The Kardashians Will Literally Put Their Name on Anything

February 8th, 2011 // 43 Comments

True story. I went into this post with the intention of writing about Khloe Kardashian‘s desire to fit into a bikini, only to stumble upon something even more ridiculous that also has no reason to exist. Via People:

“I’m in a working-out process, and I’m definitely back on trying to lose weight,” Kardashian, 26, told PEOPLE Friday while promoting her Kardashian Glam Shapes SillyBandz at Kitson in L.A.

Kardashian. SillyBandz. Who the hell would even buy those for their kids? I’d almost prefer my daughter come up from school with a bookbag full of weed and condoms than go, “Look, daddy. Kourt Kourt’s on my pinky pink!” Not to mention the confusion if these ever got mixed with the Star Wars ones which could easily happen. “Okay, I’ve got Chewbacca and… Two Death Stars stuck together? That can’t be right.”

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  1. nooooooooo

    Silly wildebeest, weight loss is for humans!

  2. jojo

    Why doesn’t PETA ever scold Khloe? She wears a full body suit of fur everyday.

    • Lol, how sad. Her face is great; Man, that is some great hair, too. If she wasn’t a famous douche you would think: “This is one hot fattie.”
      ….unless you are Slash, then you would be thinking, “Dang, this is one hot waif!”

  3. They put their name on Khloe, so they can’t be too concerned about it.

  4. BigJim

    I’d like to see her put her name on a brand of elephant guns.

  5. GravyLeg

    Now if it was a SillyLapBand that would totally make sense.

  6. taco flavored kisses

    They’re shilling silly bandz now??? Fucking money grubbing slut. Krusty the Klown personified.

  7. Ruth

    Last sentence took a while, but then I lol’d.

  8. RoboZombie

    Fat…AND ugly.

  9. Jay

    at least we know now chewbacca was a carnivore

  10. I looked at the website and the SillyBandz come in the silhouette shape of the sisters, the Khloe one is only slightly larger than the other two. It’s still hanging from the top of the Empire State Building, clutching a bucket of chicken though.

  11. sasha

    None of these “women” should be allowed to promote anything that is marketed to young girls. Ugh.

  12. These are the same people that presided over the grand opening of a public toilet.

    • Richard McBeef

      when you can’t act, can’t sing, and lack any kind of discernible talent what are you supposed to do? Get a job? pffftttt.

  13. Mortimer Duke

    Im confused. Wasnt she just pregnant? Did she not have a kid or she has a kid and what? Isnt she pregnant in that first pic? Cause im for damn sure thats a maternity blouse…

  14. Hmm

    WTH happened to their endorsement deal with Quick-Trim? Isn’t this a bad announcement for that particular endorsement deal?

  15. josh

    I think you meant that everything she’s touching is literally turning into shit, Fish.

  16. anonymous

    Even Baby Jesus does not want to see her Wookie ass in a bikini no matter how much weight she loses.

  17. has to be said


  18. RichPort

    Khloe Kardishian… proof positive that no amount of plastic surgery, money, will, dieting, or fame can ever make a dopey girl hot…

  19. GravyLeg

    The Kardashians should have locked her away in a bell tower in France. Ugg.

  20. slappy magoo

    I’m ashamed to say, I once had Kourt Kort on my pinky pink. My pee stung for MONTHS.

  21. Juano

    Watch how quickly they back away from this if bad press results. Remember the debit card that they were “tricked” into endorsing because they are so stupid they didn’t read the fine print or ask what the deal would be (riggghhhtttt)?

    They’d endorse a tampon dispenser if they thought there was any dough in it.

  22. I think she’s prettier than piss ridden, dixie cup titted Kim…

  23. prince threw kim k off stage last nite. if we could only gong them all forever..

  24. Wow

    It must be hard trying to hold your head up everyday in society KNOWING how much EVERYONE hates you and your family because they’re just so goddamn FAKE.

    A sister that’s known for having been pissed on in a sex tape with a nobody.
    Another sister that gets dissed and disprespected by the father of her bastard kid.
    And a mother that pimps them ALL out, just so she can continue to live the lifestyle she’s used to, no matter what the cost.

  25. AC

    In the Pacific Northwest, they package those as Sasquatch SillyBandz: win-win!

    • babooda

      Here in the Pacific Northwest the head and shoulders of that would be hanging on the wall in someone’s trophy room as proof of the existence of Sasquatch !
      The only people here that would be caught dead with silly bandz live in Eugene and go to U of O !

  26. Khloe Kardashian
    Commented on this photo:

    So apparently you missed Kim Kardashian’s endorsement of toilet paper a few months back. Yes. Seriously. She did something with Charmin toilet paper.

  27. suck it

    Khole looks good in these pics. I like the auburn hair. Better than the red or the brown.

  28. Kare

    Wow!! Nothing but a bunch of nasty hateful animals. I hope you all have had kids already,. If not. God

    • JinneP

      THANK YOU!!! I was reading all these comments and getting so upset at how hateful all these people are for NO reason! It makes me sick! And all of you people saying how fat Khloe is, It’s people like YOU that make women anorexic. How is she even Fat??? REALLY??? How can that be okay that anyone over a size five is called fat?? You all need help.

  29. Anya

    Most likely it will smell in piss in a bottle, and considering who her family is, it’s not all that surprising.

  30. captain america

    for the last time: khloe “The Cow” isn’t a Kadashian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Jann

    WHY do you all care?

  32. Aaronraider13

    Please Dr Buss! Trade Lamar to Charlotte or Cleveland or Detroit and get this no talent cow out of LA!

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