The Duggars Are Going Broke

“So the funny part is Joshua didn’t turn 16 until a few months later which means technically he didn’t meet the legal definition of a pedophile. So you could just imagine the surprise on our faces. Am I right, Duggars?”

Thanks to TLC kicking them off the air because it’s super serious about child abuse for real this time (Honey who?), the Duggars are quickly going broke thanks to reportedly taking a $25 million loss in future earnings*changes pants* – and the eight million mouths to feed probably aren’t helping. Fortunately, one of the key tenets of the Quiverfull movement is never stop hustling because, again, you legally still have to feed the children that fall out of your Jesus-hole even after the tenth one. Goddamn socialists are ruining this country. Via UPROXX:

The Duggar arc is sinking fast, and they’re growing desperate. After all, it costs an estimated $245,000 to raise a child. The Duggars don’t believe in allowing their daughters to work, and the entire family’s skillset is limited. OK! magazine discovered evidence that the family’s looking for a new funding source. On the Duggar Studios YouTube page, they asked for donations.

Apparently the Duggars think they cut out the middlemen and their fans will pay them for such exciting videos as “How the Duggars play basketball” and music playing over some sort of scenery. It’s all very riveting stuff that will sadly work because people give money to churches all the time, and Jesus hasn’t showed up to any of them. Not one. You’d think he’d pop in for birthdays or something. What the hell are they paying him for?

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