The Most Important People on The Internet: Volume 12

January 29th, 2011 // 56 Comments

Welcome to The Most Important People on The Internet volume that officially makes these bad boys a veritable dozen in an egg crate of WTF. — I have no idea what I just said. At any rate, what this week’s collection lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality and SNL references that will make me never look at Molly Shannon the same way again. (Read: With pants.) Also, I’d like to give a special tip of the jimmy hat to commenter “Bowman” for dubbing Charlie Sheen’s porn star house “Clam Manor.” I don’t know why that’s so funny to me, but it is, so shut up and tell me I’m pretty before I pout the rest of the night.

You never take me anywhere anymore,

- The Superficial

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    Bucky Barnes
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  2. Bucky Barnes

    The comment about Miley being preggers with Jeremy Piven’s ‘mercury flipper baby’ even made my parrot laugh. He’s a sucker for a mutant baby joke, though…

  3. The Superficial Comments
    its me fuckers
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    Bwahahahahaha!!!! LOVE this comment!

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    this one was good.

  5. The Superficial Comments
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    not funnny

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    This one has the power to bend all four elements and is destined to maintain balance in the world.

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    Satan's bitch
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    Kudos to Michael!

  8. youcandieNOW

    LMFAO @ Paul Stanley in a bikini!

  9. The Superficial Comments
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    I really like that one… :D

  10. The Superficial Comments
    Cock Dr
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    I love pope jokes, and this was a good one.

  11. The Superficial Comments
    Mel Gibson's Shrink
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    yeah, but the thing is i am sure his dad would fuck her even with his own.

  12. BanDit82Baby

    Who the fuck are the those two skeletons in designer dresses?? They look like Skeletor’s illegitimate daughters. Heroin is a be-yoch…

  13. lightdragon

    the one with Jodie Foster I did not understand. otherwise all were good.

    • Bucky Barnes

      Took me a minute to figure it out but it’s a reference to the “puts the lotion on it’s skin” line from Silence of the Lambs. In a strange plot twist it turns out that Jodie Foster is really Buffalo Bill.

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    Rather Dashing
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    Yeah… not funny. You’d better look out jojo. Her husband is going to come kick your ass! Oh… wait…

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    ad nasuem
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  17. The Superficial Comments
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    Ha! I laughed.

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    [Person this asshole looks like] + [contrived quip] = post it some more.

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    Those shoes are hot.

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    Well played.

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    I’d say we don’t know where those hands have been, but that’s a lie.

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  23. Mark

    I was going to say she looks like a llama with tits but Paul Stanley in a bikini is a much better description.

  24. Banner week, stinky mcpoop. Well done!

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    They say that when the panties are off, you can see the depths of her soul this way.

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    I’m strangely mesmerized by the GoopCrotch.

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    wow, kurt cobain really dodged a bullet didn’t he?.. ooh. too soon?

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    She looks like a Tengu Warrior

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    Would you f*** me? I’d f*** me. I’d f*** me hard.

  32. phil

    Pretty lean crop this week, imho.

    • Sorry, it was busy at work this week. Believe it or not, making anonymous smart-ass comments on a celebrity blog site doesn’t pay my bills :)

  33. Honey

    She looks fantastic. I don;t like fake boobs at all, but at least she got them proportionate with her thin frame.

    Farrah is beautiful.

  34. The Superficial Comments
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    Man, that little boy is really good at tucking. You can’t see any bulge at all.

  35. The Superficial Comments
    bi chick
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    nice body but who is this?

  36. The Superficial Comments
    bi chick
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    where did her ass go?

  37. Master Spook

    Pssssst! What happened to her hand? Shhh…..

  38. The Superficial Comments
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    i know, right bi chick!?

  39. Stace

    dog…or llama will do since its the consensus. her mom should abort now

  40. wim

    can’t help it……….

  41. owenshooter

    Farrah Abraham, she is one of the teen moms…-0

  42. The Superficial Comments
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    she looks like breanne benson

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    Mortimer Duke
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    Ha ha ha ha! Funny.

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    Mortimer Duke
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  45. The Superficial Comments
    Mortimer Duke
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    I died. This one is hysterical!

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    Get Ready
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    Thanks Fish!

  47. Cardinal Fang

    Tonight I wanna give it all to you
    In the darkness, there’s so much I wanna do
    And tonight I wanna lay it at your feet
    ‘Cause girl, I was made for you
    And girl, you were made for me

  48. The pope is pimpin in that outfit and those red shoes!!! He got game mofo’s!!!

  49. Valentina

    Farrah, honey, you’d better maintain that body….because your face is Sarah Jessica Parker fugly.

  50. The Superficial Comments
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    I keep thinking of Freddie Mercury in the We Are the Champions video, every time I see those bangs. I’ve tried so hard to ignore it…but I just can’t!

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