1. ugh whats worse, the sick pap that actually took the upskirt, or myself for looking..

  2. Rough: youll be in the hospital in (a record breaking)about FOUR minutes!

    Now this is illegal. This is an absolute outrage. Her personal space should not be violated like that….

  3. walnut

    so disappointed. no panties visible unless their the exact same color as her skirt but those thights/hose would maker her panties black unless she’s weird enough to wear them on the outside.

    do you people not know what panties look like?

    • Bucky Barnes

      You’re right. Anybody who wants an actual glimpse above her knees better bring along 6 friends to help lift her gut out of the way.

    • TomFrank

      Agreed. Those do not look like panties, and if they are, there is nothing traumatic about this. Next…

  4. notyou

    Isn’t that Stiffler’s mom?

  5. Why does she have “just got boned in the back seat” hair? awe geeze…why? what’s in the box!??

  6. She’s trying to distract you from the fact that her second chin has now become a second neck.

  7. The Critical Crassness

    What is the real purpose of photoshopping Kirstie Alley’s head and hands on to Ke$ha’s body? I, mean seriously, it is freakin’ waste of time.

  8. Now for the bad news. she is not wearing gray panties.

  9. Marley B.

    You all better hope you’re this sexy when you’re 60 and nothing wrong with a little extra meat at that age! She earned it!

  10. Lita

    At least she didn’t drop her weave.

  11. Beatnik

    All you people making fun of Kirstie Alley’s weight should be ashamed of yourselves. You’ve lost sight of what’s important here–the woman has weave tracks that would make Britney Spears cringe and NOBODY IS MENTIONING IT!

  12. Pete

    Would someone please tell the site admin that the view full size link is broken? I can’t turn it off.

  13. Ismoss

    What shes done to herself should be criminal offense.

  14. Ismoss

    What shes done to herself should be a criminal offense.

  15. Magenta

    Look at the weave. This is just an elaborate prank. Kirstie Alley died years ago and she is now played by one of the leading drag queens.

  16. eidnam

    Kirstie Alley, the Britney Spears of the mid 80′s.

  17. “just make me look drunk” she said once again to the make-up girl.

  18. Double D

    I’d do her. Just have to be in the state where beastiality is legal. Mississippi?

  19. Whoomp there it is

    John Travolta is really overreacting to those bald-spot photos.

  20. macmac

    Release the kraken

  21. Where’s that forklift I requested?

  22. Pizza the Hutt!?!?!

  23. TB

    Remember Drunk Girl from Weekend Update on SNL? Looks like Jeff Richards has a intellectual property suit on his hands.

  24. KillerKyle

    HAHAHHA … the cameras were too afraid to look any further down because they would have been sucked into an infinite vortex of food and intern spunk!

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