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January 14th, 2011 // 35 Comments

Rush Limbaugh billboard in Tucson, Arizona.

Welcome to the part of The Superficial where I direct you to other posts that happened during the day because a surprisingly large amount of you think the posts on the front page are the only thing I’ve written, and an even frighteningly larger amount think the old posts fall off the page into the mouth of a dragon.

Also, one guy thinks I’m a griffin.

First Look: Chris Evans as Captain America. Now With More Helmet.
Selma Blair Has Something in Her Uterus. You’ll Never Guess.
Carrie Fisher Wants to Wear the Princess Leia Bikini Again

Photo via Deus Ex Malcontent


  1. Mark

    Lame, stick with posting naked photos of crackhead celebs.

  2. Cardinal Fang

    (dizzy) uh, gee… I feel like going out and shooting people now. I feel all uh woozy and like my actions aren’t my own. Kinda like those mindless Obama voters. Will you get out of my head Limbaugh!!! Kill. Kill. Kill…K.. ki… heh….

  3. The Man

    Rush is right! Obama is pitiful and wrong. Enough said!

    • Baldy


    • Burt

      And Rush isn’t pitiful? How many times was he arrested for drugs. Oh, and that slogan…He can’t even legally own a firearm because of his drug conviction, or at least he couldn’t for a period after it.

  4. Lady Blah Blah

    Nothing lame at all about posting this. Limbaugh is a sack of shit, as is Glenn Beck and a bunch of other right wing scum I won’t bother to name. Fuck them.

    • here in va you can walk around with a pistol/rifle/ak47.. as long as it’s not concealed. it’s kinda tempting to show up at one of his gigs with a 30-30, see how he likes it.

  5. Cock Dr

    Fuck Rush Limbaugh.
    Fuck him right in his bloated Vicodin addicted whale ass.

  6. Mike Walker

    If you didn’t have this page, the Carrie Fisher item would’ve fit on the RSS menu and I wouldn’t have needed to look at this at all. Increase the # of RSS items to 10 please.

  7. Baldy

    Let the crazy, hatefilled lefty comments begin!

  8. Zing

    This place sucks more and more eveytime I have the misfortune of stumbling upon it.

  9. midwester

    all you Tree hugging lefties should move to “your” America. obviously it isn’t here. go off yourself as soon as possible … makes me puke knowing that soon I will be paying more for you to have some form of healthcare. news flash for all you artsy kids… degrees or higher education in art is equivalent to winning an award at the special Olympics. looks cute on paper but in reality no one cares!

    • noooooooooo

      Odd how the same applies to the construction industry and auto industry as well. Durp what a bunch of tools, making structures that people rely on, haha stupid freeway construction people omg its not like it’s that hard to make a bridge. Lulz for your trade school certifications just like those art kids.

      Oh and all of you engineers that lost your jobs to Russia, India and China, rofl nice piece of paper you got, too bad you didn’t want it as much as the guy getting paid 40 cents a day.

      It’s easy to talk like a clueless moron and ignore what’s going on with the tide. As we transition from production to services everyone gets fucked no matter what they do.

      • Vice Magnet

        Name me one land that wasn’t conquered and ruled by another, imbecile. England? Germany? Russia? China? Anywhere in Africa? You need to read some world history, chump.

    • New Yorker

      Your America is a land stolen from its native inhabitants and built on the backs of slaves, including wage slaves like you who are too fucking dumb to realize that they are being duped and exploited by the right wing assholes they support. And your America, like ancient Rome, is over. Enjoy the decline and fall of your fragile little world, punk, but do us a favor and suffer in silence (unlike your pathetic armchair reactionary warrior heroes, such as narcotics rush Limbaugh).

    • Jim Jones

      What a tard. Keep showing your ignorance on the health care bill, which was supposed to save us money by controlling rising health care costs (those of us paying for private insurance as well as the government, reducing the deficit by over 140 billion), until those supposed fiscally responsible Republicans (despite the fact that Republican leadership has presided over growing deficits and greater government spending, whereas the Dems have reduced both) take over and repeal it. One step forward, 5 steps back for America, where ignorance reigns supreme.

      • DFCtomm

        We’re going to supply heath care to 30 million and this is suppose to reduce cost? Did you really fall for that? I can stomach the argument that it’s the right thing to do. I don’t agree with it, but it is a valid position. However, to think we’ll do it and save money is humorous.

  10. Ray Doggy Dogg

    This billboard is clearly a call to militant heterophobia.

  11. wim

    I appologize: This Is Conciddered As American Humor.

  12. GodComplex

    You posess the style and creativity of a tapeworm. You suck cocks. And you project you own shortcomings as a human into this site in the form of failed humor.

    I like lovely ladies as much as the next guy but 99% of the stuff you post is just fucking stupid or a regurgitated mess from another site.

    Hows that ad revenue working out for ya?

  13. Gary B

    Every time some psycho goes on some shooting spree, the media always gets blamed. Columbine it was DOOM and marylin manson, even-though the never listem to him, For this whackjob it is right wing media even-though the video on TMZ has him spewing left wing talking points.

    All these killers have the same issues.

    Alienated from Society – Check

    Childhood trauma and abuse – check

    oppressed and persecuted or at least they think they are – check

    cling to ideology or extremist religions and movements that reinforce their delusions – check

    If it was not right wing media or leftist ideology this nutcase was going to cling to something, He could have rented ZARDOZ and then shot up a supermarket wearing a red diaper, bandoleer and hooker boots screaming “The gun is good, the penis is evil”

    • Chupacabra

      So correct. You put this guy in Pakistan, and he would have strapped bombs to himself and blown up a bus of little girls trying to go to school (he would have clung to islam). They guy should have been committed years ago (but we have deinstitutionalized the mental health facilities in the country in the 70′s). He said ‘goodbye friends’ on his myspace page the morning of the shootings (who uses myspace but idiots, murderers, and bands now?) and really, this guy didn’t HAVE any friends.

  14. Master Baiter

    Way to jump on the “Blame Talk Radio” bandwagon……too bad you’re a few days late (like usual) to the party and no one’s left. Even your messiah has admitted that the shooting had nothing to do with political rhetoric.

  15. hollywood_hillbilly

    Dear midwester, and the rest of you nitwit “conservatives”: please secede.



    • DFCtomm

      Please God say it’s true. You ever wonder why it’s always the conservatives talking about secession and never liberals? It’s because we pay the bills. You need us but we don’t need you, and that’s why, even though you talk about how evil we are, you’ll never let us go.

  16. Do3SecsOfResearch

    You even had any credibility versus leftist agenda, you would find out this guy didnt listen to talk radio. Though he was to neither side he found comfort in communism. So instead of spewing this crap, do some homework.

    Screw this, I am off to egotastic where you steal all your post anyways.

    • hollywood_hillbilly

      Did you read anything fish wrote? All he did was post a picture of a rush billboard with multiple firearm references located in tucson and you assume it is related to the recent murders commited there? Sounds like someone has a guilty conscience.

  17. Cock Cheese

    What right wingers don’t get: “survival of the fittest” is the way untamed nature works, it’s not a prescription for how human beings should live. Christian right wingers are Christian in name only, because Jesus did not play the Roman Empire game, did not support the Roman Empire, was executed by the Roman Empire, and did NOT teach any kind of “survival of the fittest” philosophy. It was Nietzsche who rejected Christ’s teachings in favor of a dog-eat-dog/survival of the fittest mentality, and you know which 20th century right wingers admired the hell of of Nietzsche.

    • DFCtomm

      Are you talking about the National Socialist German Worker’s Party also known as NAZI? Cause you know that name sounds so right wing.

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