The Crap We Missed – Wednesday 9.7.11

“God, JonBenét Ramsey would’ve killed for those calves. Or, okay, her parents would’ve. You know what I mean.”

Welcome to Wednesday’s The Crap We Missed featuring Jennifer Love Hewitt still not married, Marc Anthony looking for love in all the places that have clothes with his face on it and Emma Watson seeing Michael Jackson’s ghost again. “For the last time, I’m not a boy and, no, I don’t know where Daniel Radcliffe lives. So, do you want Rupert Grint’s address or not? — Is he still a ginger? Gettin’ bleedin’ picky now, aren’t we?”

Phoebe Price needs more kid in the background,

- The Superficial

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Photo: Bauer-Griffin, Fame, Flynet, INFdaily, Pacific Coast News, Splash News, WENN