1. Aaron

    I thought NYC regulations required bridles. I guess I’m wrong.

  2. sparkymcgee

    Is she chewing and apple?

  3. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    And Cloudy Sky has unseated its rider.

  4. Horses chew their cud too? I learned something today.

  5. Cock Dr

    This woman needs a hat.
    A really big hat.

  6. Ego, the living planet

    Eesh.. when she puts her hair in a pony-tail, she means it.

  7. “Hey, Kenny G! I hate all your music!”

  8. Raoul

    1986 called.

  9. Ponkur

    Steven Tyler.

  10. adolf hitler

    how does she manage to stay famous with that face? someone should make a movie that explores this subject…

  11. Nice to see Sarah out for her daily gallop

  12. AnnaDraconida

    Leave the old mare alone!

  13. cc

    She’s enjoying that sugar cube.

  14. Her trainer makes her do the robot to her feed bag before he’ll put the grain in it.

  15. See, the trick is to put the deworming medication INSIDE the sugar cube, otherwise they’ll just keep spitting it out.

  16. farting old man's wife

    OH, hell I thought her dentures slipped!! My bad!

  17. tlmck

    I see her face and I automatically think of Mr. Ed saying: “Wiiiiilllllbbbberrrrrr.”

  18. Wh-Jeeeezus Iggy, you scared the shit out of me!!!! Not cool at all, man.

  19. Uncle Phil

    C’mon back inside hon. Let’s get you some sugar cubes and hose you down.

  20. dontlooknow

    I love a candid shot in mid-gallop!

  21. um ok

    insert hay here

  22. I don’t know if this has been said before but she has a horse-gait. This would be a canter.

  23. Chet

    “We’re not gonna take it..”
    Can’t see her without thinking Dee Snyder.
    TS should invite her on tour!

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