1. My Left Nut

    Hear dear, let me flick that booger off your breast.

  2. O'chunt

    Nipple twist!


  4. wow

    Haven’t I seen these before somewhere? I just can’t quite seem to put my fing- Purple Nurple!

  5. twinkle

    I love my job!

  6. Keno

    I knew it, one thumb high.

  7. Scott

    Our latest model, the “ScarJo 2000″ was inspired by actress Scarlett Johannson. Let me do a little demonstration. First, we must power her on with a twist of her right nipple…

  8. “I wonder if I can make these look like that picture on the internet…”

  9. “Listen, I’m not gonna lie. I saw your ‘leaked’ pics. I fapped to them. Now, if this is a dream I need to pinch… I mean you”

  10. SSHGuru

    It’s a trick – he removed her nipple and put it on the back of his hand.

  11. Richard McBeef

    Tune in Tokyo.

  12. Crankybitch

    The perv did it and he’s wearing a wedding ring. Bailiff, whack his pee pee!

  13. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    Give me just one touch, and I’ll make the internet go away.

  14. Snack pack

    The friggin’ rich can get away with ANYTHING!

  15. “You’ve got a little crumb on you, let me get that…and get that…and get that…and BOOM goes the dynamite!”

  16. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    “Fuck Anthony Weiner ! i know what i likes!”

  17. The Brown Streak

    “My name is Scott Stringer, and I approve of these breasts.” Paid for by the Hacked Cell Phone Council of America.

  18. farting old man's wife

    YEAH BABY!! let me get that nipple good and hard!! OH yeah daddy likes that!!

  19. Her official nipple hair plucker works overtime.

  20. “Cuts my thumbs! I mean, who has EVER seen a nipple that would do that? Right? ONLY in Manhattan! Stringer for President!”

  21. Bonky

    All comments aside, that is a million dollar photo.

  22. luciddreamer99

    Although previously anti-nipple, Stringer recently changed stances, making exceptions for busty starlets.

  23. Mike701

    “Did you see that? They really can cut diamonds!”

  24. brit

    “…and if I press this one, does it beep like the other one?”

  25. Swearin

    Someone should tell him that pressing that won’t bring Nick Fury in a superjet.

  26. Venom

    Well he is old, so he is halfway to getting into her pants.

  27. Kitty

    hhahaha, “Just a lil’ Pinch, it’s all I ask for…”

  28. WhateverYouSay

    “Well, hey, hey! I’ve seen these babies on the internet! They look different with a dress on….”

  29. DavyT

    “…and yet Aniston wears the same bra, and you can feel those babies poke thru like pencil erasers…”

  30. I read a headline that Scarlet was on a campaign to make people forget about her nude photos. This is a funny way to go about that.

  31. Perplexity

    Stuck in the 1970′s, Scott feebishly tries to change the channel of the Boob Tube.

  32. Mo Betta

    …a liiiitle more to the left…. a tiiiiny bit more…. and AHA! Tokyo!

  33. cc

    Oh crap, now I have to go and tweak my wife’s nipples.

  34. Deryn

    I scrolled all the way down here and no one corrected the word “borough” ’til now?

  35. nuttebutter

    just checking to make sure that’s a load bearing structure…

  36. tlmck

    Probably the only kind of erection he can get any more.

  37. That kinda pisses me off. I’d like to touch her beauties, too. But sure as shit, if I did, she’d tear out my throat with a rusty church key.

  38. dontlooknow

    Hey, you gotta smudge on yer boob here……

  39. g33k

    The reception appears to be fuzzy, let me tune it in a little better.

  40. Buddy the Elf

    “Hey they seem real! Check it out!”

  41. TheListener

    LOL That photographer got the shot at JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT. :)

  42. AxG

    “Huh…too bad. I was really hoping this was the volume control. Anybody know where the STFU, bitch switch is?”

  43. Isaac Mizrahi starts a new trend.

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