1. Damn Jason, I may be crazy but I can I know one thang fur sure… You can’t say y’alls shit don’t stink no more.

  2. Marc

    Well she’s wearing shoes so we know she didn’t use the porta-potty.

  3. With the exception those same urine stained sweat pants, which give her away, it’s the perfect disguise.

  4. She’s got that “just got shagged in the Econo Head” look.

    He’s got that “I hope everyone just thinks I was taking a dump in there” look.

  5. SSHGuru

    One of the only pictures of her in her natural habitat.

  6. dontlooknow

    Brit-Brit has rubbed off on Jason; he’s dressing worse than she is now….

  7. still hit it

    just like the ol’ outhouse back home…..

  8. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    “Ah portajohn blumkin an’cha won’t evun hold ma hand? Fuck you.”

  9. Alex

    Jason: “Quick, nobody’s looking!”
    Brit: “Y’anna do wut in that port-o-potty?”

  10. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Come and see the Friends of Long Island Al-Anon in “Doctor Who”. We need your support.

  11. the_epidemic

    Oh look! The conservators let them buy a starter home.

  12. Hugh Gentry

    Britney always assumes it was a no wiper.

  13. In an incredible transformation, instead of Jason Trawick imbuing Britney Spears’s lifestyle with a modicum of sophistication, she has turned him into a backwoods Louisiana (pron: Loooz-yana) ne’er-do-well panhandler. The power of love never ceases to amaze!

  14. IShouldKnow

    Call-a-head, call-a-hillbilly, call-a-whore

  15. Cock Dr

    Where’s her boobs? Are they on vacation too?

  16. MILF

    Uh-oh! Looks like Jason’s spotted a younger, prettier meal ticket who doesn’t smell like cornchips and ass.

  17. Sigmund

    Britney is wearing a Doors shirt as part of her ongoing protest against non-automatic doors, which she claims, “-is always smackin’ me in the face an’ givin’ me a arful headache.”

  18. j/k

    “Oh Mah Gawd, even Ah know you ain’t suppose ta do numba 2 in dem thangs!”

  19. KC

    The “CALL A HEAD” brandname for the port-a-potty is the most creative thing in this picture.

  20. And this is Heath Ledger’s hell.

  21. cc

    You aren’t really a hillbilly unless you’ve done it in a port-a-potty, late in the afternoon, on a hot day.

  22. Double D

    What is most wrong with this pic?
    a) Britney’s ridiculous hat
    b) The fact that Jason is wearing flip-flops and a beanie and the same time
    c) A woman worth $46 million is using a port-a-potty
    d) I used to choke the chicken to Ms. Spears daily

  23. SIN

    I think I broke this magic hat y’all got me. That ain’t Harry Potter.

  24. The Brown Streak

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the newest members of Devo!

  25. Doc Schweinstrudel


  26. the whole enchilada

    Remember when her neck wasn’t as thick as her head?

  27. “Ewwwwww. That were a lot stickier that the terlot in the Trailways bus, but now we done ferked in every kinda bathroom there is.”

  28. Jess

    In every photo like this there’s always a redneck saying it all with her eyes…

  29. Loulou

    The crap they missed.

  30. Albine

    I can see that they’re wearing their Sunday best.

  31. Nobody

    “Don’t fall for it, Jason. I know it smells like hawt dawgs over thurr, but last time I went over thurr, they-all din’t have no meat, just Dina Lohan and she done didn’t have no shorts on, know what I’m sayin’??”

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