The Situation Sells Lollipops Now

And they suck… *puts on shades* … as much as I do.


File this one under the absolutely straightest thing you’ve read all day. It practically owns a hunting cabin. Via The Sugar Factory:

Sorrentino’s sweet treat is a one-of-a-kind haute lollipop stick, designed to resemble the Italian national flag with its stacked rhinestones of red, white and green. The Situation Signature Couture Pop is available for purchase in Sugar Factory stores at The Mirage, Paris Las Vegas and Miracle Mile inside Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

I’m not one for macho displays asserting how strappingly heterosexual I am – Did I mention strappingly? – but I can safely say that if someone dared asked me in all my masculinity to design a “haute couture lollipop,” you better believe that shit would have taffeta. I’m talking crushed.

Photos: Splash News, WENN