1. Black people claimed a small victory against Google when the Old Spice Guy recently denied dating Kathy Griffin: They dont fuck ALL ugly white women.
    Next battle: How to get them to not complete the sentence “Why do Black” with
    people have big lips
    people have curly hair
    people like grape soda

    • angel

      haha you’re racist but yet back in the day people called your forefathers “honkeys.” you amuse me.

  2. antoine bugleboy

    (All that’s missing is Sam Ronson’s fist…and/or MIchael Lohan’s foot)

  3. little turtle head

    I’d love to eat her box!!!!!!

  4. Scrambled chicks

    id you know baby chicks are ground up alive by the egg industry?
    Baby cows are ripped from the murdered dairy cow’s stomasch, nevck slit, kicks for life unable to scream, chucked on garbage. All the babies from the pregnancy are throats slit
    Milk full of pus, blood, cholesterol, from mastitus
    Piglets often hooked alive, boiled alive, beaten
    Chickens boiled alive or cut

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