1. Tom

    ‘Nother monkey-faced blonde.


    She’s needs the Lord Jesus Christ in her life to free her from her sins.

  3. zoya

    Her teeth are the same color as her hair – gross.

  4. Dick Dickerson

    This is what happens when humans mate with aliens

  5. RPColtrane

    Oh haiiii! I have hand jaundice!

  6. J

    I loved her in nightmare before Christmas!

  7. Turd Ferguson

    Which Olsen twin is that?
    The one that dresses like an Emo Grandmother or, uh, the other one that dresses like a homeless Grandmother?

  8. Hemingway

    Hell yes, bitches!

  9. franticCORPSE

    She looks terrible…. its an extremely ugly dress and doesnt go with the ULTRA-GOTH nails and makeup….i think someone should tell her the only teenaged boys beat off to gothed up “metal”chicks

  10. reformed_druid

    How much money does she spend on eye liner every month anyway?

  11. Jack Oft

    Who the hell is this bitch?

  12. Rob

    hey look it’s a rabid raccoon!!

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