The 2009 American Music Awards

November 23rd, 2009 // 62 Comments

I’ve barely been awake for a few hours and already I’m tired of the American Music Awards, so here’s a huge pic gallery so we can move on with our lives. Sadly, none of these people fall on their asses in a hilarious YouTube video, but they did achieve some form of musical greatness. Whatever that’s worth.

Alicia Keys
Janet Jackson
Whitney Houston
Carrie Underwood
Kelly Clarkson
Pete Wentz
Val Kilmer & 50 Cent
Morena Baccarin
Sofia Vergara

Photos: Getty

  1. cc

    Kelly Clarkson’s ‘All Butter Diet’ seems to be paying dividends.

  2. Jessie

    Marnie, don’t go and off yourself alone: I thought the exact same thing the second I saw that dress.

    I’ll go with you. We can pull a Thelma and Louise.

  3. Kelly Clarkson is still fat. Carrie Underwood looks beautiful.

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  8. The picture of Rihanna at the 2009 American Music Awards is so hot, very nice thanks for sharing

  9. Kelly Clarkson’s ‘All Butter Diet’ seems to be paying dividends.

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