The Kardashians Will Literally Put Their Name on Anything

True story. I went into this post with the intention of writing about Khloe Kardashian’s desire to fit into a bikini, only to stumble upon something even more ridiculous that also has no reason to exist. Via People:

“I’m in a working-out process, and I’m definitely back on trying to lose weight,” Kardashian, 26, told PEOPLE Friday while promoting her Kardashian Glam Shapes SillyBandz at Kitson in L.A.

Kardashian. SillyBandz. Who the hell would even buy those for their kids? I’d almost prefer my daughter come up from school with a bookbag full of weed and condoms than go, “Look, daddy. Kourt Kourt’s on my pinky pink!” Not to mention the confusion if these ever got mixed with the Star Wars ones which could easily happen. “Okay, I’ve got Chewbacca and… Two Death Stars stuck together? That can’t be right.”

Photos: Flynet