITE SOME SHIT out of your dad’s ass when he fucks you again tonite you whore.


    all done.

  37. LaDrones

    Very mediocre song and video. Middle-aged, even. At least they were fun when they were big.

  38. FRT

    Hey #3 Cate…to answer your query…your an intelligent human and can spot REAL TALENT!

    Anyone who knows anything about music…knows that there has never been a less talented bunch of fake-studio-recorded-executive-run-advertising-executive-run-but-lets-all-make-a-gazzillion-dollars-off-of-this-rag-tag-no-talent-group-of-what-so-ever-losers!
    Because in the end the population of kids will mass like sheep going to slaughter and make us all RICH winners!
    But not you Cate…good girl!

  39. Juggernaut

    #38 “you’re”

  40. Feckless

    ______jumping bean is awesome. Basically this video says to me that superficiality rules and I have nothing against that – look where I’m at.

  41. Freaking hideous.

  42. Leen

    I just don’t get the underwear part of the video. Or why Posh is all tangled up in hers. Explanation? Anyone?

  43. Rusting Rabbit

    Dude this video is empowering.

    I love laying around the house looking hott and denying my boyfriend sex. It’s the greatest feeling in the world.

    It’s like my life.

  44. secybitch

    I never got these chicks, even back in 1997. Their songs are awful, only two sing at all, they don’t play instruments. They were a joke then and a much worse one now. I have never known anyone who owned their music or liked any of their songs. I am about their age too, a little younger. How the fuck did their “tour” sell out in 37 seconds?????????? Who likes these slags????

  45. Dick Richards

    I thought that civilization (not counting Africa) realized the futility of a “Spice World”? Strange. The Spice Girls. Fucking lame. Very, very lame. Human beings are fucking dumb. We’ve gone to the moon. Humans even landed a space “probe” on an asteroid that was traveling at tens-of thousands of miles per hour! Do you realize the amount of calculation that something of that magnitude requires? Trajectories, speeds, orbits. Even just knowing there’s going to be an asteroid in the first place. Heavy. And, then. Then there’s the Spice Girls. What the fuck?

  46. earlmale

    so, which one’s OLD spice? zing!

  47. mary

    i was watching some old spice girls music videos and feeling very surprised at how animated victoria beckham could be or used to be or maybe still is when noone is watching. THAT, my friends…is the essence of bizarre.

    she was my favorite spice girl back in the day a loooong time ago, though.

  48. Narcissist

    Is Sporty Chisholm in this? I can’t tell her from Halliwell. Looks like Halliwells not farting around, though.

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