1. Turd Ferguson

    Looking for a new, irrelevant Gargamel to live with.

  2. mafme

    Oh yeah, she exists!

  3. Seen here running from a Toys R Us after shoplifting a doll’s dress.

  4. PoorMaryKelly


  5. The Critical Crassness

    Please, no hostility directed at poor misjudged little Hayden….when she was living with the gargantuan boxer, she was under the mistaken impression, that she was saving a whale….and Hayden loves her whales!

  6. Wow, from up here, she looks like an ant.

  7. Sin

    Still cute as hell. She has been single so long maybe her pussy has shrunk to normal size by now.

  8. She’s like a person, only smaller.

  9. Is she still relevant? Did I just answer my own question?

  10. Nik

    Will she look 14 forever?

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